Our Daniel Rubino helps run through the basics of Windows 11 with CBS

Windows 11 Start Surfacepro Lighting
Windows 11 Start Surfacepro Lighting (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Our executive editor Daniel Rubino joined CBS to talk about Windows 11.
  • The segment runs through the basics of the operating system and helps people understand broader topics related to the OS.
  • It also focuses on Android apps coming to Windows 11.

With Windows 11 being announced, there's plenty to catch up on. Learning minimum requirements, new features, visual changes, and determining if your PC will even get the operating system can be a bit much. While some tech-savvy folks may have read up on everything there is to know about Windows 11, others are just hearing about the operating system. Our executive editor Daniel Rubino jumped on with CBS recently to discuss the basics of Windows 11.

The segment is mostly technology reporter Dan Patterson talking about the new OS. Rubino comes in around midway through the video. His segment goes through how TPM plays a role in stopping security vulnerabilities.

"When you boot up the operating system, it verifies that you're getting only Windows and checks that nothing was injected on the [operating system], like ransomware," said Rubino. Later in the segment, he explains how data stored for passwords is kept locally, "That information never goes to the cloud. It's stored on that chip and can never be back."

Rubino spoke with CBS for longer than the segment shown and shared some other quotes about Windows 11 that are in a written article.

Speaking of Windows 11 running Android apps, he said, "I almost look at this as a flex by Microsoft, that they could just do it because they can. It also reflects a new philosophy that you're going to be able to run anything on Windows 11. You want a Windows app, regardless if it's Android, if it's old or new, it shouldn't break any compatibility ... It's going to be just an option for people — it's about choice."

If you'd like to see Rubino talk about Windows 11 in more depth, make sure to check out the latest episode of the Windows Central Podcast.

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  • Awesome job. And mass interest in Windows again is a good sign for MS. W11 looks like a bit of a PR coup on the consumer front.
  • Great but where is the new Mail our Daniel mentioned?
  • New inbox apps are due later this summer/fall before release. Zac has an article talking about the new Mail app coming soon.
  • **** you *******
  • Did she really ask if Windows 11 is compatible with Mac-laptops?! (facepalm)
  • That’s because women/girls aren’t well versed or interested in computers as men/boys are.
  • @maktaba That's a sweeping and sexist generalisation 🤦‍♂️. There are plenty of women/girls who are more tech savy than most men/boys.
  • @Bl4ckSunr1se she could be referring to Bootcamp or Parallels or both. You need to think about the general address that watches the news as not everyone is tech savy. If everyone was - Apple would have gone bankrupt again decades ago (yes, I know they almost did until Microsoft bailed them out).
  • Congratulations Daniel! It is good to see a major media outlet like CBS covering Windows 11. I think their focus on security is justified.
  • Hey Daniel, I've one question. Is there any change to volume indicator/controller (the one that pops out when you increase or decrease volume using physical buttons) yet?
  • Not yet: