Now, more than ever, going to school requires students to have technology. Once you've picked out your new laptop, you'll need some extra gear to go with it. Whether it's transferring files for a class or enjoying some videos or music during breaks, the right tools can make all the difference for using your laptop at school.

Adding more ports: Anker USB C Hub

Laptops are getting thinner and lighter, but they also often have a limited number of ports. This USB-C hub turns one USB-C port into three USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, and an Ethernet port. It has 5Gbps data transfer speeds and supports 1Gbps internet connection through the Ethernet.

Study in silence: Bose QC35II

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These noise-canceling headphones will help you study in silence, sleep on the plane to college, and bump out high-quality audio for music or gaming. They're lightweight, comfortable, have good battery life, and can connect with Bluetooth, so you don't have to deal with any wires. They are pricey, but they deliver an excellent audio experience.

Meco Usb C Usb

Versatile storage: MECO USB-C+USB 3.0 Dual Drive

While many files are stored on the cloud, it's always good to have a physical flash drive for transferring and storing files. This drive is waterproof, can attach to a keychain, and works with both USB-C and USB 3.0 so you can move files between just about any computer.

$18 at Amazon

Increasing ports: Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub

Many laptops don't have a USB-C port, so you'll need to use a device like this USB 3.0 hub to add more ports to your laptop. It supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps and has four USB ports. It's also a great way to set up a mouse, keyboard, and other accessories at your desk instead of having to plug in a bunch of accessories every time you sit down.

$15 at Amazon
Ravpower 80w Charger

Charging up: RAVPower 80W AC Outlet Power Bank 20000mAh

You can't get any work done with a dead laptop. This power bank supports 80W charging and has a traditional plug socket so you can use power bricks and traditional plugs needed to charge many devices. It also has a USB-C plug (5v/3A) and a USB plug (5V/2.4A) for other devices.

$87 at Amazon
Western Digital My Passport

Storing those files: Western Digital My Passport

This external hard drive comes in sizes up to 5TB, so you'll be able to store all of your files. It isn't as fast as an SSD, but it's read and write speeds, which are in the 130MB/s range, should be more than enough for most people.

Travel in style: Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

This laptop bag can hold laptops up to 15 inches and is available in 37 different styles so it can fit into just about any student's setup. It has a padded fleece laptop sleeve, enough room for books and electronics, and has a hidden media pocket. It closes up with drawstrings and can be secured with a magnetic strap.

$75 at Amazon

A photographer's friend: Anker 2-in-1 USB 3.0 Portable Card Reader

If you're capturing some memories while at school, there's a good chance that your camera will use an SD or microSD card. This card reader is affordable and supports both microSD and SD cards. It can transfer files at speeds up to 5Gbps, so you'll be able to transfer large photos and videos quickly.

$13 at Amazon

Convenient cable: Anker Thunderbolt 3.0 Cable

It seems like someone is always on the hunt for a cable at school. This USB-C to USB-C cable supports 100W charging and 40 Gbps data transfer speeds, so whether someone needs to charge their device or move files quickly, it can handle it. As a bonus, many devices use USB-C, including phones, tablets, and laptops.

$30 at Amazon

Budget printing: HP OfficeJet 3830

While a lot of classwork and homework is done digitally, sometimes, you need to print things out. This printer supports Wi-Fi, the HP ePrint app, and AirPrint, so it's easy to use with several devices.

The ones to get

Using a laptop at school makes it easy to take notes, enjoy media, and get work done. To make the most of your new laptop, you'll need some accessories that help it fulfill its potential. You can also check out our collection of the best Windows laptops if you're on the hunt for a new device.

If you want to study in silence or enjoy music and media content from your laptop, you should grab a pair of Bose QC35II. They're a great pair of headphones in general and are an especially nice for students trying to focus in busy areas. They're, unfortunately, expensive, but if you can afford them or find them on sale, they're absolutely worth the price.

The MECO 2-in-1 USB-C and USB 3.0 drive is an excellent addition to any student's bag or keychain. It allows you to transfer files to and from devices that have USB 3.0 ports and USB-C ports. That means you can grab a file from a newer phone or iPad, pop it onto your PC, or snag a file from your friend's laptop with a USB 3.0 port and put it onto your PC that only has a USB-C port.

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