Govee's LED lighting deals fed my newfound RGB obsession this Prime Day

Govee rope lights
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Govee offers a massive range from simple reels of LED strips for subtle placement behind bookshelves and screens to flexible multi-colored ropes acting as more obvious art pieces proudly mounted in the center of living rooms. The latter, Govee's RGBIC rope lights, are enjoying up to a 41% discount at Amazon during today's Prime Day sale and sold me on the prospect of tasteful RGB wall art.

Until fairly recently, my home office sported drab, magnolia-colored walls, a landlord's favorite. So once I could decorate, Govee's customizable LED lighting quickly augmented my space, turning me into an RGB-loving gaming stereotype, and I love it.

Save up to 41% on Govee RGB lighting

Govee 10ft neon RGBIC rope light | $80 $47 at Amazon

Govee 10ft neon RGBIC rope light | $80 $47 at Amazon

This flexible tube features segmented color-changing LEDs within a diffused exterior, remotely controlled by the companion Govee app. It's perfect for a personalized RGB art piece in any living space.

Govee 32.8ft RGBIC strip light | $40 $24 at Amazon

Govee 32.8ft RGBIC strip light | $40 $24 at Amazon

A massive reel of individual LEDs, perfect for routing around the edges of furniture and room spaces. The attached microphone means the colors react to the sounds in a lively gaming space.

Buying a property with my partner allowed us to start from scratch with a brand new space for the both of us, all laid out with plenty of room for our hobbies and home working. Just before this move, Govee was about to release the LED Neon Rope Lights and offered me an early look for a review.

Suitably impressed with the flexibility and customization options, the rope lights come packaged with a choice of adhesive pads and screw mounts for a more permanent wall-mounted look.

Since re-decorating, I've been able to try out the sticky pads and come up with some ideas for a rainbow-colored animated shape to show off in the background of my office, now doubling up as a gaming space.

Huge reels of LEDs are on offer, like the Govee 32.8ft RGBIC strip light, also 41% off, so I've jumped on these Prime Day savings to order more, my plans expanding to run a hidden glow around the shelving and bookcases. Everything syncs up with the companion Govee app, so soon enough, I'll have this room transformed into an unassuming workspace by day and a gamer's neon paradise by night.

Stay tuned to Windows Central as we're keeping up with the best savings with our live Prime Day Deals roundup, including even more brilliant savings on Govee RGB lighting.

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