Microsoft's $50 Arc Mouse is an excellent accessory for the Surface Pro 8 or Go 3

Surface Arc Mouse
Surface Arc Mouse (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's Arc Mouse is on sale for just under $50 right now from Walmart. It's a great accessory for Microsoft's new Surface devices, such as the Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop Studio, or Surface Go 3. It also pairs well with older Surface hardware, thanks to its compact design. The Microsoft Arc Mouse can fold down into a minuscule sliver that can easily slot into a bag or pocket. You can then pop up the mouse to create a curved body that contours your hand.

Walmart has the black Microsoft Arc Mouse on sale for $50 right now. If you want to get the mouse in different colors, it's worth checking out at other retailers. Microsoft has the Soft Pink model for $53 and the Lilac version for $59. The similarly designed Surface Arc Mouse is also available from Microsoft in several colors starting at $56.

The Microsoft Arc Mouse connects through Bluetooth, so it will work wirelessly with all Surface devices. It doesn't require a dongle, helping keep its footprint small. The mouse weighs just 2.91 ounces (82.5 grams). At its thickest (when folded flat), the mouse is 14.22 mm thick, but it significantly tapers after you get past the part that stores its AAA batteries.

Despite its compact design, the Microsoft Arc Mouse supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling. The mouse has a full scroll plane where your finger rests. To help save battery life, the Microsoft Arc Mouse powers down when you fold it flat.

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is one of the best Surface Pro accessories, but if you'd like something a bit heftier, you can check out our list of the best mice. The Microsoft Arc Mouse is convenient and compact, but you'll probably want something more robust for a permanent desk setup.

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  • I personally think these are great and worth the $70 original price if you are on the road a lot. Slips into a pocket in your bag like nothing. Surprisingly robust. The touchpad-like area takes a bit to get used to (specifically, right-click) but it's a great mouse. $50 is a great price.
  • Yeah, it's a touchpad isn't it, so e.g. to scroll you need two fingers. Can you middle click with three?
    I was tempted by these when I bought my Surface Go because the industrial design is really great but felt I wouldn't get on with touchpad-iness merged with a "real mouse" so ended up going with a boring Surface Mobile Mouse instead.
  • "Yeah, it's a touchpad isn't it, so e.g. to scroll you need two fingers." No, it's not an actual touchpad, it just uses touchpad tech (it's touch sensitive). You use one finger to scroll like with a mouse wheel. "Can you middle click with three?" Yes you can! But if you had doubts about the ergos it was probably best you went with a traditional mouse design, unless you really do need that super-flat folding design (I certainly did before Covid).
  • I have two of these. I have the original grey one from when I had a Surface 3 and then I got a burgundy one with the improved design with my Surface Pro 5. They aren't something that you'd choose to use all the time if you worked at a regular desk but they're very easy to transport and perfectly serviceable to use if you are mobile.