Last night, Windows Phone Central reported that Microsoft Stores were poised to reduce the cost of the Touch Cover from the current $119.99 to a more favorable $79.99. That reduction includes all five colors and is set to occur on August 30th online and in Microsoft Stores. The price drop is permanent and not a sale.

We can also now confirm that the Surface RT bundle, which includes both the Surface RT device and a black Touch Cover, will also reflect that price decrease. Currently, customers can buy the Surface RT with either 32GB or 64GB and a bundled black Touch Cover for $449 and $549, respectively.  

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Starting on August 30th, those same packages will be $399 and $499 reflecting a permanent $50 price reduction. While customers don’t get a color choice with the Surface RT bundle, they do save $30 were they to buy the Surface RT and Touch Cover separately ($349.99 + $79.99).

Microsoft has recently caught some flak over the very concept of Windows RT, specifically the reported low-sales of the Surface RT and manufacturers abandoning the nascent platform. In response, Microsoft reduced the price of the Surface RT by $150 in an effort to help move inventory.