The new Copilot+ AI PCs are powerful and actually last all day, and you can get a FREE TV just for buying one

Microsoft Copilot Plus on Surface.
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Windows laptops have been mostly boring and predictable for years, but that's all changing right now. The new generation of Copilot+ AI Windows PCs are incredibly powerful, have batteries that actually last all day, and boast a wide array of useful AI features and capabilities. They're also priced very well compared to other Windows laptops, and that's before you consider Best Buy giving away free 50-inch 4K smart TVs with every purchase, including the new Surface Pro 11 from $999.99 at Best Buy and the Surface Laptop 7 from $999.99 at Best Buy.

All you have to do is become a My Best Buy Plus or Total member, which you can do from $49.99/year at Best Buy. There are lots of other reasons to subscribe, too, including mandatory free shipping, exclusive discounts and promotions (like this one!), an extended 60-day return window, and more. Even if you don't become a My Best Buy member, these new PCs are still worth considering. You can find a list of all the Copilot+ AI PC deals below.

Surface Pro 11 + Insignia Class F30 4K Smart TV (50-inch) — $1,298.98 now $999.99 at Best Buy

Surface Pro 11 + Insignia Class F30 4K Smart TV (50-inch) — was $1,298.98 now $999.99 at Best Buy

The new Surface Pro 11 is powered by Qualcomm's powerful and efficient Snapdragon X ARM chips, boasts Microsofts new Copilot+ Windows 11, and now even comes with a free 50-inch smart TV when you preorder. Hard to beat that deal.

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Surface Laptop 7 (13-inch) + Insignia Class F30 4K Smart TV (50-inch) —$1,298.98 now $999.99 at Best Buy

Surface Laptop 7 (13-inch) + Insignia Class F30 4K Smart TV (50-inch) — was $1,298.98 now $999.99 at Best Buy

The Surface Laptop finally gets the redesign it sorely needed, and it looks gorgeous. A larger display with slimmer bezels, a haptic touchpad, new Qualcomm Snapdragon X chips, and an AI-powered Windows 11 with Copilot+ all compliment that new TV you're getting.

✅Perfect for: Those looking to upgrade their Windows PC to the next-gen, benefiting from new ARM and AI technologies that make your PC more powerful, longer lasting, and smarter. It also helps if you're considering a new or extra TV, since you can get one of those for free as a My Best Buy Plus or Total member.

❌Avoid if: You need great gaming performance from your Windows PC, since that's basically the only thing the new generation of Copilot+ PCs don't seem to totally excel at.

New PCs worth buying before the free TV

Surface isn't the only brand getting you a free TV. (Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

If you haven't been paying attention to the tech industry over the last few days, you may be confused. What is a Copilot+ Windows PC? Why is there such a huge push behind them by Microsoft and partners? Why should I care? Well, we have a detailed FAQ on Copilot+ Windows PC to shed light on a lot of those questions, and we have an in-depth editorial discussing the "great reset" currently happening with Windows PC. Of course, you can also tune into your Microsoft Surface and AI event live blog for a moment-to-moment rundown of all the biggest news recently.

The simple recap is this: Qualcomm has developed a new generation of ARM chipsets, dubbed the Snapdragon X series, which completely change the game for Windows on ARM PCs. These chips are incredibly powerful and efficient, able to outperform Intel Core Ultra CPUs while sipping considerably less power. They also boast the most powerful neural processing units (NPU) you can get in a Windows PC, enabling brand-new AI experiences previously not possible.

That's where Microsoft comes in. The tech behemoth has rebuilt Windows 11 from the ground up with AI in mind, and created a new Windows platform built around Copilot that only works (for now) with Qualcomm's new chips. Microsoft also partnered with basically all of the biggest Windows PC manufacturers to build a fleet of hardware tying everything together, leading to new Windows PCs unlike anything we've ever seen before. The result is a series of brand-new Copilot+ PCs, making now one of the most exciting times to upgrade your computer.

A rundown of all the deals

The new Surface Pro can finally take full advantage of its form factor. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Windows Copilot+ PCs from Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, and ASUS are now available to preorder ahead of their launch in June, and many more PCs are expected in the coming months. The initial lineup already looks fantastic, though, and immediately makes it difficult not to add one to the cart. Best Buy's benefits and exclusive promotion make it even more enticing.

If you're a My Best Buy Plus or Total member, you're already benefiting from a ton of perks like free 2-day shipping, extended 60-day return windows, exclusive promotions and discounts, and upgraded support. Even if you're just interested in taking advantage of this deal for a free TV, it's still worth it. You can subscribe to My Best Buy Plus for $49.99/year at Best Buy, and My Best Buy Total (which includes 24/7 personal support and discounted device repairs and protection) for $179.99/year at Best Buy.

Once you're a member, you can score a free 50-inch smart TV with the purchase of one of several Copilot+ PCs. Most laptops will score you an Insignia Class F30 4K Smart TV (valued at $299.99 at Best Buy), while Samsung Copilot+ PCs come with a Samsung Class DU7200 4K Smart TV (valued at $379.99 at Best Buy).

Here's a list of all the Best Buy Windows Copilot+ PC deals that include a free 50-inch 4K Smart TV.

Seriously, these PCs are impressive enough to more than justify their asking price, and that's before you consider the free 50-inch smart TV being thrown in. Even if you're not a My Best Buy Plus or Total member, $50 is a small price to pay for free 2-day shipping on your new Windows Copilot+ PC, an extended 60-day return window to give you plenty of time to try out your purchase, and a $300-380 TV you can put anywhere in your house.

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