I'm a simple man. There are few things in this wide world that I love more than gadgets, coffee, and beer. I love me some slick Surface hardware. I adore a good pourover made from freshly-roasted Kenyan beans. And I never pass up a well-aged Belgian lambic. And fancy beverages deserve fancy glassware, or as we beer geeks call it, "Proper Glassware." If there was ever such a thing as proper glassware for Microsoft Surface users who love java, this is it.

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Surface coffee mugs?

Some Surface Pro marketing images caught my eye earlier this year, when I spotted a very familiar mug from the tiny Oakland, Calif.-based pottery house Atelier Dion. I had purchased the very same mug, albeit in a different color, at my favorite San Francisco coffee shop, Sight Glass, last year. And it's so distinctive that I recognized it in Microsoft's Surface Pro imagery immediately.

I'm a big fan of Atelier Dion — I've since purchased two more of the company's mugs — and it appears that someone in Microsoft's marketing department or photo team is too. Another style of Atelier Dion mug recently appeared in Microsoft's new Surface Book 2 marketing photography.

Both mugs are beautifully and flawlessly handmade, but perhaps the coolest thing about them is that they come in a number of different colors, including some shades that match the Surface color lineup nearly perfectly. And I can't help but think both mugs would pair particularly well with Microsoft's old "Surface coffee table."

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They're not cheap, at $25 and $42 each (plus shipping), and they're made in very small numbers and often sell out. But my Surface-gray Atelier Dion mug is my favorite coffee cup ever, and I have different types of mugs from roasters and coffee shops all over the U.S. (I know, I'm a total nerd.)

If you're a big Surface fan, like many of us on Team Windows Central, and you're in the market for a new coffee mug (or maybe even a gift for a coffee-loving Surface user in your life), you could definitely do worse than a cup from Atelier Dion.

See at Atelier Dion

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