One of the big knocks on Windows Phone 7 has been the shortage of applications in the Marketplace when compared to Apple’s App Store. As we’ve reported several times, Microsoft is doing everything in their power to make developers successful on Windows Phone 7. Training, conferences, free developer tools, familiar programming languages, free e-books, documentation, financial guarantees, and contests have all been used to try and encourage developers to make their best apps available on the fledgling platform.

Microsoft is now going above and beyond to promote the applications that developers have already brought to the Marketplace in anticipation of the Holiday season. We’ve already discussed Bing Visual Search for Windows Phone 7 Apps, which makes it quick and easy to find software for your phone from any computer. An additional push is being made with advertising in the Xbox dashboard on Xbox 360 console, utilizing an established customer base to expand the popularity of the platform. Microsoft is also featuring specific apps within the Marketplace and on

One thing is for sure, Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to establish Windows Phone 7 as one of the premier smart-phone platforms on the market.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog