Microsoft and the future of Windows Phone and Windows 10: The sky is not falling

Last week, Microsoft's "new" mission statement was leaked via an internal email from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The content of that letter was quite vague in terms of specific product names and services, but it did buttress Nadella's emphasis on a "mobile-first, cloud-first" world. The communiqué did mention "productivity services, cloud platform, our device platform and our family of devices" but that is about as precise as it got.

Nonetheless, what everyone in the media focused on was the line about "tough choices". Many in the blogosphere immediately harped on the idea that Nadella was indirectly referring to Windows Phone and its poor market performance. Yesterday, however, we saw two significant announcements by Microsoft (1) A partnership with AOL and Bing web advertising and (2) They are selling some mapping assets to Uber.

Both of these are rather large shifts for the company and they seem to fit the "tough choices" label. However, it is not as enthralling as the prospect that Microsoft is about to ditch Windows Phone – an idea that literally pops up every few months for some reason.

Adding to the fire were some speculative tweets from @MSFTNerd. One of them claimed Satya Nadella and the Senior Leadership Team are "debating continuing Windows on phones and small tablets v/s bundling Microsoft services on Android as the way forward." MSFTNerd has an interesting history although to be honest he has not dropped any significant scoops in some time.

However, I am not here to question his credibility so much as set the record straight on some issues. As a side note, it would be nice for once to have multiple sources corroborating those MSFTNerd tweets. To my knowledge, this has not happened and "news" sites are running with the story despite the lack of facts.

'Cityman' and 'Talkman' Flagship Windows Phones

As of today and according to my sources, Microsoft's next generation Windows Phones codenamed 'Cityman' and 'Talkman' are still happening. Indeed, they are in the very late stages of development, and there is a reason we are hearing more about them: they are falling into more hands for testing. As projects go from select internal members to the outer rings of the process, we hear more about those plans. The final, super leaky ring are the carriers and marketing although we are not at that step just yet.

As a reminder, here are the specifications for Cityman and Talkman:

Talkman Specifications

  • 5.2 inch QHD display
  • Qualcomm-based six core processor
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot
  • 20MP rear camera
  • 5MP front facing camera,
  • 3000 mAh removable battery
  • USB Type-C
  • Cable accessory for Continuum (not included)

Cityman Specifications

  • 5.7 inch QHD (1440x2560) display
  • Qualcomm-based eight core processor (Snapdragon 810)
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot
  • 20MP rear camera plus triple LED flash
  • 5MP front facing camera,
  • 3300 mAh removable battery
  • USB Type-C
  • Cable accessory for Continuum (not included)

As I have noted earlier, those specifications for Cityman are dead-on accurate. The infrared iris scanner with Windows Hello support is supposed to unlock the phone in less than one second. The phone's design has rounded edges "like the [Lumia] 640" but thinner tapering with a chrome Microsoft logo on the back. So far, there are only two colors I am aware of: one black and one in white.

Everything I hear points to a fall release for these devices although exact dates are hard to identify at this phase. Although Microsoft could cancel any unannounced devices (see Surface Mini and McLaren for precedent), there is zero evidence that this has happened with Cityman and Talkman.

Microsoft Needs to Cut(back) the Lumia Line

The one issue I have with some of these rumors about Windows Phone is they conflate Microsoft's hardware ambitions with the platform. For instance, I could see Microsoft wanting to cut back on the sheer number of Lumia variations for a few reasons:

  1. Consumer confusion
  2. Microsoft needs their OEM partners back

The first point is well known, even amongst the faithful here. Nokia's ambitions in making Windows Phone hardware is very different than Microsoft's. Nokia created the staggered numbering system for different Lumia price points and at the time it made sense. However, instead of focusing on exquisite low, mid and high tier phones, the current Lumia lineup is a mess with unclear hardware demarcations and a flood of choices.

The recent shift with the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL is an effort by Microsoft to realign their portfolio. This usage of 'XL' instead of 'Lumia 1330' is why references to a Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL (Talkman, Cityman, respectively) exist.

The second point is that Microsoft is not Nokia. Nokia had to compete and outshine Samsung, HTC, and other manufacturers. Moreover, they did. Nearly 97 percent of all Windows Phone are Lumias, according to AdDuplex's latest advertising data. Those numbers are great for Nokia but are bad for Microsoft. How can Microsoft convince HTC or Samsung to make Windows Phones when they control so much of their market – why even bother?

Microsoft needs to reduce their Lumia offerings and give some breathing room to their OEM partners. Think of the Surface example where there are only two crown devices (Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3) but not a whole line of Surface PCs, tablets, and laptops.

In that sense, I expect reductions on the Lumia hardware side are going forward. This cutback is a necessary step to get some diversity back into Windows Phone hardware. I would also not be surprised if Microsoft lends some engineering know-how to those partners. They have done it in the past with HTC and their One (M8) and more recently with another OEM, Hewlett-Packard, and their excellent HP Spectre x360 laptop.

Elop's Departure and Myerson's Challenge

On June 17, Microsoft announced the departure of Stephen Elop from the company. At the time, he was Executive Vice President of Microsoft's Devices and Services division that oversaw Lumia development. That department was given to Executive Vice President Terry Myerson to lead the newly formed Windows and Devices Group (WDG).

Even before Nadella's email this lineup change was speculated to mean that Microsoft is hedging on Windows Phone or at the very least, it was bad news. Mary Jo Foley, as usual, has a very good rebuttal to this idea that you should read.

Elop's departure was likely due to the poor performance of Windows Phone but Myerson taking control is a welcomed shift. Myerson went from head of engineering on Windows Mobile/Phone to overseeing Windows OS development to gaining control over all OS software (Phone, Tablet, PC, Xbox, Services, and future projects).

Knowing Myerson's background, you would think he would be thrilled about having full control over Windows 10 Mobile and hardware.

Combing Myerson's Operating Systems Group and Elop's Microsoft Devices Group to form Windows and Devices Group is the right strategy. Being able to manage the hardware development in parallel with the OS is the gold-standard for making amazing devices. Apple knows this and so did BlackBerry (before they lost their way). Even Palm had this figured out with their Treo (before they made the disastrous move to spin off the Palm OS as a separate entity).

Myerson has also done a bang up job of cleaning up Windows after the calamitous Windows 8 and Sinofsky era. Giving him the reigns to see what he can do with it makes sense.

That being said, Myerson has much ground to cover to turn Windows Phone around. However, I do not see him (or Nadella) nixing Windows 10 Mobile anytime soon.

Windows 10 Mobile is Happening

Back in May, Microsoft announced Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile during their Build developer conference. The feature is rather historic: let Windows Phone mirror its contents onto a PC. Since Windows 10 Mobile shares the same core apps as PC, these apps can scale up for larger displays with ease.

This ability found only on Windows phones is a key differentiator and a potentially strong selling point for Windows 10. Indeed, it may be the future of computing as mobile phones continue to replace traditional computing devices in the home.

If Microsoft were planning to phase out mobile it would be disastrous and poor leadership on Nadella's part to announce these plans publicly and in such a flamboyant manner only to cancel everything months later. Indeed, Microsoft execs have gone on record numerous times about flagship Windows phone coming later this year.

Even worse, abandoning Window 10 Mobile either before or shortly after its release sends a terrible message and would signal bad management. Microsoft's OEM partners would also raise an eyebrow out of skepticism: If Microsoft does not have faith in its platform, why should we?

If Microsoft were to get rid of Windows 10 Mobile altogether it severely undercuts the whole message at Build about the Universal Windows app platform. Universal Windows app would still technically apply to the Xbox One, HoloLens and IoT, but the crux of the initiative is to get the same apps to run on the phone and PCs (tablet, laptops and desktop).

Without phones, Windows 10 becomes a lot less interesting.

The Takeaway

None of the above is ignoring the stark reality: Microsoft has a nearly insurmountable challenge in mobile. However, keep in mind the goal line here: for Windows Phone to be a success it does not need to displace Apple. It just needs to gain significant market share e.g. more than 10 percent in the U.S, ideally.

Even so, with Nadella's reported reluctance of their Nokia purchase and his focus on software and services, it is not hard to imagine the company shifting long-term strategy and "pulling an IBM" someday.

However, I think we are still far from that day happening. At the very least, Microsoft will see how Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile perform along with those new Lumias. After all, if they see some real momentum, they would inane to retreat from that fight. They cannot, however, continue to support a strategy that cannot be turned around – they are by no means beholden to Windows Phone if it is a constant loser. In that regard, I could very well imagine "debates" within the company about strategy - all options must be on the table.

For now, I see Windows 10 Mobile continuing its iterations in the Insider program, its eventual release this fall and the arrival of those stunning new Lumias and phones from partners.

Microsoft is likely pruning back their Lumia lineup but let's not misconstrue that as lack of faith in their mobile strategy or their retreat. Instead, it is doubling down on making a few, standout devices or quoting Satya Nadella in his recent mission statement:

"Finally, we will build the best instantiation of this vision through our Windows device platform and our devices, which will serve to delight our customers, increase distribution of our services, drive gross margin, enable fundamentally new product categories, and generate opportunity for the Windows ecosystem more broadly."

The sky is not falling yet, folks.

