10 things we learned about the next chapter of Windows 10

What did we learn about Windows 10 from Microsoft's latest event? A whole lot, as it happens

The dust has settled but the excitement hasn't died down – and probably won't for a long time to come. Microsoft has delivered its "Windows 10: The next chapter" event out at its campus in Redmond and it didn't disappoint. Going into it we had only ideas at what we might see, but there were a whole lot of things that we weren't ready for.

There was a lot to take in during the presentation, but already there are some parts of it that stand above the others. We learned a lot about Windows 10 the platform, the future, and even saw some hot new hardware.

So, here's 10 things we learned about the next chapter of Windows 10.

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade

Windows 10 free upgrades

For the first year after launch, Microsoft will offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade. But not just to owners of Windows 8.1. No, instead, Microsoft's free upgrade path goes right back to Windows 7. So you'll be able to get to Windows 10 on your smartphone, tablet and PC without spending a penny.

Don't expect limited support, either. Microsoft has promised that you'll get updates for supported the lifetime of your device.

Cortana is coming to the desktop

Cortana for Windows 10

Having been seen in a very, very early state thanks to some leakage, we already had a good idea that we'd be seeing Cortana on the desktop. But now it's absolutely official, she's coming, and she's bringing some desktop specific features like:

  • Searching files on local storage hard drives, OneDrive and OneDrive for business
  • Search through photos using dates and other filters ("Show me photos from December")
  • Everything is tuned for muscle memory
  • Cortana understands apps on the local device, as well as content in the Windows Store
  • Dictate to send emails, much like firing off SMS on Windows Phones

Cortana will sit right next to the start button for easy access and has the promise of being every bit as wonderful as we ever hoped for. Find out more at the link below.

We (sort of) know how Windows 10 will look on phones

Windows 10 for phones

While this part of the demo was a little disappointing for some – because we didn't see that much – we did get our first, proper look at Windows 10 on a phone. We also know that it'll just be called Windows 10. Not Windows Mobile, not Windows Phone, just, Windows 10.

So, we saw the Start Screen, and the solid black or white backgrounds of old are no more. It looks like we'll be able to change it up for some custom images just as we already can on Windows 8.1 and Xbox One. There's also a new Action Center that syncs with your PC and have expandable quick settings, a movable keyboard, messaging improvements and more.

There will be a Technical Preview for phones beginning February, or more specifically, sometime "after the Seahawks win the Super Bowl."

There will be a host of new, universal apps

Windows 10 Photos app

One of the big deals in Windows 10 is the support for universal apps that run across phone, tablet, PC and even Xbox One. We did get an early look at some of these apps, including Outlook and a brand new Photos app.

Outlook will use the full Word rendering engine and be full of gesture actions as well as color coding in the calendar. The new Photos app has in-built auto-editing as well as the ability to be smart enough to help you de-clutter your photo collection. It'll combine both your local photos and your OneDrive stored photos and will delete any duplicates. It'll sync from your phone up to OneDrive then back down to your PC.

Besides these, we'll also get new People, Maps and Music apps. The Music app will support OneDrive cloud streaming in the future while Maps will have Cortana integration. People will aggregate your family and friends as well as allow you to make Skype calls from within.

Touch-friendly office for Windows is a real thing for Windows 10

Office for Windows 10

Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 users have rightly felt a little left out when it comes to a touch-friendly version of Microsoft Office. We saw early previews of Word and Powerpoint during the presentation and the mobile versions for Windows 10 have been completely redesigned from the ground up compared to what we currently have.

Some of the great new features we'll also get in mobile Office include hardware accelerated PowerPoint transitions, Miracast broadcasting and even wireless printing as well as a new reflow page layout that makes it easier to view your documents on a small screen. But it'll still be instantly familiar to anyone who's ever used an Office product before.

Project Spartan is the new Windows 10 browser

Project Spartan

Without divulging a final name, Microsoft did show off its brand spanking new web browser for Windows 10, Project Spartan. It has a whole new look and feel for Windows 10 over previous Internet Explorer browsers, an all new rendering engine and built in Cortana support.

It's got some pretty neat tricks up its sleeve too, like an impressive looking reading mode that also supports PDFs, as well as a note-taking mode that lets you scribble all over a webpage and then share or save it to OneNote. Cortana will be built into the address bar, and will display results for you in a sidebar next to your main browser window.

