The WD Red 4TB internal drive discounted to $90 would be perfect for your new media server

The WD Red 4TB internal hard drive (opens in new tab) has dropped to $89.99 with code EMCTCVB38 at Newegg. This is $10 better than Amazon (opens in new tab)'s current (and lowest ever) price. The drive normally sells for around $130 or more. This deal is less expensive than the 3TB version (opens in new tab), so you're getting an extra terabyte and saving money.

The WD Red hard drives are specifically designed for network-attached storage devices like the Synology DS218j (opens in new tab).

Thanks to the huge 4TB capacity, you'll be able to create your own media server with all the music, movies, and other data you could possibly want. They've been tested to perform reliably in a 24/7 always-running environment like you would have with a NAS. WD backs these hard drives with a three-year warranty. Because NAS devices are designed to serve as backups, you'll probably want to get more than one drive, and that's why deals are the preferred way to buy them.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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