Grab the WD Black SN750 1TB SSD and a copy of Battlefield 2042 for $70 total

Wd Black Sn750 Battlefield Edition
Wd Black Sn750 Battlefield Edition

This unique deal from GameStop includes the WD Black SN750 1TB M.2 NVMe Gen4 solid state drive and a copy of the video game Battlefield 2042 all for a grand total of $69.99. That's a fantastic price even if you don't care about Battlefield. The drive by itself goes for $95 on Amazon, and this bundle is $110 or more in most places including Best Buy. You're saving over $40 at GameStop and getting a modern SSD that's capable of incredibly fast speeds. Hard to argue with that.

Upgrading to an M.2 drive with NVMe tech was such a good idea, and I highly recommend it. Everything loads super fast and installs quickly. It might be worth it just to get that 60GB video game on there that much faster. Sure, they are usually seen as a luxury but the sale today shows they can hit a pretty affordable range. Plus, they are extremely long-lasting drives. I have a different one than the version on sale here today, but it has never given me problems in the couple of years I've been using it.

The SN750 can reach transfer speeds as fast as 3,600 MB/s thanks to its Gen4 PCIe technology. If you aren't quite up to speed with Gen4, this drive is backwards compatible with Gen3 as well (although the transfer speeds won't be quite as fast). Compare that to a regular SATA SSD like WD's Blue drives, which have load times around 560 MB/s. It's crazy fast and helps you maintain peak performance in your PC.

Unlike SATA drives, the M.2 drive installs directly onto your motherboard, so you'll want to make sure you have a motherboard that supports an M.2 2280 drive. WD also has exclusive software, the WD Black SSD Dashboard, you can use to customize your experience and maintain your drive. Get the most out of your SSD by tweaking it based on how you work and play.

John Levite
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