Also, for what it is worth, I hear Microsoft Band 2 is coming in the next couple of months and Surface Pro 4 could be by the end of summer. These are exciting times people, not doom and gloom.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • OT--HBD Rubino.
  • Sign me up for Cityman phone. Hope ot comes to ATT. If it goes Verizon then I'm switching carriers
  • I'm with you on that. I'm contract free and plan on buying the phone outright. Who ever seems to have the proper support, I'll go with.
  • How does a carrier matter now? Microsoft said they will push out updates directly to phones bypassing the carriers. Only devices running 8.1 will be at the mercy of the carriers. And as the new flagships will come preinstalled with Windows 10, I don't see any need to worry about carrier support. Monthly plans or outright cost are the only things to think about.
  • I have had clients who asked the same question when they went from AT&T to Verizon.  They ALL regretted moving to Verizon.  The customer service, price plans and lack of updates just to name a few.  While in the meantime, AT&T has lowered their rates, give good customer service and have kept up with updates.  All of them are waiting for the MS flagship phones and all said they can hardly wait to return to AT&T.
  • I second this, those specs are enticing. I was hoping to grab the 1020 successor but I'm not sure I can pass up Cityman. Well with all the early upgrades carriers are providing now, I might not miss out ;).
  • I still wonder if the 1520 replacement will sport an Intel based processor. Continuum with full windows support would be awesome.
  • Why did you have to go say that now... See what you did, I started drooling all over again.... (This happens when I hear Intel based APU in 1520 like Phone and I say, let Contiuum reign.)  
  • Both need to go everywhere.  That's been one of their biggest problems, because alot of people won't switch carriers for their phone.  Whether or not people here will, is irrelevant.  If they truly want market share, make just a few great devices, and offer them on every carrier that will take them.   I personally hope they release a water resistant version of either of these phone, or make these particular ones waterproof.  Phones are big enough without having to slap an Otterbox on them.
  • Att will find way to mess it up.
  • AT&T seems to be one of the better carriers for WP.  They didn't have a good option for me when I got my phone (thus my S5 Active), but Verizon is definitely worse.  They demanded the Icon to themselves, thus no 930 anywhere in the US, then they dropped it like a bad habit in what? Less than a year?  I looked at one, and the rep tried to talk me into an iPhone, even after saying I hated Apple stuff.  AT&T reps didn't do that to me, at the least.
  • Microsoft Leaving Windows phone as they ll ship Windows 10 mobile from now on. Cortsey Rudy. Hah
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  • Great article Daniel!
    Windows Phone future is much brighter. Two big reasons:
    1. Nokia was a liability. Now is gone.
    2. Complete lack of long term strategy. New leadership know-how.
  • Waiting for Surface Pro 4 with Hello on board... Yeah!
  • Count me in! Yeah!  
  • Its a google plot.  Every time Microsoft makes a major advance, we the same bucket of BS blogger-trolls giving us falling sky stories and tales of woe. Its amazing to me how they all drop on the same day at the same time using almost the same language.
  • More like the plot of morons. Pay little attention to the arm chair experts here (or anywhere). They tend not to really care about what they're saying. Give it 30 minutes and even this article will be populated with a few rebuttals claiming "they know better and Windows Phone is dead". It's like watching a news segment on the stock it for the entertainment value, not the information.
  • I believe you're right - there seems to be an "organized" attempt (I'm pretty certain of it, it's all paid premiums somewhere, nice vacation here, freebies there) - business as usual these days - MS marketing and counter-marketing needs to improve as they lost that battle badly.
  • The only thing Microsoft needs to improve really
    is a nice portfolio of Windows 10 smartphones that are not 2 years behind the market.  That should be enough I guess.
  • Tech bloggers - especially of hitjob sites like the verge and techcrunch are some of the worst journalists on the earth- no ethics nothing.
    .it amazes me sometimes that even a dedicated website like windows central can do more levelheaded articles than sites such as verge and Engadget.
    One day just like gamergate, these hit jobbers will be exposed. And I'm sure I'll be smiling that day.
  • Actually TechCrunch is losing their user base pretty well. You can tell by the comment sections. I just can't believe people still read TechCrunch after all the hate they get in their article comment sections.
  • I read an article this morning that Microsoft will move away from WP and start making Android devices. They did say it was a rumor, but just the thought made me sick. :/
  • why make WP on andoird devices? Just make apps for android? Still rooting for an amazing WP10 exerience though. Seems there are too many obvious improvements to be done and nothing is being done about it. 
  • That's because it's just one story and ALL these guys do is maybe change a word or two to pass off as their own work... they learned nothing in college. =/
  • Nice article. Really well written.
  • Yes a breath of fresh air, and a sigh of relief and anticipation on the pending flagships.
  • U r the master - Daniel Rubino
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  • Nice
  • Nice article Daniel. IMHO Microsoft doesn't need OEMs for phones, take the Apple model and release 3 variant devices to cover flagship, mid-range and low end or some derivative of that.  It would streamline adoption and would allow updating devices with the latest firmware or os update at a much faster pace than it is today. Personally I wouldn't touch any phone release by the OEMs.  Microsoft (Nokia at the time) did a awesome job bring new features to their devices with each new firmware update.  Something you don't see with OEMs other than bug fixes.
  • Thanks. I see the point, but I believe Nadella does not want to be in the full-time hardware business. Instead, he'd rather MS make a few good "signature" devices and let their partners do the rest. It has worked for them in the past and even the Surface kick looks to have bolstered their partners.
  • So the "MS makes a few good "signature" devices" model would still fit.  Then just create a flagship device and let the OEMs pick up the slack for mid to low range devices.
  • Even as a consumer I don't like this idea. You've seen the Apple model. They make incremental changes in their hardware and yet they consistently sell for $700+. No competition stifles innovation and drives up prices.
  • I agree 100%. It's simple economics.
  • I agree Daniel.
    Plus, the "Apple" route has clearly stifled innovation. Competition and multiple manufacturers mean more choice and a better chance at getting the latest and greatest tech.
  • With so many hands in the cookie jar per say causes fragmentation IMHO.  Look at Andriod and all the OEMs creating phones.  It takes a very long time to update devices to the latest OS if at all.  The OEMs (and/or carriers) would rather you buy a new device than spend the time testing and rolling out updates. I am far from an Apple lover but for them to push an update that all their supporting devices can take advantage immediately is great.  Hell AT&T still hasn't rolled out Denim to all their devices.
  • You make a good point, but I believe it's been reported that with Windows 10, Microsoft has their finger on the update button. It may delay the update for a short period of time but ultimately carriers will be at the mercy of Microsoft.
  • Also, the fragmetation on Android is mostly caused because OEMs release a hell lot of devices every six months and most of those devices are Low-End $60 Bucks devices and why ever give support to those devices? Also, those devices are bad, and that's because on the High-End, many OEMs can't fight back Vs Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, but on the Low-End they can have a "chance" Vs more Low-End devices from OEMs following the same strategy. On Windows Phone, both the Low-End up to the High-End are rocking the same and newer Windows Phone version, and that's because Microsoft is controlling the Extreme Low-End, and some other OEMs with same Hardware Configuration devices can have the same OS Version Microsoft have because they are trowing that OS Version on their Extreme Low-End so the OEMs can have it too. If you have fragmentation on the OS is because the OEMs are not interested in putting on some effort to make their devices work properly on the newer OS version because of drivers and stuff, not because they change the OS to the point the devices need a lot more hardware to run in properly (like on Android). What Microsoft need is to create momentum with Windows 10 Mobile, the public is going to get some interest (a lot more than today) and so the OEMs can launch more devices following more or less the Microsoft path of Hardware Configuration and just put it on some nice looking shells and they are good to go.
  • Excellent article! Thanks for being a voice of reason in a crazy world.   I would like to see the Surface strategy applied to Lumia. I think the "few good signature devices" should go beyond flagships and include low cost high-quality phone targeted at business distribution.  There seems to be a gap here, businesses want something highquality, long lasting, affordable, with a consistant experience year-after-year. Apple has been strong here but has a weakness because of cost and MS could get better integration with their IT infrasctructure. They can sell it through carriers or bulk purchases though IT supply shops like CDW. Seems like a Win win to me.   (Dude, 940 XL with Surface Pen (stylus) support, that's happening right?)
  • I think conflating the Surface (really a PC) with phones is a little off. Windows is much more vibrant in the PC market and there is a great deal more room for partners to find a niche. 3 percent of sub 10% does not give a lot of room to find a niche. As a result, I have a feeling that the Lumia name will live on in much the same way as Google uses their Nexus brand: MS picks from a rotation of partners and works closly to release a device that highlights the OS and the OEM. Nothing precludes a Lumia in each segment, potentially with different partners.
  • I firmy believe Microsoft can concentrate on producing models like the CityMan and Talkman yearly and enjoy a nice profit margin and as you suggested low the hardware partners address the mid-to-low end of the market. I look at Windows flagship phones like Apple does Macs. Highly profitable and helps showcae ow excellent the experience can be from 1st party manufacturer.
  • I don't think they should go for nice profit-margins if they want to capture even a little bit of marketshare... It needs to be a bit cheaper with extra features that are not on other platforms... If we had iOS, Android & WP flagship all at $700, then most would skip WP....
  • But Windows Phone flagships have been anything but highly profitable. If they were, it wouldn't be 2 years since the last time we saw one.
  • I wanted a Surface Pro but ended buying a Dell Venue Pro 11 instead... I still want the Surface but bought the Dell because it was cheaper and was close enough to the Surface... I'm just saying.
  • I have both and actually prefer the Venue Pro 11 because of the more standard 1080p screen. I hate the effects of Windows scaling on HiDPI screens (at least Apple got it mostly right with Retina), and so running the SP3 at native res really strains the eyeballs. Plus, the VP11 is about half the cost once you add needed accessories to both.   If you're into notetaking, the SP3 is superior, but for a small carry-around note, the VP11 is better.
  • What about ios n android app compilers
  • Daniel can you confirm one more thing for me? Please..... Are the phones made of metal or at least the side edges metal? Do they have Amoled screens? .
    Please confirm :)
  • I've been trying to ask a question, plz reply, why dont microsoft or nokia release phones with 64G or higher storage????
  • Nearly 97 percent of all Windows Phone are Lumias, according to AdDuplex's latest advertising data. Those numbers are great for Nokia but are bad for Microsoft. How can Microsoft convince HTC or Samsung to make Windows Phones when they control so much of their market – why even bother?
      Superboy Micah, please read this a few times.  Read it until it sinks in.
  • This is one of the reasons why Microsoft should become a hardware company like Apple and make their own devices (Surface and Lumia) and stop giving Windows licenses to other companies.
  • This is one of the reasons why Microsoft should become a hardware company like Apple and make their own devices (Surface and Lumia)
