Everything we expect from Xbox E3 2017: Rumors, Project Scorpio, and a whole heap of 4K games

The headline act for E3, at least Microsoft hopes, will be Project Scorpio — the company's beastly 6 TF 4K video game console. Strangely, though, we practically know everything there is to know about it already.

Microsoft showed off Scorpio's internals a few weeks ago, touting native 4K gaming (and, with plenty of overhead for other visual enhancements). Scorpio has plenty of other exciting features, but many will be (rightly) wondering what the heck they're going to be playing on it, and just how much it's going to cost.

Here's what we expect from Microsoft's E3 2017 conference.

Xbox at E3

Xbox at E3 (Image credit: Jez Corden | Windows Central)

Microsoft's E3 2017 conference will be broadcast live on Mixer.com on Sunday, June 11th, at 2 PM PDT.

Project Scorpio: name, price, design, and launch date

As noted, Microsoft has already demonstrated the meat of Scorpio, but huge questions remain. Doubtless, Microsoft is going to give us pricing information, a hard launch date, and the console's real name during their E3 presentation.

Everything we know about Project Scorpio

How much will Project Scorpio cost?

A huge debate has raged online about Scorpio's price, sparked by some of Xbox head Phil Spencer's previous comments about it being a "premium" console. Microsoft has gone on record to state that they expect the Xbox One S to lead sales, even after Scorpio launches, which is a sales picture in-line with Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro situation.

Project Scorpio will cost more than the Xbox One S, which currently retails from anywhere around $250 to $350, depending on hard drive size and game bundle. Notorious industry analyst Michael Pachter famously stated that Scorpio would be dead on arrival if it costs anything more than $399, especially considering Scorpio's closest competition, the PS4 Pro, will likely get aggressive price cuts in attempts to derail Project Scorpio's launch this holiday season.

The original Xbox One hit retail at $499 in the US, compared to the PS4's $399. The inflated price was due to the forced bundling of the Kinect camera. The misstep with Kinect arguably cost Microsoft the generation, as the price point and slow roll-out due to voice localization issues gave Sony's PlayStation 4 a global headstart. I think it's unlikely Microsoft will make the same mistake with Project Scorpio, but the game has changed a little.

Unlike previous console generations, nothing will be lost in the jump between Project Scorpio and Xbox One. All current and future Xbox One games and accessories will just work. This also means that the Xbox One S won't "replace" Project Scorpio or fragment the player base. Microsoft measures Xbox success in monthly active users, and rightly so. With Game Pass, Xbox Live subscriptions, and digital sales, Xbox has become a revenue powerhouse, generating tons of guaranteed income for Redmond. As such, Microsoft's positioning on Scorpio's price differs somewhat from that of 2013, when the original Xbox One launched.

Here are some possible pricing scenarios to consider.

  • Microsoft considers Project Scorpio to be truly premium, demonstrates its graphical superiority to PlayStation extremely well, and sells it at $499 for hardcore gamers with 4K TV setups.
  • Microsoft seeks to bolster the Xbox Live user base by offering Project Scorpio at an aggressive price point, $399 or perhaps even lower, showcasing how the console will benefit users who don't have 4K TVs.
  • Perhaps it's the Xbox One S that gets the aggressive price point, down to $199 or lower, serving as the gateway to the ecosystem while Scorpio remains futureproofed for the proliferation of 4K TVs.

Personally, I think Microsoft will aim for that $399 price point for Scorpio, but I think an aggressive move to $349 would put the ecosystem back on a playing field where PlayStation has been so thoroughly dominant. Microsoft also has to consider competition from the Nintendo Switch at the casual/younger end of consumer spectrum, particularly as we move into the Holiday season.

I think $349 or lower would be highly unlikely, given Project Scorpio's custom parts, engineering processes, and compact design, but Xbox could always surprise us.

When will Project Scorpio launch?

Microsoft has only offered a "Holiday 2017" advisory for the console's launch date, placing it anywhere between October and December. Given Microsoft's partnership with Shadow of War, the first third-party game formally announced at 4K for Scorpio; there have been some strange rumors flying around that Project Scorpio would launch much earlier specifically for that game, somewhere around August. I'm fairly confident these rumors are false.

Thanks to Windows 10 roadmap documents we have received, it seems that Project Scorpio needs Redstone 3 before its fully ready for launch, something our senior editor Zac Bowden expects to ship in September. Additionally, we know that Project Scorpio's video game certification process doesn't open until October, 2017. Therefore, I'm going to suggest a mid-October, to a late-November launch window for Project Scorpio. And hey, that also lines up with the "Scorpio" zodiac symbol, between October 24 and November 22, convenient huh?

Microsoft Studios Showcase

Microsoft will undoubtedly showcase gameplay for Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, and possible updates to Minecraft at E3. As flagship titles for the company in 2017 and beyond, you can expect to learn more about the meat of these games, which, so far, haven't really seen a huge amount of marketing.

Crackdown 3 is a cloud-powered open-world shooter which aims to ensorcell gamers with next-level building destruction physics. Sea of Thieves is an always-online connected pirate adventure game, focusing on co-operation, treasure hunting, and naval combat. State of Decay 2 is a 4-player co-operative zombie apocalypse survival simulator, complete with scavenging, base building and management, and visceral combat. And, well, Minecraft needs no introduction, but the company is always expanding its services and systems, most recently to include a curated add-ons store.

State of Decay 2.

State of Decay 2.

We exclusively revealed (the painfully obvious) that Forza Motorsport 7 will make an appearance at E3 2017, and will be utilized to "showcase" the power of Project Scorpio. So you can firmly expect that.

Microsoft has been criticized for its slim and often under-performing exclusives. Including the whimsical, but ultimately lacking ReCore, the excellent, but aggressively niche Halo Wars 2, and of course, the canceled Scalebound. Hopefully, Microsoft will offer a glimpse at what exclusives consumers can expect to see in 4K on Project Scorpio in 2018 and beyond, but it's not certain.

Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3.

I expect the focus will revolve around exclusives we're already aware of.

In light of Scalebound's damaging cancellation, it stands to reason that Microsoft might wait a little longer before announcing future titles.

