The Andaseat Christmas sale is going strong, and it's a great chance for you to save on a brand new gaming chair. For example, through the Andaseat website you can get the Dark Demon gaming chair in black and red for just $179.99. That's $250 off its list price and $200 off its street price. Plus, even where the chair is on sale elsewhere it's not nearly as low as what the Andaseat site has.

That's not the only chair on sale, either. Save on the Jungle series or get a T-Pro II gaming chair for a low price. There are plenty of options you'll want to search through.

Andeaseat Dark Demon Red

Andaseat Dark Demon Red gaming chair | $250 off

Give someone the gift of lumbar support for Christmas. This chair can contour to your shape, includes removable support for your head and back, and has adjustable height and armrests.

$179.99 at Andaseat

Read our review of the Dark Demon gaming chair series where we gave it 4 stars out of 5. Robert Carnevale said, "If you want a chair that's aesthetically cohesive, competently constructed, and relatively comfy, the Dark Demon is a chair worth considering."

This is a comfortable chair designed to be both scratch and stain resistant so you can use it without fear of making a mess. It is made with leather and soft PU covered armrests for ultimate comfort even after long gaming sessions. The chair uses 65cm casters that make it highly mobile and able to glide freely on most floors. The Class 4 heavy-duty gas lift helps you easily adjust the settings, too, so you can find the perfect arrangement.

With an aluminum base and a steel framework, this is a durable and sturdy chair that won't quit. It's even covered by a lifetime warranty.

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