    Microsoft is a software company to begin with. Their success in doing Xbox and Surface doesn't guarantee the same for Lumia hardware. Of course, Lumia did well. In fact, very well. But why should any OEM bother to make a WP when there's no place for them at all? How is it helping the consumers who DO NOT want to purchase a Windows phone because it's made by Microsoft and not their favourite OEM? Yes, there are people like such around me. I have a feeling that Lumia exclusives apps should be provided to others as well, by different names. Remember the current app launch Calls+ by microsoft? I can see what Microsoft is up for.
    ... and stop giving Windows licenses to other companies.
    Do you even care about the current Windows phone market share?  
  • Of course people would like to buy a Lumia if they decide to buy a Windows phone. Lumia has a name not only because it is from Nokia but also because it is now under Microsoft who also happen to be creating the software for it. Don't forget also the exclusive apps for Lumia. And this is currently what is happening - people are buying a Lumia for Windows phone. Except perhaps Apple, there is not one favorite OEM of anyone -- everyone likes to buy from the OEM whose product is superior in that sphere of the market. The same goes for Surface. It has superior hardware than most manufacturers and one of the reasons why Microsoft is selling it highly priced is that they don't want to compete with their OEM manufacturers. As for Windows Phone OS, it is entirely up to Microsoft to single-handedly increase its market share, since they make 97% of all WP phones. Microsoft should just get out of the software business slowly because it will hurt them in the long term. Devices is where the money is.
  • I call BS, I dont care about "exclusive apps" on Lumias, All my windows phones were Lumia because of their design. Lumia phones has the best design out there so why would I buy some BluHD or something which looks horrible when I compare it to other Lumias? I think this is the main reason people are buying more lumias, they are more physically appealing EDIT: They also got the typical Nokia quality photos from CarlZeiss.
  • I love the camera quality and build of Lumia phones, but I have always agreed that exclusive apps for Nokia phones were never a good thing. How can Microsoft expect others to love the OS if they have a phone from Samsung and its not allowed to download the newest camera app for example. That doesn't just give Samsung a bad name it gives the OS a bad name. I'm glad Microsoft is getting rid of this it seems. eg: Windows Camera, Calls+ as you mentioned
  • Microsoft's business model is just not set up that way. Let them go that and watch dell, hp, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, etc stay making chrome books. MS makes its bread and butter from software and services. Business licenses for Windows, Server, Office, users across Active Directory, etc are pretty expensive
  • Right, Windows 10 for PCs has no problem, but at least they should stop give licenses for Windows 10 Mobile and make their own devices with that OS.
  • Totally agreed. While the Lumia line offers really good hardware quality (as compared to local OEMs here), market share demands "hardware choices", something that we can learn from Android. Integrity in Diversity. I mean really, people do buy phones not just because of the OS they prefer, but sometimes the OEMs play a bigger role here.
  • Lumias have 97% market share because the other companies did not want to make any Windows Phones.  Samsung has just tipped their toe into the Windows Phone waters and quickly backed off. 
    I have an Samsung Ativ S and I made clear mistake to buy a Samsung device with WP, 
    they never gave a sneeze for this device. 
  • Kantar just publiced market share numbers. Market share windows phone Europe is up to 9,5%. The rest of the world nothing much is happening. Maybe ms should focus on Europe and build up from there, rather than focusing all development on the USA where they barely sell any phones.
  • The US is a key market for them and media. As your numbers point out, no matter how well it is doing in Europe it does not translate into positive media coverage.That is because perception is driven by US media outlets and it then trickles down. It's the sad reality.
  • very sad yes - US is "behaving" pretty strange, it feels as if MS is a Russian company honestly. The typical business logic and rules (otherwise charactirzing the US market above anything else or any other) do not seem to apply here.
    And to add - I can vouch for the Europe side of the story, Microsoft is given very different treatment here (even with all the typical love/hate relationship, people for and against it), Lumias are often hard to find (run out of stock prett fast).
  • I understand how US is a key market for media perception and coverage.
    If, however, they work on improving user experience in places WP is actually being adopted (say, improve Cortana in Europe and bring services like Xbox Music/Bing Rewards to India), the overall marketshare of WP will increase considerably. And that will further drive developer support.​
    Haven't they been trying to gain US marketshare and failing for like 5 years now? I really believe these other markets should be worked upon to seal their presence and leave a lasting impression.    
  • Bing has tens of percentage points market share in US and single digits elsewhere. It seems MS is stuck to us-only mindset no matter what.
  • Yes, it's pretty clear to us not living in the US that MS are still focused on "US only" in many aspects. And that's the sad part. Bing, band, accessories ++ Really hope that they soon will set a tiny bit of their focus on the world outside the US
  • You're absolutely right but not in the way you think. They indeed barely sell any phones in USA because they refuse to sell to anyone who would want to buy. Hopefully that will change now that Elop is out with his "deliberate strategy".
  • Guys, Kantar numbers are related to sales share only numbers not market share numbers! Market share might be greater in EU5!
  • That's a great article Daniel.
  • Rounded edges...whateva
    I always liked the design of L930... Only if these phones were like that
  • The 930 was a flop for reasons including its 'design'.
  • I think that ones up for a lot of debate. The 930 is probably one of the best looking phones Nokia ever made. What stifled it was the lack of a real push to sell the device - limited to no marketing and carrier exclusivity all but killed it. You can still buy one for $350ish and the device is an absolute steal for that price.
  • Please...the design of the 930 is awesome...everybody here at work loves it...its probably a poorly marketed phone due to inconvenient time of its release (MS acquired Nokia phones days after announcement)... but that's it...the phone works quite well...
  • "The 930 was a flop for reasons including its 'design'" I don't agree, what's wrong with the design? What are the other reasons?   I was hoping for some reason behind the opinon. Thanks, Mr. V
  • I can't wait for W10 mobile
  • That's always been the problem with Windows Phone: waiting.  I for one are tired for more waiting.  Hope MS gets it right this time around. 
  • Hopefully this will shut some of these pessimists up
  • This article make sense ;) happy to read
  • Those rumors sounds more like suicide, also MS is not that vulnerable and weak to make those choices, even Sony with their heavy loss mobile business still holding up.
  • Yes.... That's a good argument..... No company will ever dare to make such a stupid decision after announcing such a new and great strategy like universal apps....
  • Other than the size, Talkman is perfect for me.
    Fast chip, microSD and good camera. I'm not sure about the 5.2" size though, I hope the bezel is super small as I don't really want anything bigger than my 830 (which is a piece of junk. Also excited about Band 2... although I just drive an hour and a half to a MS Store to exchange the one I had since release because it was falling apart.
  • S6 is 5.2 I think and barely any different in size to the 830.
  • Nice article. I wish we'd see articles of this quality more frequently on the net as a whole.
  • Well said. Spot on! "Without phones, Windows 10 becomes a lot less interesting." = I was thinking the same thing yesterday.
  • To succeed in Mobile market, they need a WOW part in mobile OS.. Still I can't find one.. Continum may be a good one to go.. but that is for 'High end' devices.. How productive the OS is for mid-end users does really matters... Let's wait and see.
  • If it is mid, is it an end?
  • LOL. @vicky I have my hopes high for Windows 10 Mobile though. I'm okay with Microsoft copying Android or iOS to improve key features in Windows mobile, as long as it gives an overall better performance against Android.Time will tell.
  • Thank you! You made me ask Cortana for the answer. It should be mid-range devices or average users.
  • Those details on 'Cityman' are interesting. Keep'em coming, Daniel! Hope it'll have at least one more color.
    And the fact Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile share a common kernel makes it so that Microsoft abandoning its mobile platform doesn't make any sense.
    Can this be Cityman? Sounds like what Daniel described!
  • That picture looks SO fake and the filtering and image quality is abysmal. Hope you were joking.
  • You can barely make out that it's a phone. It could be literally any phone.
  • waiting for city man    microsoft services all the way   
  • good to read in the height of the doom and gloom. im to old for the angry mob, with burning torches and pitchforks..
  • Most probably Nadella wants to sell the Nokia division.
  • Too late for that, at least now. But sure, in a year or two if things have not changed, they would be naive to keep trying. Windows 10 is really their last shot. Luckily, it looks to be a winner.
  • I agree. I don't see any discontinuation of Windows 10 Mobile at this time. However, if market share is still stuck at 3% a year from now, then that might be a different story. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • First, really great article. Thanks for putting logic in your articles.  There are not many like you. I've observed many of my friends who have Android phone purchased it because of 1) the hardware (probably due to all the Samsung TV ads), 2) the vast choice of apps and 3) the cheap price of a phone. I haven't heard ANYONE who says they love the Android OS (mostly the opposite).  When I show them my 920, they like they OS layout and the features (I remind the hardware is over 2 years old). I'm hoping 1) the new Lumia flagship phones, 2) the convenience the Windows 10 universe apps (since most have PCs) and 3) seeing their favorite apps available in WP (hopefully most developers will take advantage of MS's tools to 'transform' their apps written for iOS and Android) will all be enough to convince people to switch to WP.  Once people install their free upgrade of Windows 10 on their computer (and they like Win 10), that may be the perfect time when they would consider switching to a WP once their contract is up. Although I have 'converted' a few iOS phone users to WP, if all 4 items above are all aligned in in place, we could possibly see a migration from Android towards MP. In the past years, we've seen major migration in the mobile/handheld world.  Back In 2005, who would have thought Blackberry would have been at the bottom 10 years later in 2015?
  • Lenovo will be happy to pick it up, I guess.
  • It's always amazing how the first 4 or 5 comments are completely useless.
  • Remember Android App porting SDKs? That was a masterpiece of all. How can they do that to this SDK? That's impossible. Abandoning Windows Phone is killing Microsoft as a brand.
  • Good article,
    BUT.... MSFT has to stay at it, I know its been 5 year's, market share over all doesn't look good compare to the apple and android, but MSFT have enough money to just stay behind and continue to invest on windowsphone,they make so much money off royalties from android makers they make so much money from software, they have enough money to stay 3rd place, we all know they can NEVER be no.1 its too late,its hard,and its impossible... For me as an early adopter since 2010 I saw how MSFT manage and improved windowsphone, its a slow steady process,its gonna be 5 years this October, and I say MSFT did a good job!! All they need to do is continue to improved the software, FASTER,create phones that can match the quality of the competitions, but cheaper and please ADVERTISE IT!! I said this before and I will say it again...THE TOP ALWAYS GOES IN THE BUTTOM!!
  • The whole "rumor" sounded a bit absurd. First of all  if they to kill off windows phone ion order to get Google to play nice with Microsoft , they might as well kill of half of their products because the compete directly with Google .  Secondly , windows phone is just a few months away from release , even if they're thinking of killing off the platform they will at least want to see how it performs on the market 
