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Save $40 on the Google Nest Audio smart speaker this Black Friday

Google Nest Smart Audio Bookshelf
Google Nest Smart Audio Bookshelf

The price of the Google Nest Audio smart speaker has dropped to $59.99 at several retailers including Best Buy (opens in new tab). This is a $100 speaker and it has not dropped from taht price very much since it was introduced late last year. If there is another retailer you'd prefer to buy from, you can check them too because this seems to be a Black Friday deal from Google, which means you can find this price just about anywhere. You can get this price in five different colors.

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Google Nest Audio smart speaker | $40 off (opens in new tab)

Choose from one of five different colors and get this speaker at one of its best prices ever. It works with all of your other Nest devices and your smart home. Plus, it has great audio that adapts to the room it is in.

This is a great little speaker that will quickly become a companion you keep around the house. It's not just about having a smart system built in, it also has fantastic audio. You essentially get a whole room audio system that's easy to set up and works with the rest of your home. It's compatible with any other Nest speakers or displays you might have, and it can even work with Chromecast-enabled devices. Google makes the whole system simple to put together.

With Google Assistant built right in, you get easy access to all your favorite audio. Play music, listen to podcasts, do whatever you want. The speaker can even adapt to your environment to make the music sound better depending on what room of the house you're in and what you're doing.

Use the speaker to communicate, too. Broadcast a message to other Nest speakers or displays. Turn your smart home into an intercom system and chat between rooms. And, of course, you can still do all the other smart things you already do with Google like check the weather or get the news or dim the lights.

John Levite
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