Microsoft puts the spotlight on apps with Surface Dial support

Since Microsoft first announced its unique Surface Dial accessory alongside the Surface Studio last fall, full support has been limited to a relatively small pool of apps. Now, just a day ahead of the Windows 10 Creators Update's full release, Microsoft has taken to a new blog post to highlight a handful of apps that support the Surface Dial, including a couple of new additions.

The two newbies to the lineup include Algoriddim's djay Pro — which we've already highlighted — and CorelDRAW. Both leverage the Surface Dial in unique ways, with djay Pro in particular allowing for the input accessory to control scratching, scrubbing, fine-tune knob adjustments and much more. CorelDRAW, meanwhile, uses the Surface Dial to give you quick access to the tools needed to speed up your design workflow.

Microsoft also took a moment to highlight some other popular apps that have added support for the accessory since launch, including Sketchable and AutoDesk Sketchbook. Adobe's Premiere Pro CC is also gearing up to add support for Surface Dial for "shuttling through clips and sequences with precision frame selection and immediate stop and start of playback" and more.

Those are only a small sampling of some of the apps that support the Surface Dial, but they show off some of the unique interactions app developers can implement. It will definitely be interesting to see what other ways developers might tap into the Dial's capabilities as support continues to roll out.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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