Windows 10 gaming gets an Xbox sized supercharge

Xbox app on Windows 10

Xbox. On Windows 10. Just that alone is enough to get gaming fans excited, and with Xbox's Phil Spencer pre-announced as one of the speakers, the excitement had been building up before the event. First up is the news of a brand new Xbox app for Windows 10 that gives us not only access to the social aspects of Xbox Live such as messages, it also gives us a Game DVR and the ability to break down the barriers of PC and Xbox gaming.

Fable Legends will be coming to both Windows 10 and Xbox One later this year and gamers on both PC and console will be able to game together, seamlessly. Game DVR will operate much the same as it does on Xbox One, allowing you to automatically capture the last 30 seconds of game footage and share them to OneDrive. Oh, and it'll also work with Steam games. Pretty neat.

Then a little feature called game streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Oh yes. With Windows 10 you'll be able to take your Surface Pro 3 with you to the bathroom and play Halo 5 on the toilet. And that's, well that's pretty incredible.

Windows 10 will bring universal apps to Xbox One

Windows 10 and Xbox One

No, not office. You won't be doing spreadsheets on your Xbox One, but Windows 10 will definitely open the door to new developers to get apps onto your console. Gaming will remain the focus, as well it should, but since apps will run across phone, tablet, PC and Xbox, it opens up a whole new avenue for app developers.

There are so many possibilities this opens up, so many apps you might want to use the TV for instead of a smaller screen. We're told to expect more on this at the Game Developers Conference in March, so we'll be paying close attention to that.

  • Windows 10 will enable developers to bring new apps to Xbox One

The Surface Hub is a giant, 4K Windows 10 'tablet'

Surface Hub

Calling the Surface Hub a tablet is probably understating it. What it is, is an 84-inch, 4K Windows 10 device aimed at the enterprise customer. Besides being a full Windows computer it's got a whole bunch of sensors, pen support, NFC, cameras, microphones. Content can be shared from both wired and wireless connected devices.

It's not going to be for Average Joe. But that doesn't make it any less awesome. Or any less expensive, for that matter. While Microsoft didn't discuss pricing, a 4K TV at this size would cost several thousands of dollars.

HoloLens is a Windows 10 computer for your head


In a completely unexpected announcement, Microsoft showed off HoloLens, a headset running a holographic version of Windows 10. If you asked anyone, literally anyone, before the event what they were expecting to see, this wouldn't have even been a glint in the eye. Microsoft developed the project "hiding in plain sight" beneath the Visitors Center at the Redmond campus. And it didn't leak once.

It's crazy powerful considering what it is and how much data it's processing at any one time, and truly opens up Windows 10 to a whole new dimension. It's supposed to launch "within the Windows 10 timeframe," whatever that really means, but we know one thing for sure. It'll let you walk on Mars and go inside your Minecraft creations. OK, not just that, but to say it looks phenomenal would be an understatement.

The future of computing is here.

Bonus number 11: There will be a Windows 10 flagship smartphone

Microsoft didn't say when. Or what. But what was confirmed is that there will be a "flagship smartphone" launched in 2015 for Windows 10.

So, that's the bulk of what we learned from the Redmond event. With GDC, MWC and Build all happening before the end of May, the Windows 10 news shows no sign of slowing down. And we can't wait for the next, "the next chapter."