343i confirmed that it wouldn't be showing show off Halo 6, and it's fairly obvious that it's too early for The Coalition, who is doubtlessly working on the next Gears of War. With that in mind, it doesn't look like there's much room in Microsoft's internal studios for games we aren't already aware of.

It might be too early for Microsoft to show off or even tease any second-party efforts too, to prevent yet another instance of raised hopes and broken promises to go along with the Phantom Dust reboot, Scalebound, and Fable Legends. It's fair to expect we'll see new Xbox exclusives at E3, but I'm personally not getting my hopes up too high at this point. I expect the focus will revolve around exclusives we're already aware of and quality ID@Xbox titles such as Cuphead and Ashen, or perhaps a sequel to Moon Studios' incredible Ori and the Blind Forest.

Third-party in 4K

Microsoft will be extremely keen to showcase the power of Scorpio, and to do this; Redmond will enlist the help of both first and third-party titles for the job. Existing games will see upgrades to 4K, including (most likely) games like Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3, which have already been developed with 4K assets for the Windows 10 Store. It's possible that third-party UWP efforts such as Resident Evil 7 and Rise of the Tomb Raider could also see resolution bumps to 4K since it's comparatively easy to do vs. other types of ports. Hopefully, other developers will be keen to bring their existing games to Project Scorpio in 4K, helping Microsoft to ensure buyers have an extensive library of UHD games ready for launch day.

Star Wars Battlefront II: 4K 60 FPS on Scorpio.

Star Wars Battlefront II: 4K 60 FPS on Scorpio.

We know from leaked documents that FIFA 2017, Madden 2017, Call of Duty: WW2, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Battlefront 2 will be "4K" on Scorpio. Whether that's native or utilizing "sparse" rendering techniques, I'm unsure, but considering these are titles Microsoft hoped to showcase, it seems to be a reasonable assumption. I can, however, confirm through separate trusted sources and leaked docs that at least Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be True 4K native, running at 60 FPS on Project Scorpio, which should make it a stand-out stellar title to exude the system's power.

It's within third-party publisher's interests to ensure that Project Scorpio does well at retail. If developers are building games for 4K for PC and PlayStation 4 Pro already, it's only going to boost their return on investment if there are more 4K platforms out there.

Call of Duty: WW2.

Call of Duty: WW2.

It's widely rumored that the next Assassin's Creed will have some form of partnership with Xbox, and I have also heard that another unannounced game from EA will be showcased on Microsoft's stage. Whether these rumors pan out remains to be seen, but these third-party marketing deals would certainly help aid Scorpio's visibility.

The original Destiny famously had a pervasive marketing deal with Sony, preventing Microsoft from even mentioning the fact the game existed for Xbox One. That marketing deal no longer seems to be as aggressive, considering Bungie has been talking about the Scorpio version and jumped onto the Xbox YouTube channel to speak of the game with Major Nelson. Destiny 2 will get exclusive content on PlayStation platforms, but if it looks better on Project Scorpio, that could help Xbox to gain an edge.

Surprises, VR, and new features

Xbox under Phil Spencer usually puts the emphasis on games at E3, but there's probably a little room for services and features as well this year. With Mixer.com taking on Twitch in the streaming arena, various improvements to the Universal Windows Platform, the promise of AR and VR gaming, and other OS improvements, it's fair to expect some form of platform showcase at E3 this year as well. It could include new Club features I recently posted about.

VR on Xbox Scorpio will be powered by Windows Mixed Reality, utilizing cheaper third-party headsets from PC vendors like HP and Acer. I doubt Microsoft will place a huge amount of emphasis on VR during their showcase, but they will probably acknowledge that it is on the way for Scorpio.

E3 has become known for its huge surprises. Xbox bought thunder and lightning when it announced Xbox 360 backward compatibility for the Xbox One, and they could have something similarly huge in the works, who knows?

Wrapping Up: A question of games

Xbox lags behind PlayStation in console units sold due to Sony's stunning headstart in 2013. Even as Xbox ditched its controversial policies, forced bundling of Kinect, and began an onslaught of goodwill-seeking efforts such as Games with Gold and ID@Xbox, Microsoft has struggled to make up for ground lost.

It could be argued that Sony is beating Microsoft in terms of consumer visibility, and it looks as though it could only get worse for Xbox in 2017. Sony has marketing rights to Call of Duty, Battlefront, and Destiny, all of which are going to thoroughly dominate the landscape towards the holiday season. Perhaps these third-party marketing deals aren't as powerful as they seem, but clearly, Sony thinks so, as they are spending the big bucks to prevent Microsoft attach "Project Scorpio" to this holiday season's heavy hitters.

Destiny 2.

Destiny 2.

Speaking of Sony, the company has really bolstered confidence in its efforts in both first-party and second-party exclusivity deals, shipping titles like Nioh, Nier Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Persona 5 to wild sales success and critical praise.

Microsoft's current strategy seems to hinge on the idea that Project Scorpio will be the best place to experience multi-platform exclusives.

Xbox, on the other hand, has suffered an array of underperforming exclusives, with the dark clouds of canceled titles like Scalebound hanging over its image. Standout franchises like Halo 5, Forza, and Minecraft continue to dominate, but with almost every single one of Microsoft's attempts at new IP failing to resonate, there's a real concern that Xbox could be losing out on opportunities to entice new gamers into its ecosystem.

Microsoft's current strategy seems to hinge on the idea that Project Scorpio will be the best place to experience multi-platform exclusives. The true issue there will revolve around just how they showcase the differences between the "enhanced" 4K versions of their games. Will they do side-by-side comparisons of the PS4 Pro versions and the Xbox Scorpio versions of games? And even if they do, most viewers will be watching the show or any future advertising on an HD display at best.

Forza demonstrated in 4K.

Forza demonstrated in 4K.

For console war aficionados, I'd say it's far too early to call Project Scorpio a win for Microsoft, but the market can react in surprising ways. Despite uncertainty from veteran commentators and analysts, the Xbox One S became the best-selling console for the second half of 2016, proving that good features and value will always win over consumers. There's every chance Microsoft will bundle its new Game Pass with upcoming Xbox SKUs as well to entice Xbox 360 players who have yet to upgrade.

For core gamers, I'm pretty confident to presume that Project Scorpio will be an amazing system. However, if Microsoft doesn't showcase strong, compelling exclusives to make the ecosystem attractive, I think Sony could gain even more ground throughout 2017 and beyond as long-term holdouts begin making their final decisions about whether to go Pro or Scorpio.

Let us know in the comments what you want to see from Xbox at this year's E3.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

Jez Corden a Managing Editor at Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • Good thing is, XB family has BC / FC. Average gamers can wait for another 2, 3 years but still can enjoy their games on xb1s. Their purchase won't go in vain. * I'm ok with 500usd tho. edit: I hope win10.arm come out soon to eliminate win10 mobile. Devs then just need to focus on xbox and win10, 2 profiles. And I can give up Nexus and dock a win10 portable on my Bluetooth gamepad to continue my xbox game progresses when I'm out. edit2: Hope AR/MR api will be included. Driving in FH3 (esp Hot Wheels expansion) with those headset... will be fun!
  • You are mad if you think the Scorpio will retail for $499 or less. This is their Porsche. Their Tesla. Their Ferrari. Hell, it's their Surface. Phil made it clear on a podcast episode over at IGN a few months back that this is a Premium device, which will come with a Premium price tag. It's not meant to sell lots. It's not meant for your general gamer. It's not meant for the dad casually browsing for Christmas gifts to his kids. This device is a love letter to the Xbox community, and a middle finger to PlayStation. It's Microsoft saying "we're the King in Consoleland". What they want most people to do, however, is look at the Scorpio in awe and then go buy a One S, feeling like it's kind of the next-best thing.
  • We'll see won't we? :)
  • I'm with you Jez. I'm not wishing much : $399 with 500GB (will never be enough for 4K titles though) will be a strategic SKU for lower the starting price. People, if they know a thing or two about 4K game size, will be more likely to get at least 1 TB I think.
  • 1TB is base model, based on the DF article on their time with MS
  • I'd rather get the cheaper model and use my 2tb external USB hdd. Cheaper all round to buy that way than pay extra for it built in.
  • Same here, i play maybe 3 have a year. It's easy for me to uninstall and move to the next thing.
  • Actually if you paid attention and compared 4k games on PC vs 1080p version on consoles you would notice that the size is about same within 4GB
  • Spencer has already stated it'd be a console priced system. So, I've been in your camp ever since he made that statement. 
  • I've said this before - it's a $499 box... the real question is, how much do MS want to sell that $499 box for?
  • Surfaces are all marketed as aspirational, luxurious devices and priced as such because Microsoft isn't the only seller of Windows devices, they have a plenthora of OEMs bunding Windows as the OS for their desktops, tablets and laptops; pricing Surface devices competitively would, thus, kill sales for Microsoft's hardware partners. No such thing with consoles, Xbox competes with rival ecosystems, not OEMs, so they can price them as agressively as possible if they so wish.
  • This. ^
  • agressively? But what if it fails? One thing is to have a powerful console the other thing is to have good games which will sell the console itself. The first one is OK but lets face the truth Xbox games are not as exclusive as PS titles so.... pricing the new X "agressively" wont happen... the will set the price as high as they can and label it as "the fastest console on the market" and wait for Sony´s reaction. Will they release a PS5 or fight with PS PRO?
  • First, there's evidently a difference between "can" and "will", never claimed otherwise. Second, whatever price Microsoft sets for Scorpio it'll certainly still be a cheaper alternative to building a gaming PC from scratch. Finally, Sony won't be releasing a PS5 before 2019, any schedule shorter than that and they won't be able to recoup the costs of researching and engineering the PS4 PRO. Remember, while the Playstation division is very profitable, the Sony conglomerate as a whole hasn't been exactly healthy financially for a while.
  • There wont be a new Playstation in 2019. People need to get over that. Sony is going to milk the PS4 even longer thanks to the PS4 Pro. A new gen of Consoles wont happen until 2020 or 2021. Current AMD tech has to evolve to bring better power for future consoles.
  • Ps4 has sold 50 million +. Top selling exclusive has 7 million sales. You could argue that sales of Sonys exclusives aren't the reason everyone buys the console. Less than 20% of people who buy a PS4 buy its exclusives. Based on some maths of console sales and games sales. That leaves 80% that buy it because its the most powerful. Or price point. So there's a huge market who might decide they want the most powerful console for their 3rd party games. I believe this is further proved by Sony spending big money to get marketing rights to 3rd party games such as COD which will undoubtedly look better on Scorpio.
  • That's a point I've also made - if you add the sales of the last three Sony Exclusive 'hits' (Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier,:Automata and Nioh) together, their sales account for less than 15% of the userbase. Plus PS4 was already selling double what the XB1 was when the only exclusives it had were Knack and Killzone Shadowfall, and they hardly set the world on fire to put it mildly. If it were all about exclusives, Sony wouldn't be throwing marketing money at every multiplatform game launching this year...
  • 1) The first point made no sense. Exclusives help in selling consoles. History has already showed it.  2) The inital console sales was probably mostly the fanbase going and buy the console. There were a lot more upcoming exclusives and ofc the PS3 was coming off strongly with 3-4 years where they killed the 360 in terms of number of exclusives. At the time, XB1 was more expensive and forced kinect on people. The MS team was pathetic in their comunication. I can't believe one of them said XB1 was made with With Advertising In Mind. Yes, it was also more powerful but it was a combination of all those point that help sell. 
  • Wrong. Microsoft has its own range of devices under the Xbox brand. While there are no OEMs making consoles which run the Xbox OS, there are other devices below the Scorpio that they want you to buy. Revenue on console comes from store purchases and subscriptions, not hardware sales. So I'd say the Scorpio is meant to do exactly what the Surface does in some regard: make people love the product and then have them settle for the next best thing. What matters is that people use Microsoft services.
  • The more consoles they sell the more revenue they make via games and services so they want all the console versions to sell as much as possible. The only argument is which demographic is going to buy which console and within what price point. The S is already out and despite a strong start is stil being out sold by the PS by a large margin, therefore it is not MS saviour in getting back sales from Sony, this will impact the price point for the Scorpio. I really don't see MS settling for second place, in the past they either give up or keep on fighting rather than saying "it is what it is, may as well make the most of it". Unless the corporate culture has changed dramatically in the last 10 years I don't see that happening and I am expecting a agressive price point for the Scorpio.
  • dont think its a "surface" like device, surface is meant to create category so that OEMs follow the suit, selling many is second. There are no OEMs here for console. Its got to sell in huge numbers so I don't think they'll price it premium. But yeah I do think itll be little expensive than any other console
  • Anything above 449$ will be overpriced and it won't sell well.
    By the time the Scorpio releases the PS4 Pro will have a price drop to 349$ this means that if the Scorpio releases for 499$ it will be 150$ more for a small gain in performance and that is not a good idea.
  • I think this small gain in performance statement isn't as simple as that. We know Forza 6 has been seen running in full 4K with 4K PC assests and still 30% more gpu and Memory headroom for a vast array of enhancements. I wouldn't call that small. It's seems the way Scorpio has been engineered is that its alot more complicated than just saying this gpu is % more powerful than the other. Scorpio has ALOT faster ram and 4gb more of it. It's CPU has undergone extensive customisation and from the little we have heard its seeming like is very very easy for Scorpio to attain true 4K with headroom for more.
  • Forza is not a good example because that engine scales beautifully, even one GTX 1080ti can run Forza Horizon 3 at 8K 30fps at high-ultra! And that GPU doesn't have more than 16x the power of a Xbox One.
    And yes the Scorpio has faster Ram and more of them but lets not forget that we had 8gb 4 years ago with the PS4 and adding extra 4gb after 4 years is not impressive at all.
    MS said that they did alot of customization with the CPU but that is PR talk, remember the cloud and DX12?!
  • The performance gap on paper between the Pro and Scorpio is huge for consoles in the same gen. 4 more GBs of RAM and 326GB/s bandwidth compared to 218 GB/s lol...everything on the Scorpio is better than its counterpart on the PS4 Pro....by a pretty fair margin. What is PR is half floats and "checkerboarding" and "secret sauce" that is PR. All BS made to try and damage control the Pro being inferior to Scorpio in every way. Scorpio will sell well....extremely well....for how long who knows..but off the bat it will sell well.
  • Your also forgetting that was unoptimized. Achieved in just 2 days. Also your forgetting its been confirmed that Battlefront 2 is also running already at 4K true native and 60fps on Scorpio. So is Fifa 17. Shadows of Mordor. And rumours are Assasins Creed as well. So it would seem with so little time its easy as baking a pie for the Scorpio to do 4k Native with ease. And at 60fps. After all the Scorpio GPU and memory bandwidth is more powerful combined compared to an Nvidia Geforce 1060 GTX. Which has 6.2 TF but only 250gb/ sec bandwidth. And that card only has 8gb ram. As opposed to 12 in the Scorpio. E3 will surprise you alot. Because unlike the Pro, the Scorpio has been designed by engineering unseen in the console world. It's more powerful than a £1000 PC. Done through extensive cutomisation of the hardware.
  • People, Please don't believe anything that this guy is saying. He has been caught many times lying. I believe he is lying to promote products and the brand of a certain company. If you want evidence of his constant lies please contact me and I'll provide the links. Anyway @Richard. Your post made me laugh. More made up stuff (as usual) and reading some of the sentences it really looks to me that you have NO idea what you're talking about. LOL
  • From what we were told, Scorpio is not meant to sell well. It's meant for a niche crowd that has a lot of disposable cash and are lazy to set up a gaming PC. So my take is minimum Scorpio would cost $499/$549. Don't believe me take a look at Microsoft Product History, how much does Surface Pro 1,2,3,4, Surface RT, 2, Surface 3 launch price.
  • It is just the replacement for the xbox one....so, they will price accordingly.  Just as the new PS will be priced about the same and have alot of the same features.   I am in on the xbox.
  • The original X1 was $499... I don't get it why people are scared from that price tag. Sure $399 would be better, but only $599 I would consider to be "premium price tag".
  • People equate X1 being outsold to it costing $499 at launch, taking it way out of context, of reveal, messaging, being weaker, etc. It still sold well enough at start to the hardcore
  • I heard those comments, but hoped that he was just laying some ground work. Can't go above £450 in my opinion, would be reckless. Their Live fees seem to work well, I expect it will be able to ensure a lower price. Hoping for £350.
  • I'm hoping that if they're saying premium and charging $499.00 , the one thing people haven't talked about is what they can do to sweeten the pot: if this is for the ultimate gamer, who is a completionist, cares about gamer score, wnd spends hours a day playing, than I won't be surprised if it comes with 3-12 months of xbox gamer pass or -- wait for it... An Xbox Elite controller 2. A durable, premium, peripheral that gives you a slight edge. A controller that gives you ergonomic heaven in your grips on that Marathon session of cuphead or paddle-shifting your way to a top finish in Forza 7. Thinking about it gives me the warm fuzzies. Totally possible until Jez or some other insider says outright-no.
  • Sorry, no way is Microsoft throwing in a device such as the Elite Controller (especially any new version of that controller) in a $499 console when they can easily sell that controller for nice profit at $150  a pop.  The impetus would be to sell the console at lower price point as close to the PS4 Pro as possible; not sell it at even higher price point than necessary and limit the device. Tossing in a Elite Controller might be beneficial if they have another SKU with a larger internal drive (an Elite/Pro/Max SKU) for a $150 more. Adding a 2TB or 3TB adds about $15 per TB in cost to Microsoft. So the slight loss in proift on the Elite controller may be justfiable at that $600 or so Elite/Pro/Max SKU.   As for including the  Gamers Pass for 3  months (and maybe offer the following 9 months for half off) would definitely get the service a bonus shot in the arm. Some that try it for those 3 months will continue to use the service. It would also be nice if they once again offered to give people who have a Kinect 2 and did not not upgrade their original Xbox One  to the Xbox One S give us a free connector if we upgrade now to the Scorpio.  I know they have been silent on the matter but, it would nice offer to those of us who have been with Xbox One since day one.  
  • In fact, stuff the elite controller - or any controller. Give me an upgrade SKU, that's just the box with the Kinect adapter, nothing else. No controller, headset or any of that stuff. Knock the price down accordingly..
  • This right here
  • He also said in the same interview Xvox won't be making the same mistake as Sony did with pricing the PS3. So its not going to be an out of reach price either. So $599 we know its not. I'd say $499 is spot on. Or if they decide to rock Sonys world $399 is entirely possible although less so.
  • I agree. It's important to new buyers to know that the brand has a great flagship because that ensures the franchise's future. I will probably buy an S because I know the brand has such a flagship. I can't afford a new high-end monitor and a console so I will likely satisfy myself with the S.
  • You are missquoting Spencer. He explained what he meant by premium and also said that he doesn't want people to get affraid of it costing absurd amount of money and that it will be in line with traditional launch console prices.
  • The reason why Microsoft decided to use the hardware they did in Scorpio was for two reasons. One, to keep the generation the same (so all games can run that already run on XB1), and two, pricepoint. By utilising virtually the same CPU but highly customising and optimising it (not just a little but majorly so), the CPU performs the same as the higher priced chipset and therefore making it far more efficient and affordable. If you have any tech sense (and even if you don't but are curious), I highly recommend reading the tech breakdown by DigitalFoundry on Eurogamer's website . Here's a clip of what they say about the GPU, "Microsoft managed to achieve this speaks to the quality of the engineering elsewhere in the box, but the fact is that Scorpio's GPU is only 94MHz off the maximum boost clock of AMD's Polaris-based RX 480 graphics card, which only has 36 compute units - and requires a meaty custom cooler to sustain its max boost clock"  There is so much more detail in the article to go into here but I feel Microsoft are fully aware of the need for a realistic pricepoint. What has slipped through the information stream which is quite interesting (I only became aware of this myself today), is the Updated info in this article. It states that the same (or similar) hard-baked D3Dx12 engine is also already inbuilt in Xbox One and Xbox One S. It is only the few games that have already taken advantage of this, but with Scorpio in the family I believe more games will take the time to utilise this.    
  • And yet, Sony's Porshe, tesla, etc, is selling for $399. So yeah, an extra $100 is a premium price.
  • dont think its a "surface" like device, surface is meant to create category so that OEMs follow the suit, selling many is second. There are no OEMs here for console. Its got to sell in huge numbers so I don't think they'll price it premium. But yeah I do think itll be little expensive than any other console
  • If you look at the vgchartz... COD, FIFA, BF, NFL prob boost more ps4 sales then Persona5 or Nioh...
    Success? Curious...
  • VGChartz info is inaccurate.
  • The estimation may not be 100% accurate but they do seem to be close enough when actual numbers are revealed. I'm saying this from when Sony and MS used to communicate their numbers.  You also got to consider that VGC reconcile their figures when the factual figures are released. They also adjust their future estimates accordingly. So in a sense, I guess we can use these estimations as a rough indication of trends.
  • The point you're not getting is that COD, FIFA, BF, NFL also boost XB1 sales.
    Persona 5 or Nioh or Horizon: Zero Dawn... didn't provide a boost to XB1 sales because they aren't on XB1. Also, when choosing a console to buy a COD, FIFA, BF, NFL, people might buy one platform knowing that there are games like Persona 5, Nioh, Horizon... on that platform and not on the other.   Do you understand?
  • But based on some maths with Sales figures shows that more people purchase an Xbox for exclusives. Admittedly the fact that PS4 sales are greater means their % is lower who buy for exclusives. It's about 20% of buyers on PS buy exclusives. And 42% on Xbox. This is based on sales figures of Exclusives cross referenced with sales amount of the console.
  • Oh please! Don't come in with more "stats" without a link. Please show me links that says that only 20% of PS4 owners have bought a PS4 exclusive.
    Where is the link for the 42%? Throwing random numbers doesn't make your post serious.
    If you don't have links at least tell me how you came up with these numbers. You're "mathematical" reasons aren't valid as long as you provide proper number. Anyway, you don't seem to understand that EACH exclusives for a console gives another reason for someone who doesn't own the console to buy it over another. 
    There are so many exclusive and different type of exclusives to attract different players. 
    It's simple logic.
  • You don't need a link. It's mathematics. The PS4 has sold over 50m consoles. And then you can find out the rough sales of PS4 exclusives on VGC or most sites that publish that data. From there you can work out yourself what percentage of the 50m console owners have bought exclusive games. Yes i except that there's room for a margin of error considering not all people buy the same type of games. But you can still get a close enough picture with a margin of about 5% either side for both PS4 and Xbox One %. But either way it still shows less people own a PS4 for exclusives over Xbox. That doesn't mean less people buy a PS4 than Xbox for its excluisves, it shows there's alot more owners on the PS side that don't care for the exclusives that could be wiped over by the fact their 3rd party games can and will perform better on a Scorpio now. Where before the PS4 had this point of sale.
  • I don't agree with the 5% margin of error since PS4 exclusives differ a lot from one another. 
    I mean talking of AAA exclusives an action RPG like Bloodborne or NiOh are totally different from 3D platfomers like knack or Ratchet & clank, an action adventure game like uncharted 4 is not the same as a driving simulator like driveclub, interactive drama Until dawn is different than an open action RPG like Horizon Zero dawn... A FPS like Killzone shadow fall is totally different from a MLB The Show 2017. And even amongst action games, Gravity Rush 2, Infamous second son and Yakuza 6 are totally different games. On the XB1, side Forza 5 is the previous version of Forza 6. Halo 5 is an FPS and there is open world action adventure like Sunset overdrive. So I believe the diversity in these games should account for more than the 5% you're talking about. But ok, even though I don't agree, for the sake of argument, I'm bringing VGC numbers since you mentionned them.
    PS4 hardware: 57.9m
    XB1 hardware: 29.5m
    PS4 exclusives (selling more than 1m)
    Uncharted 4: 9.08m
    inFAMOUS: Second Son: 2.82m  
    Horizon: Zero Dawn: 2.71m
    Bloodborne: 2.7m
    Killzone: Shadow Fall: 2.69m
    DriveClub: 2.2m
    Ratchet & Clank: 2.13m
    Until Dawn: 1.75m
    The Order: 1886: 1.75m
    Knack: 1.74m
    The Last Guardian: 1.1m TOTAL: 30.67m out of 57.9m
    That's 52.97%
    XB1 exclusives selling more than 1m
    Halo 5: Guardians: 4.71m
    Forza 5: 2.30
    Forza 6: 1.98
    Sunset Overdrive: 1.16m TOTAL: 10.15m out of 29.5m
    That's 34.40% 
    Here are the numbers and the gap is huge but it's totally different from the random numbers you talked about. Oh and one another thing.
    Since when is power being so important? Since Scorpio was announced?
    History proves us that the power doesn't count for much when it comes to sales and number of exclusives and game library is what influence sales. The NES (bigger library) beat the Master System (more powerful)
    The GB (bigger library) beat the Game gear (more powerful)
    The SNES (bigger library) beat the Genesis
    The PS1 (bigger library) beat the N64 (more powerful)
    The PS2 (bigger library) beat the Gamecube (more powerful) and XBox (more powerful) 
    The DS (bigger library) beat the PSP (more powerful)
    The Wii (bigger library) beat the PS3 (more powerful) and XBox360 (more powerful)
    The 3DS (bigger library) beat PS Vita (more powerful) History shows the importance of exclusives and bigger library and how it is more important than power. I guess logic, maths and history has proved you wrong.
  • You put Horizon Zero Dawn at total sales but not put Forza Horizon 3 ou Hallo Wars, totally accurate.
  • Your math is insanely flawed. Let's pretend the data presented is right for a moment (it's not, but it's some of the best that we have): You're assuming nobody buys more than one exclusive. What if I bought The Knack and Uncharted? You counted me twice. You're assuming these numbers equate to users, since the statement is exclusives help drive console adoption. What if I bought 3 copies of The Last Guardian? You just counted me as 3 unique buyers in your math. You've picked an arbitrary 1mm minimum base. Suppose Xbox has 50 titles between 500k-999k and PS4 only has 2. Suddenly Xbox has a higher %. Point is, thus argument is wayyyyy too impossible to argue about with any real credibility, data wise. Don't even bother. I happen to believe PS4 does in fact get a lot of console sales due to it's exclusives. If for no other reason than Sony is aggressive as **** about getting them, and they know the real numbers. We simply don't and shouldn't get into this banter.
  • @bulldozer27: Oh but I agree. And I did say that I don't agree with his bs. It's impossible to have this stat unless MS and Sony provides us with the numbers. The thing is, this guy (Richard) is known to make up bs stats and lies in arguments. I'm here proving that even if we consider his bs maths logic he is wrong. All I did is use Richard's logic against him. Oh and I did use an arbitrary 1m minimum base simply because I didn't want to waste too much time replying to the guy who I believe is troling. 
    And in any case it didn't favour Sony because the PS4 had more exclusives that sold below 1m copies.   My main point is that exclusives and a bigger library are important and I wish MS sees that and invest more in making games. What some "fans" like Richard are doing (with their constant damage control) is encouraging MS not to put more into game development.
  • You don't total them together. Because your assuming that 1 person didn't buy multiple games. I split it down to genres. Not games. There's also alot your missing from the Xbox list.
  • @Richard
    Ok By genre? But that's totally subjective. 
    Uncharted 4 is a story driven action adventure TPS
    Infamous second son is an open world action adventure.
    The Last Guardian is a more of a niche action adventure game that's totally different from the other 2. And again The Order: 1886 is different from others. Oh and you do understand that I'm talking about exclusives that sold 1m or more here not console exclusives or company exclusives. I didn't include LittleBigPlanet 3, No man's sky, Street Fighter V, MLB The Show, Nioh.... So really the only onces I'll merge together is Ratchet and Clank and Knack. PS4:
    That's 1.74m less.
    TOTAL: 28.93m out of 57.9m
    That's 49.96% For MS I'll merge the 2 forza. XB1:
    That's 1.98m less.
    TOTAL: 8.17m out of 29.5m
    That's 27.69%  STILL way off from the PS4 20% and XB1 42% you were talking about. Now post the details of your numbers. ofc knowing you, I'll be shocked if you ever post them... 
  • Lower the One S to $200 and bundle it with a remote and advertise Netflix and other video apps for it. The sooner Microsoft realizes that consoles are no longer gaming devices, but more of a entertainment device and sell accordingly, the better off they will be. Advertise cable connectivity and more people will justify the purchase.
  • Well this is what they tried to do when they launched the Xbox One and it didn't really work for them. People kept bashing them and said they want a console not a media box...
  • there were a ton of reasons they got bashed that doesnt mean they cant message one of those things at a later date better. Just look at how much they are pushing digital now with things like game pass yet at launch people were extremely down on the always on ideal of the console. If they got the price right and offered a compelling service bundle they could do a media (x)box. They would probably still get flack for anouncing it at an e3 though.
  • That's what they did in 2013, and running away from ever since. People want to game, at least the larger audience. They netflix using their smart TV or google cast.
  • I'm not so sure about that. Everything about 2013 was handled badly. Funny thing is it launched as a much better games console than media device! Market it as primarily games console, then media device. As gamers are the ones who will invest at that price at the start of gen
  • Can't wait to play Mario odyssey, 4K with dumb games isn't for me :D
  • are you lost or is this sarcasm. 
  • All i want is the 4K stuff and a Kodi UWP :X
  • Cant think of even one good exclusive xbox has this gen.. maybe they should be more worried about this? What 'hard-core' gamer is going to buy an expensive system with zero great exclusives
  • this gen doesnt really have many new ips couple that with it being harder for new ips to make bank when they are exclusive and you can see why xbox is 0 for the few console exclusives they have. It also helps sony to have big japanese devs on their side.
  • I think the Japanese devs is due to not selling in Japan. Last gen the 360 had more JRPGs in for the first 3 years over Sony. Even that didn't help. Japanese people buy exclusively Japanese brands and that thought process end over to the Japanese developers. Western excluisves are however in many peoples opinions either way for PS and Xbox. Xbox exclusives sell well. Forza has a great name in sim racing and now arcade open world. Halo, Gears main line pull great numbers. And have been leading digital sales on any platform. KI has been played by more people than any other fighting franchise this generation. Halo Wars and Cities Skylines have sold over 1 million a piece on this gen on Xbox showing people enjoy RTS and management on consoles. They have some great 2d platformers like Max and Ori and that's just a few. I chose Xbox because i like all the genres they have exclusive games in. And feel that in many of them those genres they are the front runners on console. While there is games i would play in Sonys exclusives, i couldn't live without MS first party tiles. I really like them.
