Razer's BlackWidow Elite mechanical keyboard has hit its lowest price of the year at $100

Blackwidow Elite Chroma
Blackwidow Elite Chroma (Image credit: Amazon)

The Razer BladeWidow Elite RGB Chroma mechanical gaming keyboard has dropped to $99.99 on Amazon. This keyboard normally sells for around $130 or more. Today's drop is the second best price we've ever seen with only a drop during last year's holiday shopping season beating it out.

The deal actually applies to other versions of the keyboard, too. The one above has Green mechanical switches, but you can also get Yellow mechanical switches for the same price. The price is also matched at Best Buy.

Razer BladeWidow Elite RGB Chroma mechanical gaming keyboard

Razer BladeWidow Elite RGB Chroma mechanical gaming keyboard

The BlackWidow Elite uses Razer's Green mechanical switches, which are clicky and feel great. They are ideal for typing or gaming and give you supreme accuracy. Razer Chroma gives you fully customizable lighting. Also has full macro support.

The BlackWidow Elite uses Razer's Green mechnical switches. These only require 50G of actuation force and leave you with great tactile feedback and an audible clicky noise. Mechanical switches like this are great for typing or gaming or any other activity that requires a great deal of speed and accuracy. They are all about precision, and mechanical switches feel much better than other types of keyboards.

You'll also be able to fully customize this keyboard. For example, Razer Chroma gives you full RGB lighting on your keyboard but in a fun and unique way. Razer Chroma can actually sync your lighting effects with other Razer gear and even some third-party products like Philips Hue. Sync your keyboard to the game you're playing and get amazing lighting that matches what you're playing. With the individually backlit keys, you'll be able to choose from an entire spectrum of millions of colors.

There is also fully programmable macro support. Razer's Hypershift feature lets you remap complex commands using all keys and keystroke combinations. You'll be able to use Razer's software to customize this and the lighting.

The keyboard also comes with an ergonomic, magnetic wrist rest made of plush leatherette. The top plate is made with military-grade metal and is designed to last for years. The keyboard is compatible with most computers, but it also works with the Xbox One for basic input.

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