This $599.99 PC with an RTX 3050 would make a perfect first gaming laptop or system for playing Minecraft on the go

You don't need to break the bank to get a good gaming laptop in 2024. While you can find a solid gaming laptop for around $1,000 these days, keeping an eye out for the right deal can drop things down a price bracket. That's the case with the Lenovo LOQ 15 with an RTX 3050, which is now available for $599.99. That price gets you a portable PC that is a great first gaming laptop. It's also a nice choice for those who enjoy games that don't require the latest and most powerful specs.

Lenovo LOQ 15 | $949.99 now $599.99 at Best Buy

Lenovo LOQ 15 | was $949.99 now $599.99 at Best Buy

This gaming laptop is from Lenovo's LOQ lineup, which aims to deliver a solid gaming experience at a budget-friendly price. This particular model has a 13th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 graphics, 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage.

The Lenovo LOQ 15 also comes with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which gets you access to hundreds of games you can play on your PC, console, or stream to several types of devices. 

Affordable gaming

Gaming laptops can easily creep up to cost thousands of dollars. While those PCs are impressive and able to play the best PC games at 4K resolution and at high framerates, they're also not affordable. Something like the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is an excellent choice for a gaming enthusiast, but it also costs more than some are willing or able to spend. In comes the LOQ lineup of PCs from Lenovo, which aims to deliver gaming at a more reasonable price.

The LOQ 15 with an RTX 3050 is a solid budget gaming laptop that serves as a great entry point into PC gaming. It is not a portable powerhouse that will run the latest AAA titles at high FPS or in 4K. That's the beauty of PC gaming, that you can pick a PC that fits your budget and then scale settings accordingly. The discounted LOQ 15 would make a perfect first gaming laptop for someone looking to try PC gaming. It's also a solid choice for someone on a budget who wants to play PC games but doesn't mind playing at a lower resolution or lower FPS.

Minecraft and more


Some games, such as Minecraft, don't need a powerful PC to give you hours of entertainment. (Image credit: Windows Central)

In addition to being a great first gaming laptop, the LOQ 15 is a good choice for those who want to play lighter games, such as Minecraft. Plenty of games run find on modest and affordable specs. 2-D games like Cuphead play well on laptops like the LOQ 15. Turn-based games and top-down titles will also shine on the LOQ 15. But you don't have to limit yourself to those types of games. Plenty of the best PC games, such as Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, CS2, and Overwatch 2, will run on the LOQ 15, you'll just have to lower settings to balance performance.

The LOQ 15 comes with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so you can try a ton of titles and then buy your favorites or pay for a subscription to keep access to the growing library of games the service provides.

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