Upgrade your NAS with the WD Red Plus 6TB hard drive on sale for $100

Wd Red Plus Red Background
Wd Red Plus Red Background

If you don't already know, the WD Red line of hard drives are some of WD's longest running and most reliable drives. They are often included as recommendations to go with network-attached storage devices because of their ability to work in a RAID setup and withstand a lot of heavy use, and we consider them a favorite as well. Well, after messing up the line by introducing new technology and not telling anyone, Western Digital actually secretly rebranded a year or so ago. The WD Red Plus brand is what the WD Red drives used to be, with the new WD Red drives using a tech better suited for direct-attached storage instead.

What all of that means is savings for you as WD is currently discounting the Red Plus line. You can get the 6TB WD Red Plus internal hard drive on sale for $99.99 at Amazon. This is $30 to $40 off what it normally goes for and an all-new low price. Pretty much every capacity of the Red Plus lineup is on sale. The 6TB version is right in the middle and gives you the best bang for your buck, but if you want to spend a little less you could get the 4TB drive for $25 off its regular price or go up to the 8TB drive and save $20 there, too.

WD Red Plus internal hard drive | $30 off

WD Red Plus internal hard drive | $30 off

Whether you're looking to equip your network-attached storage device or just want a reliable internal drive that won't let you down, the WD Red Plus is the way to go. Plus you can get a huge amount of space for very little cost, especially since it's currently on sale.

The WD Red Plus hard drive can support a workload of up to 180 TB a year, which is a ton of writing and great particularly for a network-attached storage device where you might be sending a lot of media that a lot of people have access to. The drive isn't necessarily the fastest hard drive you could get, even for NAS, but it does have a transfer rate of 215 MB/s.

One thing you don't have to worry about is durability. The drives have vibration protection to save them from the normal shakes that accompany moving parts, and you'll get WD's NASware firmware that ensures enhanced reliability and performance.

These drives are also covered by a three-year warranty.

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