With the end of the year fast-approaching, Black Friday promises unmatched deals ahead of the holiday. We've been tracking down the best savings at Windows Central ahead of the weekend, some just too good to resist. We've wrapped up the top items we've bagged so far in 2019.

Smart conversion: Teckin Mini Smart Outlet

Rich Edmonds, Staff Reviewer

Smart outlets were something I laughed at back when they first appeared on the market, but I finally picked up two TECKIN smart outlets (or "plugs" as we like to call them here in the UK) and I'm sold on the concept. Being able to get Alexa to activate or disable connected hardware and lighting without needing to physically touch the outlet is a luxury I aim to spread around the home. And because they're at this discounted price (at least across the pond), I've already ordered a few more.

$17 at Amazon

The speed I need: Samsung 960 EVO SSD

Mauro Huculak, How-To Contributor

My work requires me to test a ton of software, and while virtualization allows me to run multiple instances of different OSes on a single machine, running several virtual machines on a single drive can slow performance significantly. So this year, I'm taking advantage of the Black Friday discounts, and I've bought a few 1TB Samsung 960 EVO SSD (for $110 each on Amazon), which I'm planning to use to create a RAID 0 (for performance, not redundancy) setup to run all my virtual machines in a single storage pool.

$110 at Amazon

Tablet for xCloud: Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Jez Corden, Senior Editor

I recently picked up an Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet for use with Xbox's Project xCloud game streaming service, owing to its price. While the Amazon Fire HD 8 is cheaper, you sacrifice a lot to get down to that price point. The Galaxy Tab A, discounted for Black Friday, makes far fewer compromises, making it a far better option across the board for tablet fans.

$160 at Best Buy

Phantom savings: Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom White

Matt Brown, Staff Writer

With Project xCloud game streaming finally rolling out among testers, I've found myself in need of an additional controller for mobile gaming. Microsoft has cut the cost of almost every Xbox gamepad, including a $30 off its Phantom White special edition finish. That white and translucent gradient offers a design like no other, among the few white controller designs with onboard Bluetooth.

$40 at Microsoft

No power troubles: APC battery backup

Mauro Huculak, How-To Contributor

When it comes to electronics, there's nothing worse than a power outage or an electrical spike that could damage your device. This is the reason I use an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to protect my workstation. Still, you never know when it'll go down, so as part of my Black Friday shopping, this year, I'm grabbing one of the APC UPS BN650M1 battery backup (650VA/350W) to have replacement standby. This particular battery pack usually goes for $80 at Office Depot, but on Black Friday, it'll go on sale for $30.

$30 at Office Depot

The jump to 4K: Apple TV

Al Sacco, VP Editorial

I'm that guy who cut the cord to save money on cable but who ended up buying a bunch of expensive streaming boxes and subscribing to every service, so I now pay more than I did before severing said cord. But I also have tons of stuff to watch! I've had an old Apple TV for years, but it's an injustice to my 4K display. I've wanted to upgrade to Apple TV 4K, but I never had the motivation. The Black Friday discount I found a Walmart wasn't much (about $10 off normal price) but it pushed me over the edge.

$169 at Walmart

Mega deal: Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Zac Bowden, Senior Windows Editor

Grab the best smartphone for Windows users this Black Friday with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This is the closest to a Microsoft-made Android phone you're going to get for now. The device packs the latest and greatest specifications inside a premium build and rocks the latest integrations from Microsoft that improve the Your Phone experience on Windows 10, along with many of Microsoft's apps on Android.

$750 at Amazon

I wanna go fast: Sabrent Rocket 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD

Richard Devine, Reviews Editor

I've been waiting for a deal on the new, blistering-fast PCIe 4.0 SSDs to come around and Black Friday didn't disappoint. The Sabrent Rocket 1TB PCIe 4 drive was reduced to a simply irresistible £150 here in the UK for a single day, so I simply couldn't leave it. Paired with the Ryzen 5 3600X and X570 motherboard I already have, I'll be able to unlock the maximum potential of this little SSD and its performance will blow anything else I've used out of the water.

$159 (with coupon) at Amazon

Echo after Echo: Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

Rich Edmonds, Staff Reviewer

I originally bought an Echo Dot 3rd Gen back when they were on sale and completely revamped the home with a bunch of "smart" tech, including bulbs, sockets, and more. Going all in with the Alexa assistant, the Echo Plus at this discounted price was a must-have to add an Echo downstairs for extended coverage, and the decent sound output also makes it easier to quickly play some tunes while cooking.

$100 at Amazon

Sounding good: Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBB Limited Edition Headphones

Richard Devine, Reviews Editor

I am an embarrassment, frankly, when it comes to events like Black Friday. Probably the highlight of that is my purchase of these headphones. Make no mistake, they're excellent headphones, and I've been a wearer of the M50x for several years now. But that's the point. I already have a pair, I already wear and love a pair. But I don't have the special edition blue and black combo M50x. So with a big enough discount (down to £85 in the UK) Audio Technica got some more of my money. Can someone please hide my wallet now, please?

$125 at Amazon

Listen up: Sony WH-XB900N Wireless Noise Canceling Extra Bass Headphones

Sean Endicott, News Writer

I recently started going to the gym and needed a new pair of headphones. I do weight lifting and low-impact cardio, so I opted for a pair of over-ear headphones rather than a traditional pair of fitness headphones. The Sony WH-XB900N Wireless Noise Canceling Extra Bass Headphones have noise-canceling technology to cover up my gym's music and enough bass to help me feel the rhythm as I work out. They also have touch controls that make it easy to adjust my music while working out.

$148 at Amazon

Guilty lighting: Elgato Key Light

Richard Devine, Reviews Editor

I feel bad about myself this year because I bought something I'd always told myself I wouldn't. Not because it's bad, but because it's really expensive. But I caved and bought a discounted Elgato Key Light to help light up my space-constrained office. It's a really good product as it happens, well made, fantastically bright and controlled from my PC, all just clamped to my desk like any boom arm or monitor stand. A one day discount of £50 was enough to push me over the edge.

$195 at Amazon

Saving big on Black Friday

Black Friday welcomes an endless stream of deals throughout the holiday weekend, with sizeable cuts to be seen across the latest devices and accessories. Whether kitting your home PC or switching up an entertainment setup, there's something for all if you know where to look.

It's a rewarding year if stocking up your PC setup, with a hefty lineup of PC hardware and accessories slashed this holiday season. The trusty Samsung 960 EVO SSD is among the team's top picks of the year, ideal for beefing up with your rig storage and speed for the best results. Cut to almost half their retail price; you can't go wrong with the 1TB drive.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 also pushes worthwhile savings over Black Friday, owned among several Windows Central staff, and promoting deeper Microsoft integration than other Android-based devices. That monstrous display, leading internals, and a handy stylus suit well for work and play, recently awarded our favorite phone of 2019.

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