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Lenovo launches new Windows 8 tablet, dubs it the "Miix 10"

Lenovo’s new Miix 10 Windows 8 tablet has go on sale via the company’s website while revealing more information about the unit. The Lenovo Miix 10 will run an Intel Atom Processor, contain 2 GB of RAM, and keep all your data cozy on a 64GB SSD.

In addition to its internals, the unit sports a 10.1” HD LED Multitouch display with a resolution of 1366x768 (and yes, it is an IPS display). The unit features a light number of ports including a Micro USB 2.0 connector for charging, a Micro SD card reader, Micro-HDMI, and a headphone jack. That’s right folks – no full sized USB port on this Windows tablet.

The Miix is priced at a starting point of $599 and we are going to have to get the unit in hand before we judge if the price is right. Lenovo does offer an attachable keyboard case with its AccuType keyboard, but we are unable to find the listing for the accessory at this time (we expect it to show up shortly).

While we wait to get our hands on Lenovo’s latest Windows 8 tablet, check out our review of its budget friendly 11 inch tablet – the IdeaPad Lynx.

Source: Lenovo (opens in new tab) via Neowin

  • Bleh. This cost way too much for so little.
  • True. Price is what killing windows 8 tablets and windows 8.
    You can get lenovo ideatab lynx, 64gb for $349 on amazon. It has the same specs as the above model except its 11.6 inch device. Why should anyone spend $250 more? Microsoft should release surface with bay trail atom and full HD for $499 this fall. Otherwise all these OEMs will kill windows 8.1 as well.
  • I second a bay trail surface pro. The current gen intel atom processors are pathetic. If I'm going to buy a full fledged Windows 8 tablet I want to be able to run the desktop with at least some bareable speed.
  • I like that Sri. On Amazon huh? But I dig Lenovo. I hope the make the price competitive.
  • I wouldn't pay $200 for it if it has no full size USB 3 port, at the very least one. I don't care one bit what the other specs are, if I see no USB 3 port on a Windows tablet I look the other way.
    I don't know what Lenovo was thinking, its not a stupid iPad or an Android tablet, its a Windows Tablet and Windows has full USB 3 support!!!
    There is just no excuse for only microUSB or USB 2 in 2013.
    /end of rant
  • Which are your tablets of choice with a USB 3 support?
  • Seems quite expensive for a tablet with a low res screen and an atom processor.
  • Windows 8 tablets are going to fail miserably if Microsoft didn't do anything about the price...
  • Why do they keep using low RES. For such a big tablet and soo high priced..
  • Its not low rez.
  • Yes it is. The resolution is pretty much the minimum for Windows 8 so I'd say it's low.
  • Because the Atom Z2760 everyone is using in these cheap tablets is a POS and can't support any higher res.
  • didn't you hear? Lenovo wants to get in on the "Windows 8 sux it wont sell waaaahhhh" wagon with Acer. At this pricing (and lack of features) expect them to complain and justify Android. I hope Nokia blows them out of the water with tablets at different price points and loaded with features and capabilities.
  • Same nondescript, uninspiring devices and OEMs wonder why they don't sell. Especially as its using the now quite old Z2760 Atom this should be much cheaper.
  • Agree, we need lower prices for the hardware and more classic games as W8 apps, or easy to install Desktop apps.
  • For easy to install, very cheap, desktop games get Steam.
  • Agree with everyone else.  What a waste of a product release. Seriously, who did they think this would satisfy?
  • Last years specs for $599 is not going to move these. Atom tablets should be on hold until Bay Trail is released. (This from someone with a ThibkTab 2)
  • At $599, I don't see much reason to get this over a Thinkpad Tablet 2.  Does this even have a Wacom pen?
  • has it for $499.99. Says the flip keyboard is not included.
  • Can someone explain why Windows Atom tablets are so much more expensive with similar specs to Android tablets?
    Atom processors are pretty close in price to ARM these days. Even if Windows 8 is $85 for OEMs (which it isn't), why are these tablets $150-200 more expensive?
  • They like to think its a niche market I guess.
  • Intel and the OEMs. Someone needs to cone along and shake up this part of the market. Nokia? Maybe.
  • Probly MS licensing fees is the reason they are all so highly priced :( I can't understand why MS doesn't charge less wen Android is free!!!
  • Because android is an open source software and Microsoft isn't.
  • Microsoft actually has support for their products.
  • You're gonna need support for your products..
  • It should be cheaper, it doesn't look like it brings anything special to the tablet world. I'm getting a Thinkpad Tablet 2, $450 from the MS store for students :)
  • Lol @ $600.
  • no USB? waste of time having a windows tablet without USB - what were they smoking.
  • +1
  • It has USB... Did you not read the article?
  • They need to stop joking around with the crap resolutions.
  • Lenovo actually uses quality displays, despite the low resolution. If you read reviews of the Thinkpad Tablet 2 none actually complain about the display. It's bright, sharp and has wide viewing angles. I assume this display will be just as nice.
  • I agree that their displays look good considering the resolution, but that doesn't excuse them - especially since this is a $600 tablet. It's just not competitive.
