Grab this 15-inch HP Envy x360 touchscreen laptop for just $670

Hp Envy X360 15 2021 Review
Hp Envy X360 15 2021 Review (Image credit: Windows Central)

Starting at the usual price of $900, HP's convertible Envy x360 15t is on sale today for just $670, offering a saving of $330! The HP Envy x360 15t on sale features a large 15-inch touchscreen display, a 360-degree hinge allowing the laptop to turn into a big tablet, an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, and 8GB RAM. This is one of the best Black Friday laptop deals we've seen so far if you need a solid convertible laptop.

HP Envy x360 15t | $330 off

HP Envy x360 15t | $330 off

Featuring the latest Intel laptop chips, 8GB RAM, a large 15-inch display, and excellent keyboard and trackpad, you can't go wrong with the HP Envy x360 15t for just $670.

We reviewed the HP Envy x360 15t earlier this year and gave it very impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars. We found battery life to be excellent, with a PCMark battery rundown lasting 14 hours and 9 minutes. Performance is also very good, as you would expect from a top of the range 11th-generation Intel chip.

The display is a 15.6-inch full HD panel, so it won't be the crispest display out there, but it's still good enough for most people. Additionally, we love the design of this laptop, featuring a modern silver finish, contemporary design, and a wide array of ports including 2x USB-A, an SD card reader, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and Thunderbolt enabled USB-C.

Lastly, we wanted to highlight the keyboard as one of the best parts of this laptop. HP have always done tremendous, tactile keyboards, and the Envy x360 15t is no different. It's a 15-inch device, so the keyboard is large with plenty of space. That said, it does omit the number pad, which will be a sticking point for some. But for most people who don't need the numberpad, the layout and feeling of this keyboard is just supurb.

So grab a bargain today with $330 off the HP Envy x360 15t!

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