Grab the budget HyperX Cloud Core Stinger headset on sale for just $20

Hyperx Cloud Core Stinger
Hyperx Cloud Core Stinger

The HyperX Cloud Core Stinger gaming headset has dropped to just $19.99 through Amazon (opens in new tab). This is a headset that sells for as high as $40 and more regularly sells for around $30. Even when it does go on sale, it doesn't drop below $25 most of the time. Today's price is the best deal we've ever seen for this great budget headset. You can also find it going for this low price at some other retailers like Best Buy (opens in new tab).

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HyperX Cloud Core Stinger headset | $15 off (opens in new tab)

If you're looking for good performance on a budget, you get HyperX's immersive in-game audio with this gaming headset, along with a noise-cancelling microphone and durable steel sliders on a headset that will stay lightweight and comfortable.

This is a gaming headset that features a lightweight, comfortable design that won't rest heavy on you even after hours of wear. It has 90-degree rotating ear cups and 50mm directional drivers so you not only get the perfect fit but immersive HyperX audio every time you put them on. The ear cups also use memory foam, which means no matter how many times you take these off and put them back on they'll remain absolutely as comfortable as possible. Given you might end up playing for hours on end wearing these, you should prioritize that long-term comfort.

The ear cup has intuitive volume controls, and the microphone has background noise-cancellation that helps keep your voice sounding strong as you guide yoiur teammates to victory. Plus it is designed to automatically mute when you swivel it away so you can engage in private conversations in the real world without disrupting the game.

The best part about this headset is how compatible it is. It works with Xbox and Windows PC in addition to PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and more.

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