  • Can't agree more with Daniel on this. People are overeacting.
  • Nice. But I really do believe that the Lumia line of phones are fine going with the ### and XL. But they really need to bring out the Surface Phone and Surface Phone Pro. Be great if you would do an article/poll on what everyone thinks and wants out of a Surface Phone.
  • If you mean a Lumia with the Surface design language, then sure. Of you mean a phone with surface branding, then no. Doesn't make sense. Surfaces are tablets and Lumias are phones....
  • I think you can make an argument for either path. Surface is mobile tablets so far but not importantly it is a trusted brand/hardware platform that people can identify with. I'm not so sure Lumia is as strong a brand, unfortunately (speaking for the US anyway). You can make a dope Surface phone which bolsters the Surface brand/platform, hopefully getting some Surface fans using other phone vendors to consider switching over. Or you can make a dope Lumia phone and try pitching that everyone and hope you make enough noise to bolster that brand/platform and maybe make it a lasting name on its own. I think both routes have balanced pros and cons.
  • Microsoft can't afford to drop its Windows Phone.  If it did, it would be at the mercy of Apple and Google. Both whom want nothing more than to steal away all of Microsoft's business.  Windows Phone enables Microsoft to sell to its customers a complete ecosystem business solution.  Since Microsoft makes so much money from Android, it finances their Windows Phone division.  
  • Most of Microsoft's users are already using an iPhone or Android. 
  • Thanks for this article, Mr. Rubino
  • This article brought comfort to my soul...
  • I think there are two sides when it comes to the "doom and gloom" that people expect to fall upon Microsoft's mobile strategy. - Some people saw the news as Microsoft cancelling Windows 10 Mobile as a platform. That I don't think will happen at all. WP10 is software. They already created it alongside Windows 10. So I believe they'll still put it out on the market;   - Others, however, read it as Microsoft cancelling Windows 10 Mobile phones as hardware. Meaning shutting down Microsoft Mobile and pull back from the OEM side of WP10. This scenario, I think WILL happen sooner than later. Microsoft Mobile just wastes Microsoft billions. And will not have a lot to differentiate itself from the competition for long (remember the end of the non-competition clause with Nokia, the fact that they retained all the patents and the recent licensing deal Nokia made with LG. All the imaging stuff, for example, will no longer be a Lumia exclusive.)
    And, precisely to bring back OEM partners, Microsoft will very likely just write it off. As Google did with Motorola to please Samsung.   I do expect, as I've said for a long time, Microsoft to move whatever phones they offer to the Surface-concept of reference devices. They put out a reference Lumia phone (or a "Surface phone" as people keep asking for, even though a "Surface phone" would be exactly the same as a Lumia phone just with different branding) and that's it. Then other OEMs are invited to join in. With the direction Windows 10 is going, I think that would be the smart move. Windows Phone 10 would be offered alongside Windows 10 to OEMs like Asus, Lenovo etc and they could then create new devices that would integrate laptop and phone (think about the Android Asus PadFone for example) and use Continuum to it's full extension.    As for the rumours about changing relationship with Google and going Android's not a TERRIBLE idea. Google became what it is today on the back of Windows so...
      But the days of Microsoft as a phone OEM with all those Lumias etc are, I believe, numbered. They've been ever since Nadella was rightfully chosen for CEO.
  • Write off is bound to happen but its just accounting. And I would guess that at least Nokia branded feature phones will be chopped as well. With Nokia re-entering the smartphone market it makes 0 sense for MS to market Nokia brand and make feature phones. Though many people in 3rd world countries would deeply miss durable cheap phones that go for weeks without charging.
  • ohh 1000% positive that if Microsoft gets support from various OEMs they will cut the Lumia line without a doubt. Heck if that would of been the case since Windows phone 7 Microsoft would of never been in this situation in the first place. But that wasn't the case, idk I'm not sure how OEMs will react now, Windows 10 is the last hope. As for the Nokia patents, well that sucks :( I've always felt cool having a camera with unique top of the line algorithms and hardware. Nokia is looking at Microsoft now like 'we hold the key for these OEMs to dethrone your Lumias' lol
  • Disagree. Apple model should be the one followed by Microsoft hardware on smartphones, focus on high end smartphones built with state of the art camera technology with Nokia engineers, Carl Zeiss engineers, etc. And let other OEMs like LG, Lenovo, ASUS, Samsung focus on starter and middle range devices to increase marketshare. The signal that Microsoft needs to send to stakeholders, wallstreet investors and consumers in general is that they know how to build better phones than Apple and Samsung, period. Just like they showed to OEMs how Surface Pro is better than Samsung or Apple tablets, I think the same should be made for phones and phablets.
  • Microsoft can NOT emulate the Apple model. For the very simple reason that its brand does NOT have the cult around it that Apple has. No matter how good a phone Microsoft could manage to build, it would still not be able to sell as an iPhone or a Galaxy. Because brand perception plays a crucial role in consumer minds. Wallstreet investors on the otherhand only care about the amount of money Microsoft is able to make. And with the Lumia division losing billions, they most certainly will not be interested in Microsoft sending signals that not only isn't cutting the infected arm, it's trying to make it spread.   The Surface Pro is a very different creature. First and foremost because it runs and is aimed at the market that Microsoft actually dominates: desktop computers. It runs full Windows.   Microsoft Mobile phones don't and will NOT run full Windows, even if you call it Windows 10 Mobile. They'll be Windows Phone 10 devices with the exact same appeal (or lack thereof) that WP devices have had so far, albeit the miracles Nokia worked when they were in charge.   Microsoft is a SOFTWARE company. Apple is an hardware company. Apple's money comes from selling overpriced hardware. Not from the software. Their marketing was so well done by Jobs that people will throw euros out the window for an Apple logo on a turd if necessary. Redmond has no such power. Never had, actually. If Microsoft tried to copy Apple's model, investors would lose a lot of money. Nadella knows that. Bill Gates knows that. Only Ballmer didn't.
  • The Surface Pro is not a better tablet than the Samsung or Apple. It is certainly a better laptop compared to them. As a tablet it is severely lacking. It is chore to use as a tablet. There are no apps and even the simplest of things are harder to accomplish on the Surface. I love my Surface Pro as a laptop/desktop replacement, but I miss the ease of use of my Nexus 7 when using the Surface Pro as a tablet. Maybe Windows 10 will make it better, but no matter what it won't make up for the lack of apps.
  • Can't Nokia makes phones again in 2016?  I can see MS not making phones.  Maybe Nokia will make a Windows based phone? The Android market is too full.  And Apple - closed. Thoughts? Very interesting comments!   Mr. V
  • Great read! I do giggle a bit at all the recent articles popping up about bad times ahead. In regards to Lumia consolidation, they should just keep their prefixes as everyone knows and loves for the models they keep. Then, just add a double digit relative to the year of release. 615, 815, 915, 1015, 1515, or whatever. It'll take a little culture change, but eventually people will adjust and those coming from outside will have a better idea of which phone is more recent. Yes, it may cause a little confusion in five years, but I'm sure they could find a way to make it work. ;)
  • You can't be serious...
  • I am, but not being too serious since it's just some forum users small idea. A couple of things to consider... We are slowly but surely approaching the x90 generation. What comes next? Lumia 900, the sequel? Of course my idea will run the same problem, but in 85 years.
    Second, if we're eventually aiming for more brand recognition and numbers, think of this scenario. If you ask someone which phone to get between an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, it's a pretty safe bet on what the response will be. If you do that with a Lumia 930 or 940, or worse, a Lumia 1320 or 640 XL, then things start getting a little confusing for the average consumer.
  • If windows phone has really got a growth and had a high percent in market share(in the far future) , other OEMs will make windows devices , but the problem is have other OEMs making better phones than what Microsoft do , I really mean Samsung in this , it has always been creative in what it does , maybe that Samsung (I hope not) , will have a higher percentage than Microsoft devices percentage , I know this is a really shit idea and will take ALOT of time but it may happen , if Samsung released a windows version of it's flagships , things may go this way... I really hope that doesn't happen , I LOVE MS AND LUMIA
  • So the possibility of a successor flagship to the Lumia 1520 is minimal at best? Same with the Lumia 1020. Rest in peace these two superb flagships.
  • Lumia 1520 > Lumia 840 XL; Lumia 1020 > Lumia 940.
  • The 940XL is 5.7 inches... It's literally the 1520 successor.
  • If that's true, release them now, this loonnnng over due
  • Awesome article Daniel! Any chance you can run for president? This country needs some common sense thinking.
  • Best article I've read in wc. I still have faith in Microsoft
  • I think the issue with the reports of Microsoft going to drop the Lumia line is that is lost money. Reporters and commentators look and say 'they lost loads on that Nokia purchase' and assume that's what is the bad area that needs cutting. Odd... Windows RT devices are basically now a SP3 and SP3pro so they got that right and look like they will with WP10. Surely the acquisition that was too expensive and written off is done with now and the Lumia brand can move forward. After all its market share is good and steady with growth in a load of areas.
  • Great article Daniel, too many people jumping to conclusions and the net is full of MS haters still!  Times are exciting and MS have shown this with their preview builds for mobile, desktop and Xbox.  We really need to have faith in them they are trying to do what no other company can achieve and if they do it it's going to be a stunning eco system. Eagerly awaiting the Band 2 and a new Surface Pro 4, wife likes my Pro 3 so much i was holding off buying another one until i got some concrete info on the 4 so now i can wait.
  • Hey Daniel, great article. A little curious about the specs you posted for the upcoming flagships. I see a Continuum accesory for the Cityman but not the Talkman. Do you know if this is any indication that Talkman wont have the same Continuum capabilities? Also, is the Iris scanner slated for both?   (sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting this, don't have a lot of experience on the site)
  • Thanks. 99% sure both will have Continuum, I just know a bit more about Cityman. Added the cable bit to Talkman, safe to assume it applies there as well.
  • HI Daniel. There is a rumor that cityman will have stylus, is that true ??
  • I have heard nothing to that effect.
  • Hey Daniel, Do you think MS should come out with a statement to stop this anti-WP scare that is everywhere, They are not doing themselves any favour by keeping quite. They say that they want people to Love windows, but I haven't seen anything in this regard... With their cross-platform push, their apps/services will be similar at best when compared with iOS/Android counterparts. And not to mention US/UK only....  Doesn't matter how far in design they are for 940/XL, they can cancel at anytime like Surface Mini (they had produces thousand of them) and McLaren flagship phone...
  • what stream down the lumia line??? why??? make the lumia line so diverse and vast that we dont need OEMS..anyways hardly anyone is buyin anythign else but lumia...if u reduce the options in lumia line ppl will start looking into other OS for their perfect match of hardware..silly there!! everythin else written is just fine..    
  • That's not a good strategy. Microsoft should cover High-end and Premium Mid-end(Lumia 830). Leave the low-end to other OEM's. BLU HD phones are really good at the same level as 640 phones yet they don't sell as much cuz they're not lumias. If microsoft wants to win over OEMs it can't keep covering all the categories. You can't invite guests over to your party and eat all the cake yourself.
  • "they are by no means beholden to Windows Phone if it is a constant loser." I think they are. I think that Windows Phone (i.e. Windows 10 Mobile) needs to be around and it needs to start seeing success. Android and iOS are the biggest threats to Windows desktop monopoly. We're already seeing the rise in OS X and Chrome OS market share stemming from iPhone and iPad as well as Android phone users who want a unified ecosystem and are moving away from Windows on computers to match their phones and tablets. Microsoft needs to go all out on Windows 10 Mobile or they may never recover.
  • Damn Daniel dropping the leaks.. Surface Pro 4, Band 2 and Lumia 940 not being square like the 930/830 is exactly what I wanted to hear I hated the 930 design but love the 640. We are getting all those before years end. Time to start saving up. I hope the Band 2 is a proper smartwatch.
  • Rounded edges are anathema. I want the Lumia 928's edges.
  • Square edges dig in to your palm. And IMO don't look as good.
  • Blah-blah-blah.. Forever soon.. :-\
  • We know that tmo will not get citymam
  • Why?
  • Everytime I see the Talkman specs i say a little prayer for MS to have a near immediate worldwide release ... I need this phone yesterday
  • +1
  • Before we all want to go the ' Apple way' and do software and hardware, do remember, it is Android who has the greatest market share
  • And do remember, it is Apple who is the most profitable.
  • The sky isn't falling and Microsoft's strategy easily looks to be the best its been in 12 to 15 years. Execution on that strategy is right around the corner, so lets let it play out. I think we are are all going to be pleasantly surprised.
  • I keep thinking that 90% of the problem with WP is just due to the complete lack of advertisement. I can see an iPhone 6 commercial every 2 minutes on most TV channels, but I never saw a decent WP spot (other than a couple of Nokia Lumia commercials two years ago)
  • Yeah, I haven't seen any Windows Phone commercials since the Lumia 928 neon scooter ones more than two years ago. That's not good.
  • I would expect that to change with Windows 10.  Save advertising expenses now and do a big push when Cityman/Talkman launch before the holidays.
  • "Windows Phone is doomed" articles are the new "Apple is doomed" articles of the 21st century.
  • It as simple as saying: One windows for all platforms. Dropping WP would mean someone lied us and that won't happen...
  • Microsoft should do this. Released 3 different devices for phone.low mid and high. Don't let other hardware's make windows phone. And let Microsoft control Lumia. Also in the other article Microsoft is considering buying and. Problem solve. Hardware and software company make ur own phones and surface and you are in business.
  • Terrible plan. Three phones won't cover a highly variable market. Oversized phones are quite popular (1520, 1320, 640 XL). People really want the high-end 1020 successor. You need a mainstream flagship (9xx), along with a lesser version (8xx). The entry-level is a big piece of the Windows Phone pie (5xx). There then needs to be a something to close the gap between the entry- and high-end offerings (6xx, 7xx). Now, what needs done is some consolidation. The 4xx and 5xx series could be comined. The same coudl be said for the 6xx and 7xx. Then the 9xx could have an XL version to dump the 15xx line, like the 640 XL replaced the 13xx line. So, really, there should probably be 5 offerings: 6xx for entry-level, 7xx for mid-range, 8xx for upper-mid, 9xx for mainstram flagship, and 10xx for high-end optics. There coudl be a mid- and high-end offering for large devices as well. With the entry-level stuff mostly living in emerging markets (India/Mexico), and the high-end stuff not really living there, it could easily be a reality where they have 5 offerings, but a given market really only carries 3-4 of them.
  • I wonder if they will the snapdragon 820?
  • Only if they solve various battery issues that can/often arise on the latest and greatest.
  • I think by the time Microsoft releases Lumia 840 and Lumia 940 XL there will be snapdragon 620( I think Lumia 840 will use heating, only gimmicking mid range 615 processor ) , and snapdragon 820 ( Lumia 940 XL would use snapdragon 810 ) processors respectively in the smartphones of their price segments. Microsoft( previously Nokia ) always did same mistake using old, outdated processors in Windows Phones ( such as putting old snapdragon 400 instead of new snapdragon 410 on Lumia 640 & 640 XL ). Give us latest processors, best hardware, design and high quality all universal apps, that are only factors for Windows Phone success
  • Sky is not falling ... for a year?
  • Daniel & gurus, quick question regarding the bit about the Talkman & Cityman. I assume the similar hardware & USB C make both usable with Continuum... but with only Cityman having the connecting accessory noted is there any reason to believe that only the Cityman is being prepped for Continuum or is that just a case of "we're throwing it in with this phone as a bonus for picking the higher-end/more expensive one" and one could expect to be able to buy the connector separately if they got a Talkman but also wanted to use Continuum? Probably a rookie question, but figured I'd ask folks who are more savvy.
  • These phones are made to show off Windows 10 and Windows 10 hardware capabilities.
  • both Talkman and Cityman specs list that accessory.
  • Both Talkman and Cityman will support Continuum. Cityman will be the one that supports WIndows Hello.   Which is odd they're going with iris scanning on Cityman for Windows Hello.   I thought they would have waited for Snapdragon820's integrated fingerprint scannner.
  • I realized there was a glitch in my scrolling and it chopped off the connector line under the list for Talkman the first time I read it. Sometimes it's just as simple as "look again" to answer the question. Thanks, though, and can't wait to grab one of these to replace my Icon. I know everybody has their own theories on what might and might not be turning points for Windows Phone appeal... my theory is gonna be based on the looks on people's faces when I walk into work with no laptop, plug in my phone, and start working. How can that NOT raise eyebrows? Continuum is a huge leap!
  • No mention of how US carriers have still not rolled out DENIM or GDR2 to all their phones (830), and how MS can motivate this issue in the future!
  • The buying of AMD could be a good purchase. Then it could cause them problems with competition and Intel.
  • Microsoft can't please the OEMs. Microsoft needs a "better Android" if they want to beat Android. Allow OEMs more control over the OS. Let them modify UI of system apps or add UI launcher. They want to differentiate from other OEMs. Let them use whatever hardware they want on WP. Ability to add bloatwares that are hard to remove for regular users. I doubt Microsoft will give up that much control over the OS.
  • Sure wish I could come to this site and read articles without the broswer being bogged down by 2-3 auto-playing video ads all the time. I hate using AdBlock because I know ads generate site revenue, but this place has gotten SO out-of-hand that it's almost intolerable on some days.
  • I completely agree 100 per cent! The ads crashes my web browser every time!
  • Use the Windows 8 app (;
  • Pass on that. If it's anything like the WP app, it sucks. I'm not going to install a separate app and use a whole different UI just to make this site readable.
  • Great article Rubino
  • Dan, please find out if 940 comes in dual SIM option, otherwise I won't wait any longer and get 640 instead!
  • Pretty unlikely for a high end device.
  • Then, Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM RM-1075 will be my flagship phone! A lot cheaper and I don't have to wait till 2016!
  • It will be interesting to see how Cityman stands up to 1020 in photo-taking ability. I couldn't care less about having the iris scanner as I doubt I'd use it. For me, I just want to best camera/flash and processor in a phone. Which means I guess it's possible that my next phone will be a 2-year-old Lumia 1020. I'll wait and see how good the pictures Cityman takes are, but hopefully there's still a niche camera phone in the wings...
  • There were rumors about "Saana". Looks like a camera module :)
  • Fingers crossed!
  • If other OEMs are to be fully encouraged to deploy W10 mobile devices into the market, then they should be given full access to Lumia only Apps. In fact they're should not be Lumia only Apps full stop.
  • They really need a 1040, 5" QHD, SD card, Xeron flash, Continuum, battery grip w/ hot shoe and big battery build in. Fastest SOC, they can keep the same 41mp.  Improve the process speed, throw in good CAF, weather proof, remote trigger and under water housing. BT Slave mode so I can control it from a laptop or tablet. Partner with olympus to use the m4/3 lenses I am happy to pay iph6+ price for it, make it happen.
  • Windows 10 for phone is the best thing that's gonna happen to Lumia's. Don't kill it!
  • Great article, Daniel! :)
  • Well said Rubino, well said ;)
  • I still don't understand claiming it is a failure. It has failed to gain a significant market share. However, there are still as many people using Windows Phones as there are using Apple computers and Apple has been at it for 30 years. So unless people want to claim Apple computers are a failure than I don't want to hear that WP is. Name any other product ever made that had 50 million people using it that was still called a failure. Is it disappointing and frustrating yes, very, but not a failure. The failure is allowing mobile carriers and their reps to constantly not market WP and steer people away from it. Or, how about not releasing a flagship in a year and a half in the one market that you need to increase market share and focus's on high end products. Those are failure's. In fact, based on how bad MS has handled and marketed WP, and how terrible the carriers treat it, I think it's done better than it should have.
  • I totally agree about the number of Lumia models out there.  It is totally insane. Can we cut it back to a low end model, a mid range model, and a high end model, and then maybe mid and high end can have different screen sizes?  That is really all that is needed - 3 levels.  Keep the low end one $130 or less off contract and the world should be happy.  
  • Yup.  I think most of us agree with that, and it sounds like Microsoft agrees also.  It's the Nokia lineup that Microsoft got stuck with.  Cleaning that up will take some time.
  • Oh no, those dreaded words, "double down"...
  • I really hope MS can standardize the software - moving forward from here - in terms of important capabilities, like continuum. They did it with Lumia Camera and it did not disappoint, one of my favourite things on my Lumia820 is the camera and its capabilities. It would set a whole new benchmark for the OS that has been claiming a near same experience on any hardware, lower to high end
  • As long as I get my 1020 successor on T-Mobile I'll be happy.
    Can this be Cityman? Sounds like what Daniel described!
  • Good article! I'm not a Windows exclusivist by any means. I have devices (and in some cases, multiple devices) from the Apple ecosystem, the Google ecosystem, the Ubuntu ecosystem, and yes, the Microsoft ecosystem. Heck, because they're made relevant by the XBox, I also have devices from Sony and Nintendo (all of them, actually...except for the PSTV, and the Vita). In fact, my crazy, wild-eyed, impossible-short-of-winning-the-lottery (and totally unfeasible even with it) pipe dream is to spend a few years FULLY immersed in ALL SIX of those ecosystems simultaneously, have as much interconnection and interaction as possible between the devices WITHIN the various ecosystem, but as little interconnection and interaction as possible between the devices ACROSS the various ecosystems (in other words, to have both "the fullest" and "the purest" possible experience with each ecosystem). So I've hardly got all my eggs in Microsoft's basket. Thus, I have a lot less riding on MS's success than most of you do... ...THAT SAID... ...of all the platforms I'm involved with (and to some extent, I love them all), by far, the one that looms biggest in my heart and mind, and the one I'm cheering for the Microsoft. I'm a firm believer in Windows 10, can't wait to get my hands on a Cityman, and can't wait to see MS explode in the mobile scene, and the best part is, like you, I've got a lot of optimism here... ...but like you, I also realize just how steep a hill they have to climb (with Apple and Google hurling stones from the top, and Ubuntu and Blackberry grabbing for their feet from behind) and I see the HUGE gamble of them putting their apps on other platforms: while it might just work wonders, it might also totally backfire. So, it's too soon to bust out the party hats, for sure...but your point, rather, is that it's also too soon to break out the sackcloth and ashes....and you know what? You're damn right! :-D Cheers! Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • If MS develops a good rep for their apps and services on other platforms it could actually give a boost to the platform as people won't be ignoring or so dismissive. The public wants good cross platform functionality with the quality of an apple product.
