If you have never bought a book through Microsoft's store before, today you can get a $5 Microsoft gift card if you buy one worth $4.99 or more. The gift card can be used on all of Microsoft's site, not just for more books. You can even use it on your Xbox if you want. The gift card will be emailed to you within 10 days of buying the book. It needs to be redeemed by August 30 and spent within 90 days of redemption.

Microsoft's book store works much like the Amazon Kindle. It can be accessed anywhere. It's especially easy to access on a Windows 10 device with the recently released Creators Update, but you can also download the Microsoft Edge app on your iPhone or Android phone and access your books there as well. The app will sync with your computer, too, to keep your library updated.

You'll have to buy a book worth at least $4.99, so here's a few great options:

Check out the rest of the books here.

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