Best Buy has plenty of great deals of the day going on right now. One of the featured deals is the Razer Gigantus V2 3XL mouse pad. It's down to just $34.99 today, which is a $15 discount off its regular price. Amazon has also price-matched this deal so you can find it there as well. It has never gone for this low on Amazon or Best Buy, so it's a great deal.

Razer Gigantus V

Razer Gigantus V2 3XL cloth gaming mouse pad | $15 off

This is one of the larger versions of the Razer Gigantus, and it's big enough for your mouse, your keyboard, and more. It's made with a textured micro-weave cloth. It looks great and feels smooth when using your mouse.

The mouse pad is designed for low-sensitivity playstyles. As you adjust your sensitivity for different games, you'll find your wrist doing a lot more of the action than the mouse itself. Unfortunately, these actions can be limited by the size of the mouse pad, which would otherwise cause you to have to reposition your mouse anytime it falls off the edge or comes close to it. When the Gigantus V2 was first announced it came in multiple sizes, but only the 3XL is on sale today, and that's a huge mouse pad. As you work with different sensitivities, you shouldn't worry too much about even coming close to the edge of the pad or having to reposition, helping you become a better gamer in the process.

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The Gigantus V2 features a micro-weave textured surface for precise pixel tracking, but it's also soft enough to cushgion your wrist and prevent unnecessary discomfort. The bottom has a non-slip base so it will stay in place even when you're panicking and trying to fight 1v5.

The whole mat is 4mm thick and made with a high-density rubber foam. The thickness and material helps the pad to stay even if you happen to use it on an uneven surface. You get a uniform and flat surface to use that provides a sturdy foundation for your mouse.

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