  • On a 20" screen, maybe. But on 10" you won't have any reason to complain. Unless 'hi-rez' is the new 'app-gap' or whatever kids in puberty use to camp in and shoot dirt at other camps nowadays. We liked/disliked the Kelly Family and boygroups back in the day.
  • Keep coming up with excuses for these tablets. They are hilarious.
  • Another POS.
  • Windows run better with 4gb ram .
  • Yes but this Atom CPU only supports 2GB of Ram.
  • why? i wouldnt pay 300 for this this should be sub 200 for those specs fetch nexus 7 with usb on the go is all i need in a tablet if it was a haswell surface pro at 600 i would sell my hair without thinking twice
  • Screen resolution and RAM are limited by the CPU, I believe. Also 3rd party retailers have this for just under $500.
  • For love of all that is good, put a FULL SIZE USB port on ALL Windows 8 tablets! That is what thng that makes them more useful! Not the dock, the tablet itself!
  • Microsoft should just make it mandatory to put at least one USB 3 port on the device for any OEM who wants to license Windows 8 to run on it.
    Thats the only way to sort it out because some OEMs are just stupid.
  • Dear lenovo stop releasing atom laptops thanks.
  • I have thinkpad 2, a tablet with atom processor.  It actually runs software better than my previous laptop which had  windows 7, intel I5 processor with dedicated video card.  No stutters or delays.  The tablet is awesome.  And now lenovo is pushing out a tablet that is 150 bucks cheaper and people are complaining?  Lenovo is putting out great products.  My experience with the lenovo yoga (I7 quad core processor) has been great.  Only drawback is about 3 hours of battery life, but what do you expect with a monster processor in a laptop.  Then came the thinkpad 2 - now I have a device that weighs less than 2 pounds and has 10 hours of battery life - and runs very demanding software without a hitch.  Seriously, dont see why anyone would complain.  If you love apple products that is fine.  I buy my wife  macbooks and she loves the cool factor with her coworkers.  They work well too.  Price - I think is a bit much on mac products for what you get, but that is just my opinon.  For maximum functionality and appropriate price point, lenovo is producing some great products.
  • This seriously needs to stop. I know there's a windows license fee, and I know the atom chips are limited to that low resolution and 2gb of RAM, but anything running an Atom should not be this expensive (this goes for all the other OEMs too, especially HP and Samsung). This is one of the big reasons why windows tablets are stalling. You cannot be selling the weakest tier of W8 tablets at $100+ above the competition.
  • And how much is an unsubsidized iPhone with 64gb of storage? Or a 64gb iPad that can only run "apps" and has no access to desktop applications? You always pay a price for mobility.
  • Too much. Also, phones != tablets, you can't just compare the 2 directly.
  • You just can't compare the two. Apple has managed to brainwash its legions to accept inferior hardware at inflated prices.
    Microsoft users are not going to be persuaded that easily to part with their cash if its for something thats just not worth it.
  • Some of you guys want high end specs at a cheap price might as well buy an Ipad get ur moneys worth. Ipads have no real work capabilities just only fun but no one complaining about their prices, smh. I hope when you guys jear of these tablets yall should compare it to the iPad price and it capabilities and honestly decide which is the better buy.
  • Plenty people complaining about iPad prices, they get Android tablets instead.
  • No one is complaining about the iPad's price because this isn't an article about the iPad. Some of you guys need to take a step back and realize that you don't have to defend every product with Windows on it no matter what.
  • I feel like theres a TRON city in my phone now xD
  • It seems the Miix is about the same price as the proper Thinkpad Tablet 2 MINUS digitizer. How to reset Lenovo Tablet Windows 8 login password?
  • For the love of everything thats holy, LOWER THE F***ING PRICE! NOBODY - I REPEAT - NOBODY! PAYS SIXHUNDRED BUCKS FOR THAT "usual atom scum". Thats a consumer tablet at business costs.
    I just dont get it, why all the OEMs dont do anything to rise the attraction of their Windows tablets, ESPECIALLY Lenovo, since Lenovo has a very poor Android division and cannot properly compete with others like Asus, or Samsung. This can only be done by gaining attention and the easiest way of gaining attention are low prices. 
    I give up...
  • I will wait for Bay Trail CPU if I want an entry level Win 8 tablet. However, I am more interested if Lenovo will come out with a Haswell Win 8 tablet, Helix 2. I hope it will have 13 inches screen, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD drive, Wacom pen, full USB 3 port, HDMI port (not display port). That would make it a real  ultrabook replacement.
  • OT: Why does the Thinkpad 2 look so plastic-y to me in pics? If I actually looked at it in store, would it be nicer?
  • The current gen atoms only support USB 2.0. It's Intel's fault and not Lenovo.
  • TABLET looks good with its specification but i don't like this design, all the tablets in the market have got the almost same design, i like is the Xperia Z tablet, although Lenovo did a good work on this Lenovo Mixx 10. #hdness