Windows 10 at Work for Dummies

For a limited time, you can grab the Windows 10 at Work for Dummies eBook for free. The book can help you answer questions about the operating system, teach you tips and tricks and more. From setting up your desktop with your favorite apps to finding files, applications and much more, this book is a great resource to get you moving around the operating system with speed and ease. There are lots of changes in Windows 10 and not all of them are as obvious as others.

Even if you have been using Windows for years, there is likely still something that you can learn about it. Some of what you will find in the book includes:

  • Spend less time figuring out Windows and more time getting things done
  • Follow simple steps to answer your questions
  • Apply tips that make Windows 10 speed up your work

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about Windows 10, you may not. The eBook is free, so why not download it now and see if it can teach you something?

Get your free eBook

From now through the end of day on April 15 you can grab the book for free, normally $17.99. Simply fill out the form on their site with some basic information and receive an instant download of the PDF.