Save $15 on the affordable and lightweight Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse

Cooler Master Black Mouse
Cooler Master Black Mouse (Image credit: Amazon)

The Cooler Master MM710 is an ultra lightweight gaming mouse, and the Matte White version has dropped to $29.99 at Amazon for the first time. This is the lowest price ever on the white version of the mouse, and we've never seen it drop below $40 before. It has been selling for closer to $50 for most of the year, too. You can find the black version also going for the same price. That's the lowest price ever on the black MM710, but it has hit that low a couple times in the past. Still a good deal, though.

Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse | $15 off

Cooler Master MM710 gaming mouse | $15 off

Uses a unique honeycomb shell that's both durable and light. The ultra-weave cable also helps reduce weight and cable pull. Has gaming-grade optical sensor with adjustable 16,000 DPI. Ergonomic and designed to be ambidextrous.

We reviewed the MM710 a couple years ago when it was first introduced and gave it 5 out of 5 stars with a Recommended badge. Brendan Lowry called it "a fantastic mouse you should absolutely pick up. It feels great to use, performs excellently, and is well on the affordable side, too."

This is a mouse so focused on being as ergonomic and lightweight as possible that it forgoes some of the advanced features you might find on other mice like RGB lighting and customizable buttons. That's okay though because this mouse isn't about that life. The unique perforated housing creates a shell around the mouse's internals that doesn't weigh it down. You won't feel any fatigue after using this mouse for a while.

Part of the design includes an ultra-weave cable that is also super lightweight. It's designed to reduce that feeling of cable pull so you don't feel held back by the flexibility of the cord. You'll get a constant glide with the mouse's smooth control and low friction, and you don't want to be struggling against the cable in situations like that.

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