Hear what you want to hear with the Razer Opus ANC headphones on sale for $150

Razer Opus Thx Light
Razer Opus Thx Light (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

A great pair of headphones, the Razer Opus active-noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones, are on sale today for a low price of $149.99 at Amazon. These headphones were selling for as much as $200 at the beginning of the year, and while they still regularly go that high they're more likely to be found going for around $180. The last time they dropped as low as today's deal was back in January. This is another great chance to grab the headphones for a low price before they bounce back up.

Razer Opus active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones midnight blue

Razer Opus active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones midnight blue

The ANC in these headphones can detect and nullify incoming noise. They have a 25-hour battery life and are engineered for comfort that entire time with leatherette memory foam ear cushions and a well-balanced weight. Can go wired to save battery.

We reviewed the Razer Opus last year and gave them 4.5 stars out of 5 with a Recommended badge. Daniel Rubino said, "the audio quality, features, and battery life make the Razer Opus a highly competitive over-the-ear headset with active-noise-canceling ability. They're also extremely comfortable."

Even though Razer is more known for the PC peripherals, these headphones are designed to be used with mobile devices. They are THX Certified, which means they produce high-fidelity sound. To get that certification, real-life audio experts optimized the audio and made sure you're getting great immersion, a balanced sound stage, and the best possible cinematic experience no matter what you're listening to with these headphones.

The active noise-cancellation technology works by detecting unwanted noises, mostly the ambient sounds coming in, and nullifying them. Watch your favorite movies, binge some TV episodes, or tune into your favorite songs, and let the ANC eliminate any other distractions. Don't miss out on important sounds either, like traffic or someone engaging you in a conversation. Just tab a button and become instantly aware of the ambient noises around you.

The rechargeable battery will last you for up to 25 hours, and the headphones use a plush leatherette memory foam ear cushion so they can stay comfortable for that entire time. The weight is balanced on your head and ears so they don't become cumbersome, either.

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