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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    I was hoping for an active live tiles especially for music tile so I can control it from my start screen
    I was disappointed after watching that mostly the change was in the look
    I hope that my voice would be heard through windows central
  • Your voice will be heard thru the insider program (when available.) there is still a long time until the final release and that is why they didn't spend much time on details - still much to be decided.
  • Well what your not understanding like alot of WP fans. Is just like windows 10 for PC when they first showed it and let insiders use it it was missing alot a features that they added in later builds and are still adding them in new builds. So the same goes for windows 10 for phone this is just the initial build the beta in February there release it to the windows insider program and just like Windows 10 for PC will add features in later builds and they will use are feedback to help shape it so instead of bitching why don't you wait till February download windows 10 for phone and then let Microsoft know what you like and what features you would like them to add they may not add all your ideas but you never know maybe a few will make there way into the finale build. It's alot better then whining about what's missing in what everybody knows is a beta build not a finale version.
  • How in the world did you infer all of that from the incredibly brief glimpse we got of the phone? It would make more sense for you to install the preview when it's available before going down a long gloomy list of what you assume is missing.
  • Remember, like everyone else has probably told you, this is just what they have completed so far, it's not 100 percent done. Use the dev preview and give feedback. They do listen to it, trust me. They most likely didn't show off a lot of features on purpose because they want users to discover those features on their own, because it intrigues them more than just having somebody say "oh look what you can do here". People get more interested in a product when they discover those features on their own, not when they're guided through it in baby steps. For instance the new little cursor nub in the keyboard like the ones you find on Lenovos. Belfiore didn't mention that once in the presentation (at least I don't think he did.) If he left that out, imagine what other features he left out.
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  • it can still be a different experience between devices
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  • that phone is part of all windows phone 8 devices, so yeah
  • Finally I can completely sync my devices. Presently, if I do that, the black background of the phone would replace the background on tablets.
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  • Dictate to send emails! Brilliant! Hope my workplace upgrade from 7 to 10!
  • Regarding xbox games streaming to PC....can I have a friend playing on my xbox, and I'd play with him on my PC?
  • If the game supports cross platform then yes.
  • Sign Up now for the Freee Ugrade. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/about?ocid=WIN10_0_WOL_Her...  
  • Didn't show me anything
  • I want to see this phone!
  • I was kind off hoping for some news about ARM based tablets and the amount of Windows functionality we can see on them. My Surface RT will no doubt now need to be replaced. Brilliant.
  • Am I wrong? It means that Windows phone 7 users also will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 ?
  • No. It never said that.
  • The webpage for Windows 10 http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/about says Windows RT/RT 8.1 are not qualified for free upgrade to Windows 10. Can WC reach out to MSFT and confirm that this platform and current devices will no longer be supported?
  • @Eric_pepin I had a feeling we would be left behind. I even spoke to a Microsoft employee over their web chat (on Microsoft website) to find out if we would be shit on. He told me that Microsoft would not abandon a device and I would be getting it. Seems that they have now gone back on their word. All this about W10 for phones and W10 for laptops/ desktops, what about the customers who forked out for an original Surface RT? are we not important customers anymore?
  • I think you're misunderstanding. You can't install your own OS on a phone or rt tablet. So even after a year it would be a free upgrade. Therefore rt doesn't qualify you to get a Windows 10 installation key. It will just come in as an update. Just wait and see before you freak out.
  • This means that when I update my Windows Phone 8 to 10, after 1 year, I'll have to pay for it?
  • No, just that you have a one year free period within which thou install, after which you pay.
  • I don't think phone will ever require you to pay.
  • Support for openvpn???
  • I'm not so excited about a flagship anymore. I just want windows on my 1520.
  • Maybe you can change the name of the device, so you can say "Hey Xbox" or "Hey Phone"
  • universal apps to Xbox One. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, One drive, dropbox, LinkedIn, OneNote, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Vimeo, YouTube, 6Snap(Hi), Twitter, Netflix, HBO+++. It might be good to have. 
  • Youtube? If only.
  • I just curious as to whether Microsoft has just hidden a Surface Ultrabook in front of our eyes like they did with the Surface Hub. I'm referring to the laptop used in the mockups http://www.windowscentral.com/sites/wpcentral.com/files/styles/large/public/field/image/2015/01/windows-10-universal-spartan.jpg?itok=SfgEkoZ4
  • I don't know with term of universal apps here, does it mean I can download the app that can't be downloaded in 512 MB RAM ?
  • Are we going to be able to play xbox games wirelessly with a phone like the 1520?
  • I don't think so. I think I heard something about only PCs and tablets having that capability.
  • Is there a forum for rumors about Windows 11?
  • On the 1520 windows 10 image.... I have a 1520 and it doesn't look like that. The bottom navigation buttons are different and the corners of the phone in the photo are slightly rounded, not pointy.... So what phone is that?
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  • Oh.  Windows Central is turning into one of those slideshow websites?  No thanks.
  • This is a new format for large, list like posts such as this that we're trying. It's actually smoother and faster than existing posts. If you don't want to see the slideshow you hit the see all button and get it all in one giant list again. And in the app it makes no difference either way.
  • So i have 1520 att and what happens if I just skip denim and go 4 w10 if it preview build release before denim , do all cool camera stuffs will be on w10 or I will lost them for good . I very excited to try this but att has show nothing about denim update schedule yet :/
  • I'm really not sure I like the look of background images behind my tiles. Really hope that's a setting...
  • "The Music app will support OneDrive cloud streaming in the future." Will this be free? Or will we have to purchase the Xbox Music Pass or whatever it's called? A new flagship? Wish I had held off on getting my HTC One! @__@
  • Funniest bit:  Microsoft didn't say when. Or what. But what was confirmed is that there will be a "flagship smartphone" launched in 2015 for Windows 10.
  • For smart mobile... free update, compressive data browser, cortana, touch based office, xbox gaming, apps... all are good, but develop theme based interface is needed for diffenent type of individuals.