  • Here we go again... Why do you keep posting false stats? Do you think people will take you seriously if you keep inventing stuff?  I mean there are some obvious stuff like when you say Cities Skylines has sold over 1 million on Xbox. I understand that you're trying to promote MS/Xbox but these things just discredits you and the brand.  I think you seriously need to try to find and use facts them when discussing...
  • The developer announced it. It's an entirely digital game. Believe me i was surprised as well. Was on Twitter i think. But as it turns out for whatever reason more people in my friend list own Cities than i thought ever would. So far 7 people have it. And i honestly thought I'd be the only one. There's no discredit going on. I've always answered you and you continue to falsify and cherrypick. Your known to users here about that. I don't want to argue with you for yet another time about your fishing of information. I am just moving from this conversation. As all you do is stealth post attacks on MS here every time you post. So i guess theirs not really much point in having any discussion with someone like that.
  • "Believe me"
    LOL. Sorry, but I found that extremely funny. Everyone here (probably even you) don't believe it sold more than 1m copies on XB1. Once again you haven't provide ZERO link or proof. I even went to Twitter of the dev and there was nothing.  Will you just admit that you were wrong? It's unbelievable the number of times you lied or made things up and was unable to prove yourself. You have hardly ever done it. It's not difficult to just post a link if what you claim is true. Unfortunately you hardly do it. And why? Because you make a lot of stuff up.  
  • I think Microsoft should have at least 2 new games to show at E3. One of these may be the game that is being developed by Studio Gobo, to which we dont have any information yet. I think a continuation of Ori and the Blind Forest or some other game developed by Moon Studios is also possible. Other than that, I think it's reasonable to imagine they have any partnership with any second party studio, and maybe Rare is working on a new IP besides Sea of ​​Thieves. Another important point to remember is that a studio the size of the 343i has the ability to produce more than one game at a time, so they can be very well developing Halo 6 and some other game simultaneously. And I do not think Coalition is unlikely to be working on some other game. Anyway, it's all achism, but I think Microsoft NEEDS and WILL show something. Phil has been saying that E3's focus will be on games, which recognizes the importance of first-party games and is determined to offer new experiences for gamers this year, hopefully that's all true.
  • Phil also mentioned 1st party games in a tweet about advertising i certainly hope he's referring to more than the usual forza,halo,gears trio.
  • For me, 2 seems a bit weak though. If Studio Gobo is one of them, there should be another Forza that's 2 right there. I think, they should do A LOT more.
  • I'm not counting Forza, because this is a game that everyone knows will come, but I believe Microsoft has at least 2 secret games to show. The Studio Gobo game is probably one of those, for the other there are the possibilities I talked about before, to come out of something from a second-party partner or one of the first-party studios.
  • Maybe the update to the avatars and another Keyflings game to go with it.
  • It would be nice if you decide to run 1080p instead of 2160p, that you could bump that frame rate up to 120+ for those of us with capable TV's or monitors. I don't like how the console war makes it sound like 60fps is the king. You really wanna push it to near PC-like quality, start there. My TV is LG 65UH8500 that has a 120Hz panel with the 240Hz MEMC. Be nice to take all my One games and bump them higher like my PC
  • That depends entirely on whether or not the game is CPU constrained vs GPU constrained. Decreasing resolution has only a small effect on the CPU load so if your running 4k 60FPS and switch to 1080P then the FPS jump will probably be less than 10 FPS at best. Almost every console game is currently CPU constrained so changing resolution will not net you much FPS gain.
  • Battlefront 2, Call of and RDR 2 have marketing deal with Sony.
  • Just take my money, for the AR VR alone.
  • Im Scorpio on day one all the way...scorpio on a 4k 115" projector with 7.1 D. Atmos is the only way to game...Are you ready?
  • I'm obviously excited for the Scorpio reveal. And we know already about the excellent features and services on Xbox (which are arguably the best of any console). But I just want games, games, games. So I guess I'd like to see: Scorpio, brief highlight of features/services, games, games, games
  • Finally I agree with a comment. For me the priority should be MS showing everyone that they are investing in making and providing new games. ofc that means no timed deals of 3rd party games.
  • Also, I think Scorpio is going to be $399
  • For me MS have nailed absolutely every aspect of their ecosystem, with the exception of the first party games. While I'm really excited for Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2, I can't help but feel like they are either hiding developement of 2-3 key titles OR they don't much more in the pipeline.   The recent cancellations haven't done much for confidence either. However I look forward to being surprised at the show. Bring on E3!
  • I'm getting fed up with Sony's marketing and content exclusives. I'm paying the same price as the PS version, but with less content, utter BS! C'mon Microsoft put your hand in your deep pockets!
  • Sony has the exclusives because they own the developers and they own the franchises.  It is not about paying for exclusivity. 
  • Good article. I may not agree with a couple of things but I mostly agree with it.
    Personally I see a lot of Scorpio, AR/VR, some features like Xbox game pass.
    ofc Scorpio with name, price, design, launch date and gameplay.
    Announcement of AR/VR stuff with on stage demo (maybe minecraft).
    Announcement of the yearly Forza with Forza 7, something from 343i and possibly a game with Studio Gobo. What I'm really HOPING is less Scorpio stuff and more games announcements.
    I'm not talking about the usual Forza/Halo/Gears, 3rd party games or timed deals. I want MS to show they are interested and WANT to invest in gaming and making games for the people who bought XB consoles. There are some studios (like Japanese studios) who don't make games for XB1 fearing poor sales, they should invest and help these studios bring their games to XB owners. Going through the various forums and comment section, I feel its mostly people who already own XB1 that are excited about scorpio. Let's face it, XB fans will probably follow and buy a new XB console no matter what (and day one).
    To progress or improve, what they need to do is LISTEN to the other people. Those who didn't buy XB1. Games SHOULD be the priority.