  • No, I get it. It has the potential to be huge, and under the circumstances it was a smart move. But its also a huge risk. It could create a "why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free" mentality, and backfire big time. In fact, a lot of the sentiment you see on iMore and Android Central about the MS apps coming over is just this sorta thing. Now, I know Microsoft has a strategy in place to counter that, and it's a solid strategy. We'll just have to wait and see if it works. Again, I'm wanting to see MS kill it in the mobile market. I'm just pointing out that this was a really risky move. :-) Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Why wouldn't Microsoft hand out some Lumia 940 and 940XL to Windows insiders for testing. That way the process would speed up and the release date will be shortened.
  • They are, within MS itself. There is little to nothing more to be gained from handig out prototypes to non-MS folks. The OS is a different matter.
  • "Nearly 97 percent of all Windows Phone are Lumias, according to AdDuplex's latest advertising data. Those numbers are great for Nokia but are bad for Microsoft. How can Microsoft convince HTC or Samsung to make Windows Phones when they control so much of their market – why even bother?" I see this point differently, I think it is great for Microsoft also. I think one of the reasons of the strategy was because Windows Phone pick up at very late stage where android already dominate the majority of the mobile market shares, when the time I knew that Microsoft start seriously focus on mobile OS was from Windows Phone 7 -> 7.5 -> 7.8 but was not a success, hence I guess then they had reinvent the new mobile OS which a big leap to Windows phone 8.0 -> 8.1, in this process I beleive none of the business owner would interest or like to put their real money on a product which still in testing stage, hence to convince and make the success possible, Microsoft have no choice (I guess) but to invest a big money into it hence they can built their own ideal products according to their own strategy. I strong belief that Microsoft was trying very hard to create the drive to penetrate the bigger group of mobile users which is the low end market hence till some point it will convince not just the users, but also the OEM partners and developers as well to prove that there are the demands of Windows Phone. I'm waiting to see some good news for Windows Phone on this September.
  • They might also try to get rid of being an OEM altogether, i.e. sell ex-Nokia devices in part or fully, and focus on designing and sourcing, like you said, a few device models.
  • OMG! Thank you so much for this article!! It says what I've been putting in the comments of virtually every article I've seen about this nonsense. Although you dove into it deeper. I can hardly wait until this fall!! Cityman "HERE" I come!!
  • Excellent article Daniel.
    People need to think & look at the announcements Microsoft made during Build (developing Continuum & the new iteration of universal apps ain't cheap) before they start blabbing on & on on how the sky is falling
  • Personally I think that Microsoft should run with the Icon name at the high end at least. These should be introduced as the Microsoft Icon 2 and Icon 2 XL. Why? Brand recognition would be easier. When people ask me what type of phone I have,if I say a 1520 it doesn't have a "mindshare" kinda ring to it. Neither does Lumia 1520. I usually end up saying it's a Windows Phone,but that doesn't do much to indicate a high end phone solely. Think IPhone,One,G4 or S6. Simply said,easily recognizable and expandable. My thoughts...
  • You could be onto something there.  Easily recognizable names are important.  They've achieved it with Surface, but are still missing that with the phone.
  • MS needs a nexus like device and let OEMs somehow skin windows to their liking. That's how OEMs like Samsung differentiate and mark their sales territory. If every Android was like nexus,I highly doubt Samsung would have so much market share. Let OEMs skin,even in some minor way like the app list, settings,etc.
  • No that is the worst feature of Android. iOS is loved because no one else can skin it. Windows is used because there's strict requirements that OEM's have to abide to.
  • Yeah they do need to eol handsets earlier if they want to put out as many as they did this past year
  • Trust me, the only ones continuing to raise the seemingly endless dream of dropping Windows Phone are doom and gloom blogs like yours.  Inside of Microsoft, Windows Phone is alive and well and is a long term investment.  Customers love it.  Non-customers don't know it exits, never tried it, or are loyal to other brand names. It is amazing how people wish to strike down and destroy the red-headded step child rather than simply let it exist.  Its doing fine. The world is a much larger market than USA.  Somehow it bothers USA people with its very existance.  We see this behavior in other aspects of society where all people must conform to be like us or be destroyed.  Windows Phone will rise up as soon as the fad of iPhone passes.  When it passes, the transition will happen very quickly as all fashion/fads do.  iPhone is becoming old hat.  Android is becoming an HIV infected hacker bug fest.  Windows Phone is ready! Windows Phone is fresh, secure, very easy to use.  Oh, and there are a few apps too!  
  • "Windows Phone will rise up as soon as the fad of iPhone passes" So never then?
  • Wow! Kool-aid drinkers unite!
  • "Android authority" published an article that MS is dropping windows phone...blah blah ... this morning and immediatly scrapped it!! I think editorial got some braindrain!!
  • Anyway as said before... Nadella GO HOME!!!
  • Nice article...This shows the quality of trusted site...Dear wmpoweruser, should learn from gsmarena,wincentral.
  • I need that cityman soon. This 928 is on it's last
  • Mine as well. I have TEC from VZW and I know it needs replacing because now my battery is abysmal, but I am willing to just wait it out for a new one.
  • Give me an ASUS Zenfone 2 with windows 10 please. Thanks ASUS and Microsoft. Sincerely, The Tech World
  • I don't think they want to become another IBM or yahoo, retreat doesn't seem to be an option for them after all the investments made for windows phone, and the reliance their whole strategy and OS have on being available on every device, at worst case scenario I guess they will make windows phone x86 compatible and then maybe just release a pro and entre level phone each year like surfaces sold on their stores, so users can buy that signature experience or buy whatever phone they want and flash windows x86 on it, which thanks to universal apps and common UI/UX will be just windows phone for everyone who wants it
  • Microsoft can not ignore the mobile platform anymore like they have. All tech has always moved to smaller devices, and with the introduction of continuum we can see Microsoft is finally starting to take the mobile part of the industry serious. Just like they should have done 10 to 12 years ago.
  • WP in Italy again 2nd smartphone OS
  • Italy is a market that Apple doesn't compete in. Of course low cost phones will outsell premium ones in markets such as this. 
  • I wonder how you come to this conclusion. They have close to 15% share, and if you happen to travel to Italy, you'll see that not the whole country is a target for low cost phones. Apart that, one would expect Android to excel as in other parts of the world, with Windows even there behind iOS, isn't it?
  • As a 920 owner I am interested in the following: Surface 4, 940xl, band 2
  • So Lumias will be for Microsoft like Nexus are for Google??
  • Good article Daniel. I definitely share your opinion
  • What an article, Dan. I was waiting for your thoughts on this after reading all those bullshit on Twitter :-)
  • My ONLY complaint is the lack of ruggedized handsets. Yes, I know I am a niche. I get that.  It would be nice to see some options in that respect.
  • Yes, and with more OEMs comes greater choice and greater chance of niche Windows Phones (;
  • If Microsoft manages to patch up their relationship with Samsung, you could at least dream of an S6Active with WP.
  • This is reassuring. Thanks Daniel!
  • Love the insight with your articles Daniel, very well written!
  • Great article Dan. Even with iteration 2.1, I think the S810 is a mis step. But, I can't wait for a new phone.
  • +730
    Really not Microsoft's fault this time since we have all been crying for most latest of offerings but unfortunately for us Qualcomm has slipped up with SD810. I wish we could use Samsung's exynos but nevermind. I wish SD815/820 was already here and that Lumia flagships came equipped with that but that ship is late, we don't know when those chipsets will go into mass production and how or if they are any better.
  • By the time Lumia 940XL out in the market (Probably end Q4 2015), I think the market would get Snapdragon 820 in consumer's hand.
  • My guesses are: Microsoft will release one Lumia for almost all segmenst this year and in the middle of the next year one more for almost each. Like this: - Lumia 540: low end; - Lumia 640: mid end; - Lumia 640 XL: mid end phablet; - Lumia 840: high end; - Lumia 840 XL: high end phablet. Nex year: - Lumia 440: low end; - Lumia 740: mid end; - Lumia 740 XL: mid end selfie phablet; - Lumia 940: high end (with improved imaging capibilities and 3D sensors, the 1020's successor).
  • I guess you skipped the part about cutting back on the array of Lumias?
  • Thank you for this article! I've the same take on this. Microsoft has already spent much on Universal Windows platform and probably under the hood changes for Windows 10 mobile that I see no point in discontinuing it now rather see how well it does. So clearly the sky isn't falling YET. It may very well be on the table if Windows 10 mobile fails to take off. To an ignorant observer, Microsoft hasn't done much in way of its mobile platform until now. The question is how much the developers, OEMs and carriers trust in Microsoft's commitment towards it's mobile platform. In my eyes it's for the first time that Microsoft has really started to play this game and I for one hopes it doesn't gets abandoned for I for one wants to see what Microsoft brings next to the mobility because from where I stand the future looks really awesome for Windows 10 mobile as far as core OS features, esthetics and usability is concerned. But then again its not their move to make. They have made their move. It's now developers, OEMs and carriers turn to make their move and either make or break this platform. It would be a bummer if it doesn't take off. It would be the biggest disappointment for me since I really considered Windows' mobile platform as the best of both(iOS and Android's) world.
  • Why develop the mobile OS just to can it? Of course it has a future! Great article, just make sure Myerson has the reins, not the reigns... :¬)
  • confused about the Iris scanner on a phone.  it makes more sense on a pc, where the computer always has a pretty clear view of your face.  but on a phone?  i don't know, it would have to be a really advanced camera that can sense the different sides of your face and under chin and everything in order for it to work consistently, i would think.  also it wouldnt work when your phone is on a table, would it?  hmmm
  • Known about these two phones since May 1.
  •   The new Microsoft phones that are said to be in the skunk works are me-too-as-well products.  They may proof to be good, maybe even great, but they'll be nothing special really. 
    Standard stuff, stuff that's available from everyone for everyone.
    Yet another smartphone. Yet another, just one more device in a sea of devices. That's it.  Why the hell should I want to buy an ARM-based Windows Phone?  I've got a powerful multicore x86 Windows 10 desktop machine, 
    I've got a nice 17" x86 HP Envy schlepp-top, running Windows 10
    I've got a Lenovo 8 Atom x86-powered tablet, 
    I've got a Samsung Ativ S phone (still on WP 8.1 beta) I am sick and tired of,  ...  and Microsoft introduces yet another bloody me-too ARM-based Windows Phone towards XMAS? 
      I don't want no f.... ARM-based me-too-as-well smartphone, 
    I want a fully featured Windows 10 smartphone powered by x86 
    like the rest of my equipment.  I've also owned an Samsung Omnia 7
    and also used an RT-based Surface that would not work with USB sticks lacking drivers to enable them. Leave me alone with yet another ARM-based smartphone. 
    There are already enough of those around.  If Microsoft continues to keep this pace 
    Apple will have an x86-powered iPhone xyz before them.  Microsoft and its manufacturing partners
