Black Friday is the day deal-lovers and bargain hunters dream of for weeks (even months) before it finally arrives. And for good reason — it's the single day every year when retailers try to outdo each other with bargain-basement prices on nearly everything they sell. That means deal watchers can potentially save a bundle, at least if they have the right tools, know where to look, and act fast.

It can be overwhelming, as retailers and websites all try to grab your attention. In fact, it can be downright distracting and even potentially draw you away from the best deals so you miss out when they sell out. That's why you need to be picky about the sites you follow for Black Friday. Thankfully, Thrifter knows all this, and if you follow any one site this Black Friday and on into Cyber Monday, it needs to be Thrifter.

Why watch Thrifter on Black Friday?

If you're not familiar with Thrifter, it's a Windows Central sibling site with the mission to find and deliver the absolute best deals on the web, on just about anything, faster than any other sites. Thrifter does not just do this on and around Black Friday, either. This site is 100-percent dedicated to identifying the best deals on the planet, 365 days every year, seven days each week, and 24 hours of those days. Thrifter has a staff of trained deal-hunters who do only that: find the best deals and share them as quickly as possible. They're literally professional deal-spotters.

There are a ton of websites out there trying to get you to watch them and their deal picks this coming week. But how many of them only do deals? And how many of them have no other missions than finding the best ones for you? Not many. (Fun fact: The Thrifter team has an internal rule that they cannot partake in any deal, no matter how good, until they share it with you.)

A couple of deals Thrifter found early that are particularly relevant to the Windows Central audience include 20 percent off the Xbox One X (normally $500, available for $400 starting on November 18) and the Vizio 50-inch 4K HDR Smart TV for nearly 25 percent off ($350), and that set comes with a $100 Dell gift card, too (starting November 18). I'm told Thrifter also found some steals on Surface PCs, very hot Xbox games, and other laptops we love.

Thrifter even put together a special page just for Windows Central readers that features hand-picked deals just for you. And that's just the stuff they've already found …

See Black Friday deals for Windows users

How to follow Thrifter on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond

Keeping tabs on everything Thrifter's got going is easy. You can check out the site at, of course. But we strongly recommend signing up for the Black Friday-specific newsletter using the form below.

Thrifter is also all over Twitter, and they use the handle @ThrifterDaily.

And you can even interact with the team on Discord, to ask questions and send suggestions, via the team's dedicated "Thrifter deals and shopping" Discord server.

As mentioned, Thrifter is already hard at work digging up the best deals, and they're sharing them regularly. But the real Black Friday fun is set to begin this Friday, November 16, when the Thrifter goes into full-on Nuclear Black Friday Mode. And the party will only get more exciting as the week goes on. So act now and make sure you don't miss a beat. You'll be glad you did, we promise.

Go check out Thrifter's Black Friday magic right this minute