  • I think the issue is that GEARS/HALO/FORZA still have good numbers. I was a huge fan of forza and halo, but the last few games have been mediocore at best. But casual gamers dont give AF whether a game has lasting appeal they just want the brand.  I see them doubling down on this audience. games SHOULD be the priority, though.
  • >> Unlike previous console generations, nothing will be lost in the jump between Project Scorpio and Xbox One.   Scorpio is not a new generation of console.  Same family as Xbox One.  Just like PS4 Pro is same family as PS4.
  • Interesting article Jez, I know people are anticipating the scorpio launch some for good some for bad. I agree with most of what you said here, I do however think that although scorpio is touted as a premium piece of hardware the price is very important. At the end of the day the Xbox One S is going to be the console that sells the most. But they did not build this baby over the course of the last three years for it sit on the shelf while the PS4 Pro moves units. I think the games will look decidedly better on the Scorpio and for a mic drop moment it will cost $399
  • @Jez "ensorcell"? Show off!  Kidding! I learned a new word today. 
  • I want to see a COMPLETE overhaul of the Xbox UI. Because the latest version of it is utter sh*t. That's pretty much all I want from E3. Otherwise it will just burry my Xbox'es further back the line in the shelf and bring the PS4 more to the front of my daily use.   As for the Scorpio, I doubt it will cost anything less than 400€-500€. Below that and Microsoft will be purposefuly bleeding money to sell it which could, ultimately, land them in trouble with regulatory agencies. But one never knows. I'm not expecting to be blown away by the Scorpio. In fact, I'm pretty sure Xbox fanboys are overhyping the Scorpio way too much, kinda like Sony fanboys currently overhype the arguably rip-off PS4 "Pro". But I'm curious to see how Microsoft will sell it. I have zero intentions of buying it, though. In fact, if the current UI continues, I won't even be renewing my Gold membership and will drop the Xbox altogether and return to the PS4 full time.   Let's see. I'm also very curious to see how Sony will react to the Scorpio. The PS4 "Pro" is apparently selling better than expected for Sony. So I'm curious to see if the Scorpio will actually rush out the PS5 or not.   Oh and by the way: "The misstep with Kinect arguably cost Microsoft the generation, as the price point and slow roll-out due to voice localization issues gave Sony's PlayStation 4 a global headstart." No. What gave Sony a global headstart was the PS4 being better than the original Xbox One, cheaper and with better games. But most importantly, what gave that headstart - and what puts Sony as the indesputable King of console gaming - is the fact that Sony does NOT discriminate countries. They don't constantly do "Japan-only" things...you know...like Microsoft does with things like Designer Lab etc etc.    
  • Totally agree with many of the stuff said. I personally didn't feel the need to buy a pro. I have a PS4 and I have a PC. I never hyped these mid gen consoles. I always hype games. Games are why I buy hardware and that will always be my priority.  I know a lot of people here won't like your comment but won't be able to counter the points you're making. But sometimes it's important to criticise policies of companies so they can improve...  
  • I'm very intrigued by Scorpio and Mixed Reality, but Xbox One's library doesn't come close to PS4's. Unless Microsoft comes up with something extraordinary, I'll either stick with my Pro and PSVR or jump to PC and LG's upcoming Steam VR headset.
  • All we have heard for 3 years is 1080  vs 900. Now predictably it's now about the games lol.  Funny how that works out when you're the weakest system. 
  • Works the other way round though. For 3 years, power didn't matter and buying the weaker console was fine. Now power is ALL that matters.  Fortunately PS4 had more exclusives for a very long time.
  • Must... resist.... must... resist
  • I'm sure Sony is already finalizing a more powerful console and planning to sell it cheaper.  That is the luxury of being the market leader. 
  • Yeah, because Sony is a powerhouse, a company flushed with all that cash from all  their other very successful divisions. Sorry, but PS4's money (along with the insurance division) profits get spent supporting everything else within the company to keep their lights on.    All that jibber-jabber about Sony brining out a PS5 in 2018 is pure fanboy fantasy. I doubt Sony is interested in fracturing their market and creating confusion and mistrust among both the current Pro owners and base PS4 owners. What people should expect a new console every two years - PS5 Pro in 2020? And doing so even more so anger the development community who are just getting their stride in for this generation.    The consoles the goal is to reach golden saturation point with software sales taking over and providing continuous large profits from sales  and services.   The console by its very nature, is a means to an end. The profits from a consoles do not make a winning quarterly report  sales of services and software do. A consoles profits are slim, if any.  Software and services, that is where these two companies make their real money from consoles.
    Of course Sony is planning for the next genration as is Microsoft even before the Scoprio is released . But as for the next generation the PS5 and Scorpio 2 are more than likely going to by Ryzen CPU and most likely Vega for the APUs GPU.  And Vega isn't getting anywhere capable (price, power) for a console for another year and a half at the very least.  I find it funny PS4 fan boys think that the  Scorpio will easily be $500. A high price even though the Scorpio is based on a 6 year old Jaguar CPU (yes heavily customized) and  almost what will be 2 year old Polaris based GPU   But, somehow Sony is going to release a new console design in 2018 ( according to giddy fanboys, sorry not happening fantasy) with a new customized Ryzen CPU design (a chip that currently costs more than a PS4); the Ryzen is  still is way off from shrinking to console size (Spring 2018 at the earlies for even for mid-priced laptops).  A PS5 with a customized Vega? AMD hasn’t even released a card yet (not a single card on the market) for the PC (earliest for the PC is sometime in August, maybe) And damn you have the guts to say it will be cheaper than a Scorpio.  Glad you don't run the company.  You bankrupt the PS4 cash cow that supports everything else at Sony. And at the same time piss off ta lot of the current PS4 console owners (and other than fanboys) these everyday consumers would not find the need at this point to upgrade so soon.  I am one of thos Pro owners that would be pissed if they released a new console only two years into the Pro.  If that was the plan from the get go they should never have done a Pro, if they do the blow back will be severe.   You can keep dreaming the sugar plum fairly thoughts.  
  • Microsoft should release a Minecraft: Worlds which would be about other planets and other lifeforms and release it only on the Xbox and PC.
  • Hope Microsoft gave us a very nice and attractive design and hope many games at launch.