    need to offer x86 Windows 10 mobile phones. And that sooner - rather than to late(ly).            
  • Daniel, Good post as normal. I like your incite and your thoughts here. Although I don’t always agree with your thoughts, it appears this was very well written and attention to details. Thanks.   As for upcoming phones. I like both models, If they come to Verizon, I would look at both of them but, I think in the 5" range would be the perfect size for me (as I think the ICON is perfect, good size display, good phone size, not too big, not too small) but, could look at the larger based if I was planning to use Continuum a lot (more cores, better performance for desktop type use)   Anyway about it, still over the years with Windows Phone, the largest problem is Market acceptance and apps. I think by now, all the major features of Android and iOS, Windows Phone has (hardware features and even software features). One big one is still missing is a NFC payment, like Apple pay or Android flavors, we had it but, thanks to google, it's gone.   The Acceptance problem is the largest issue, when I can turn on the TV or listen to the radio, I can always hear "Check out our Mobile apps" 99.9% of the time, it's Android or iOS, never seen a promotion of a Windows Phone app. Then we have the companies who have apps (Home Depot, BOA (in the past), other major store apps or bank apps), they promote mobile apps for Android and iOS but, I have never seen a promotion for a WP app, even if they have a WP app.   Then we have the current Apps, when we have apps pulling from the marketplace because of low market share (BOA to name one), it's a major issue. Sure it does not affect everyone but, it's still a big issue for a good chunk of users. Microsoft see this and I think this is one of the MAJOR reasons they came up with universal apps. Their hope is Windows 10 on the desktop will be very big (giving it away), so some minor changes in code and your app can work on Windows Phone (and maybe Xbox, so cross all Windows devices), so very little work needed by the devs to make it work across the board.  This could bring the market share back because the apps are coming.   Truth be told, Microsoft is in Mobile and cloud movement, it is where the market is going, the writing is on the wall. They also are a major business a very large global company. Windows 10 could be the savior for Windows Phone or it could be a flop. I would almost put money down, 2 years after Windows 10 is released and WP still only has a 3-5% market share, they could through in the towel and just right off a $40 billion dollar loss.  I really thing the next 2-3 years is critical for Windows phone/Microsoft mobile devices (Phones). You can’t just keep dropping millions if not billions into something that is always losing money.   It will be interesting how it all plays out, Is Windows Phone 10/Windows 10 Phone the savior? I guess we will wait and see...
  • A flagship tells the market how much the platdorm,and the service are powerfull
    so a flagship,can beat S6 edge and iphone 6,plus is a must
  • my 640 XL beats the iphone 6 and that is just a low-mid range device.
  • Make it stupid easy, Lumia 440, Lumia 640- 640xl, and 940- 940xl (or call the 940 Surface Phone) affordable, mid range with low and high end features, and high end and premium surface phone, available on every fucking carrier. DONE
  • "However, instead of focusing on exquisite low, mid and high tier phones, the current Lumia lineup is a mess with unclear hardware demarcations and a flood of choices." I think this is the first time I've read something written by you that actually called Microsoft on the carpet or at least bring to light what I consider a shortcoming of MS.  And on this point I agree with you 100%!  I love the Lumia brand but there are too many variations.  Hopefully, they will reduce their offerings and bring us a very small line-up.  With at least one or two high-end devices.
  • While this point of view is comforting to a degree, it doesn't necessarily make it accurate. Keep in mind it's written by someone who's job potentially disappears if Microsoft decide to axe windows phone. Denial Rubino? Hopefully not.
  • Looking at the specs of those two flagships makes me thing they will be rather expensive around 500 dollars at least. Because of this, I hope one or both go to T-Mobile. I hope all of you Tmo fans tweet them repeatedly and encourage them to get windows mobile devices.  I am hoping W10 will be a game changer for windows, particularly in the mobile department. There is no denying that using a windows phone is a pleasurable experience. I am hoping W10 will encourage major app devs like "Snapchat" to start developing for windows mobile. High hopes for W10 from me. :)
  • I never understand these doomsayers, is there any pleasure in scaring people and hoping for the worst possible scenario? Windows Phone is alive and well.
  • Spot on Daniel. The tech media is biased and we will have to deal with it for a bit longer but there's no way MS is ditching mobile. Mobile is the now and the future and as big as desktop. You don't just give up after a few years when Lumia's aren't even making a loss, are 3rd in the market and selling millions a quarter.
  • Hey daniel, I think your continuum section is incorrect.   You're not "mirroring to a PC" WiFi direct already mirrors the phone to a compatible system. With Continuum, you're using phone apps in full screen mode on a second display.       
  • Can't wait to switch to android. WP is utter crap now. Cheerio!
  • Congrats on the great article, I think its time for Microsoft to believe in OEMs for Phones to increase marketshare. But developed markets like US, UK, France, Australia, Japan and South Korea should have a flagship Microsoft phone that makes competition worried. I'm talking about LG, Sony, Samsung and Apple (don't care about chinese phones since they're just copying the real innovators, just my opinion) Its time that these mobile companies see real innovation on hardware using Windows Mobile and by looking at the phones this article mentions, I think these phones are about 1 or 1.5 years behind competition. I hope I'm wrong, but Microsoft really needs to think in fixing the issues by cancelling Surface Mini and McLaren and come with a better idea that makes these companies be worried about Microsoft's mobile future again.
  • If possible, i wish ms will add some improvements to the current project my screen function for those non-continuum phones.
  • I really love this article but when you say it's the high end phone look like 640 this is I didn't like it
  • I disagree with you about Microsoft reducing their number of lumias. There is a fact, Micrososft will loose marketshare, if they don't lauch a Lumia 740 to race with Moto G 2015. In 2013, nokia didn't launch a rival for moto g 2013 and then windows phone lost marketshare until Q3 2014. I still think that we will see 940, 940 XL, 740, 740 XL in september and 440 in november.
  • The only reason Windows Phone 8 didn't flop was that the Lumia 820/920/1020/1520 were so clearly superior to their android contemporaries, and then Nokia backfilled well with cheap models. Even that barely made a dent in the US market, and led directly to the app gap. If Windows 10 is to stand a chance, they need to find something to set the phone apart that's not just a gimmick. They also need to take definitive action by the end of the year to show they are going to fix the app gap. They cannot succeed if it's the same outdated or missing apps.
  • Cityman design sounds disappointingly generic but perhaps it looks better than it sounds. One would have hope they up the ante also on design a bit more.
  • My Verizon contract is set to expire in April 2016. I really want that Cityman phone!
  • good peice of writing, Windows is in very exciting times right now(including mobile) Microsoft have not been like this for years and is good to see them finally once again start to get a lot of things right.
  • Ctiyman, SP4, and Band 2.   I'm in.
  • 3 phones is all the they need, low, mid, high thats it. However you could run in the problem I want low end phone with a big screen. Adding the XL models like they have been doing is great.
  • Thanks man, I know which "news" site it is.
  • I do agree with Dan with some points - especially there are too much Lumia models flooding in the market during the Nokia era. Consumers are just so confused. With the regular and XL naming, things are looking so much better and neater. IMO, we don't need tons of different model for Windows 10 mobile. Apple releases only 2 models per year and that's already more than enough. If the momentum picks up, 940 and 940 XL will do just great.
  • Now, can any graphic artist make a mock 3d model of the city man from what Daniel has described
  • The investment in WP is big. The iPhone/Android to UWP bridges are mainly about phone apps. The UI work is also mostly about supporting the phone. Large tablets, desktops and Xbox would use very similar UI since the size and dimensions are similar, it's really the portrait devices, phones and small tablets, that require a different UI.  A lot of resources were invested, Microsoft has enough air to at least keep it going for a little while longer. Also, it still fits with their bigger story (mapping data and ad services didn't really)
  • Exciting times indeed.
  • If Window 10 Mobile is pulled...I'd just be beside myself, in hysteria.
  • Well rumors or not let it be known I will not ever bend to Android but will and can transfer all phones and PC's to MAC's and won't look back ! I also would feel the almighty shareholder (of which the world turns) should ask for certain Microsoft heads! Just my opinion
  • with phone and pc intergration, as long as that hapens soonish i cant see how microsoft wont gain strong numbers in sales.  Theryve made some fantastic products and i include windows 8.1 phone in that.  I so hope they kick bum.
  • While i disagree with your "sky is not falling " premise Dan (I do think it's falling for WP) I appreciate your calm, even handled assessment of the situation as it stands right now. I don't want to get into too much detail about why I think so beyond saying that's its MS cash position that has kept WP afloat much longer than its market position would dictate and that I think it's very interesting that MS is ditching its mobile advertising business , one that competes (until now) directly with Google. Time will tell.
  • This is windows central aka windows rumors. These guys are not primary Windows mobile users. In other words they don't have a Windows mobile phone that they use to communicate on a daily basis, all articles are but a copy from another site. Always talking about absolutely nothing that's endorses the Windows platform, AS of July 4 , 2@15,, I myself will be independent of this site and all phony sites that's not involved with the company moving forward to help get Windows10 on 1 billion devices. Theses are but bad talkers, a community of gossips in all reality don't even own a real Microsoft Lumia Mobile device 435, 535, or 640 ,,any other Lumia is Nokia they keep giving glory to the devices Microsoft did not release. Real Microsoft fans will have, the device labeled Microsoft not nokia. Us real Microsoft fans in the USA now have the Microsoft Lumia 640 and will get the new Lumia that will be Officially called Windows 10 mobile with flagship specifications and of course the world famous Microsoft logo. My guess it will be called the Microsoft Lumia 640 Gold edition.
  • In Hong Kong, Microsoft has been actively promoting Windows Phone in recent months: Big advertisements in Central MTR Station (the most popular place in Hong Kong) Whole page advertisements in newspaper Windows Phone counters (although they are small) in some major smartphone retail shops  
  • MS should not discontinue Windows Phone. I feel that it has the Potential to beat others. Just that the Long time NEGLECT has put it in this Weak spot. At least from now on, MS should PUT MORE Development Effort to release the Latest Phone OS Version more frequently.
    Perhaps Windows Phone Version should have been released first, then the Desktop Version. Bcos ppl using Win 7, Win 8.1 etc on Laptops or Desktops constitutes comparatively lesser number of Folks, and also they are not in any unrestrained desire to move to Windows 10. But ppl using Windows Phone are dying to get the Latest version , so as to become at least in par wrt Android/iOS in terms of User Experience.
    The perpetual delay is very painful.
    If MS had released Windows Phone 10 on July 29 and Windows Desktop sometime in Fall, then most likely it would have had generated lot of Enthusiasm among its Fans.
    Anyways, i love using Windows Phone a lot compared to iPhone or any Android, so I wish it would climb up to the Top at the earliest and make its users Proud & Happy :)
  • Really Nicely written article.
  • I am still not convinced that Windows 10 mobile is at any close edge of an axe. MS lost a lot of money with XBox before it started reaping for their patience. Windows Phone(or 10 mobile) may not lost that much amount even if it has not generated any revenue(not just loss, but like no sales). Windows Phone has reached 10% in Europe, selling better in India, Russia, etc. So why would any one even start assuming that Windows Phone development will stop???
  • Thanx.... The news at other websites made me upset..... Now I'm a lot relaxed....
  • Great read!
  • Lets hope for "dual sim" versions please.....
  • Band 2 and Surface ... Probably US/UK exclusive again.... and priced out of hands for most consumers...
  • Thanks for the injection of some sense into this, Daniel. I was so bothered about these rumours that I was going to post an article in the forums. It was going to be more pugnacious and less well informed. Abandoning Windows Mobile would be to abandon Microsoft's 3 screens and the cloud strategy, of which Windows 10 is the culmination. There will be Windows Mobile phones for a few years at least. That said, Microsoft's traditional strategy of providing operating systems to OEMs is not without problems. OEMs generally want nothing to do with their customers once they've sold the hardware. Having previously used devices from HP, Samsung, Toshiba and HTC, switching to Nokia was a revelation. Make no mistake, Nokia's repuation was well earned and I swore I'd never go back. Another problem is bloatware. When big companies fall into folly as Samsung and Lenovo have, it really does leave you wondering where to go. Thank Microsoft for the Signature program eh? Which leaves me wondering about Microsoft Oy, the ex-Nokia devices division. Here we have a valuable concetration of talented designers and engineers with excellent work and customer service ethics - such that even Microsoft could learn a thing or two from them. Such a team needs encouragement to help them produce their best work and I'm worried that some may feel their talents are being wasted if they are reduced to being Microsoft's Nexus brand. The cancellation of McLaren and Moonraker cannot have helped that situation. In my opinion, HTC were Microsoft's most committed partner, at least at first, but they could never compete with Nokia. Nokia were Windows Phone's best OEM by far. To sum up, my fear here is that the PC situation, with lacklustre hardware and unwanted bloatware will recapitulate itself onto Windows Phone, when I was rather hoping it would happen the other war around.
  • I know the US is an important market, but it is "only" 320m people.  The EU is 500m people and Windows Phone currently has a 10% share in the major markets there, while iOS only has 18%.  Microsoft really needs to fire up the marketing in the US and China and part of this requires them to get more heavy hitting OEMs on board.  They need to leverage their PC relationships to drive more WPhone adoption from Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Acer etc. The credible position in Europe shows that WP can be strong in developed markets.  Microsoft needs to learn from their success there and not be so half-assed in the US.
  • iam a huge nokia and microsoft fan said that i dont wat to invest huge money on mobile which dont have future/features...back in 2012 june,i bought 1st smartphone at that time i want to buy nokia N9(meego) but thanks to elop it didnt made to india so i saved...there was 3 major os with very handful handsets...WINDOWS(because of nokia),ANDROID,APPLE...i know i dont like my opnion nerd use apple devices that left me with WINDOWS and ANDROID...i tried WINDOWS huge ugly tiles,stupid IE browser,bluky handsets. i tried htc and samsung galaxy s3 guess what at last i bought S3(fast/light weight/good camera/slim) at those times i dont know about rooting all that after 3yrs iam still using my S3 rooted,installing different custom roms....after nokia auction,microsoft 1st branded device 535 with windows 8.1 released i love 8.1(cortana) i preordered it for my mother..535(touch issue/one of the worst devices out there/no full hd recording or video play/no screen mirroring even low cost android provide it/520 display and touch was top notch compare to this shit...on dec 31 2014 i won nokia lumia 730 from microsoft india...yes 730 is one of the best windows device with oled screen i used it for 2 months but due to lack of wireless charging and shit 535 i gave 730 to my mother sold 535 for 5500rs(loss investment) i bought  NOKIA LUMIA 1020 for my dad at 14500rs + wireless charging case for 1900rs + camera grip for 50$(3300rs) what make me buy NOKIA LUMIA 1020...i love windows os but not as much as android i mean windows is not alternative to pro camera best camera app/lag free windows/more camera centric apps/41MP camera sensor at low cost.   so why i think WINDOWS is miss from 3yrs. 1) Many people think Microsoft only develop Windows/office/skype.they dont have knowledge about outlook/onedrive/onenote. 2) people who work at IT sectors they just think outlook is used for lync. 3) many sites show log in with gmail account but none show outlook account..some sites display log in with microsoft account(confusion  4) in these three years microsoft just copied os features from here and there which all did(iam not complaining about that) iam complaning about if they r going to copy why not 3yrs back.. 5) universal app one kernel one core yes good idea/good output but y microsoft didnt find a way to port all xbox games to windows phone or other windows devices easily? 6) y microsoft didnt found a way to convert all .exe files to app? 7) surface pro 2 was flop but surface pro 3 was success because it runs full windows where as surface 2 runs only app store which doesnt have much apps. 8) most confused portfolio its not about names its about pricing....if they are going to upgrading a handset which is not completly soldout they must call back remaining handsets recycle it and create upgrade. 9) they should not release handsets like lumia 540 along with lumia 640 where lumia 540 cost more than 640 but 640 have freebies + best hardware + low cost. 10) microsoft must sell handsets for less profit margin and maintain initial price tag for min 6 to 7 months and upgrade the model every yr. 11) release a model for all online retailers instead of flipkart exclusive(lumia 640). 12) Microsoft is trying to play like android in apple way..microsft have their own confused all price segment handsets like apple(ya ya only iphone with ios8 that is their portfolio) but want all oems to support their windows os like android..come on first make your portfolio worth and ask android oems to install your services including outlook in all their android devices.(like you did with S6). 13) microsft should stop concentrating only on usa and start learning about market for eg: india if people understand about microsoft services including outlook and apps in store(as people think windows store dont have alot number of apps which is true but they dont know they can find all daily usable apps).many indians dont use instagram/snapchat have all daily apps but lack in quality apps which is not big issue for indians. 14) Microsoft must release all devices in all markets but they should learn about market and decrease volumes of devices they ship in each market. 15) apart from increasing hardware they must include every feature/hardware which is in their counterparts like samsung heart rate monitor + iphone 6 slow motion capture + wow factor(this time it might be iris scanner). 16) advertise more advertise about flagship/wow factor/and other features which are copied from samsung but didnt adertised by samsung like heart rate monitor this time...dont advertise anything which is copied from apple. 17) two flagship a year release 1020 successor at time frame of samsung galaxy S successor and 930 successor along with iphone successor 940XL along with samsung galaxy note successor because bloggers/youtubers give attention to windows... indirectly people give attention to windows.......may be they buy. 18) update windows mobile os with new features every year like google or apple. Iam going to buy new smartphone in dec 2016 ... hope i buy windows... if they release lumia 1020 sucessor with latest hardware + counterparts useful features + wow factor + advanced camera grip + wireless charging inbuilt + wireless charging pad + treasure tag successor + power bank + premium build materials everything bundled for < $660........then i may buy it.
  • Thanks for a great article!
  • i think this makes sense  1) nadella mobile first cloud first. 2) terry lumia head. 3) trying windows 10 on xiaomi mi4.   i think Microsoft going on cyanogen path with windows mobile os..
  • Daniel I have read many many of your articles and at most they are very good. But every now and then you are a little too cocky, arrogant and a bit of an over the top Windows Mobile Boy, which is totally frustrating, but at the same time, not a bad thing for the platform as it shows that you have it's back. Today I read this article and was well impressed by the information and writing style. Totally great article Daniel, and yes it not all doom and gloom at Windows Mobile (formally WP!) PS i adore WP and my ageing 925 but seriously need an upgrade, nothing has interested me since 2013, that's really bad, but the next gen phones are a comin, exciting times :)
  • Dang it, it is sweet when one reads this type of article from a thinking man. Keep up the good Job Mr. D
  • I don't think Windows Phone (Mobile) is going anywhere either, especially due to the extent they'll be pushing Continuum. I also think they should simplify the Lumia offering to three phones: 1 high-end, 1 mid-tier, and 1 low-end, for the different carriers, then make carrier unlocked versions all with dual-sim capability. Also, they really need a spectacular super high-end flagship device - Surface Phone (Mobile, whatever). This phone should have the very latest high-end processor, 32GB/64GB/128GB storage with MicroSD, 3GB or 4GB RAM, 5.5" (or so) QHD display with minimal bezel (can be done and kept at a realistic size overall), wrapped up nice and tidy in the amazingly awesome VaperMG with a small kickstand just like the Surface 3/Pro 3. It could almost be the same thickness as the Surface 3 and I wouldn't give a rip. That would be the phone I'd choose over the iPhone and over any Android, over and over again. I wouldn't even think twice about it; it'd be an automatic buy! And, I think others would but it too. Especially all those that have Windows PC's and/or Surface Tablets that continue to use iPhone or Android because there isn't anything really compelling on the Windows Phone side. The last really decent or good device from Microsoft (Nokia at the time) was the 928 overseas or the Icon for Verizon. The Lumia 1520 was, and is, really good also, but it's wrapped in plastic and nuetered by AT&T with their wireless charging and 16GB debacle. I was fortunate enough to get the 1520.3 from NewEgg when they had a few. Just my 2 cents, but I think others would agree. J.
  • What's this myserious "Microsoft Band" I keep hearing about?  It sounds like something Microsoft could make some money off, but since they're not actually making it available, it must be just a dream.
  • Não vejo a hora de chegar ao Brasil o Lumia 1530 !!! 
  • I love you Daniel.... great article! VIVA Microsoft! VIVA Technology
  • Surface Pro FOUR? On your mark, get set...I'm broke. Especially if it's fanless.  The joy of being newly single is I don't have to explain my impulse purchases to anyone.
  • So, basically, the gist I get from this piece:  Microsoft and Satya Nadella will hold off on decisions about their mobile hardware arm, until after the release of Windows 10 Mobile, and will give it a few quarters to see how their Lumia devices perform. If by this time next year, the proposed Lumia 940 line barely even makes a dent, or a ripple, it isn't far fetched to see Microsoft fold up their Lumia hardware division.
  • Cityman on Verizon would take my Icon to my kids pocket.  Looking forward to the new OS on a new phone.  If it isn't on Verizon I'll move to AT&T but hope as others do that the new phones will be on all carriers or at least the top two.   Absolutely agree that the "hard choices" have been made and executed for now and the vision that Microsoft has of the same software on different devices is within their grasp.  The utility of Windows 8 was not apparent until they made the decision to make the Surface.  I hope that they will continue to shape the future of computing by building the hardware that it is performed on.
  • Unfortunately I had to give up my Lumina 950XL for a "clunky" Galaxy S7. iPhone and especially Android developers did not take advantage of Microsoft's "Easy" migration paths and port their apps to Windows phone. After several years I finally had to switch to Android for essential apps not available on the Windows phone. In my opnion the success or failure of a new line of windows phone is dependent on support from developers and businesses willing to port their applications. When I see a "Microsoft Store" icon next to "iTunes" and "Play Store" icons for a majority of the apps advertised I will gladly go back to a Windows phone.