Destiny 2: Where to find the Horned Wreath

The Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion as changed the way we play Destiny 2, and the way we collect our weapons. There is a new way of forging guns from Eris Morn, and they require extra ingredients. One of the elements — and perhaps the most time consuming — is the Horned Wreath. It lives in some of the darkest holes on the Moon, and you'll need some directions to find it.

Where to find the Horned Wreath

To start your quest for Eris' sniper rifle, you will need to go on a merry trip across most of the Moon. Start by spawning in where Eris Morn is chatting to her nightmares. From there, jump on your sparrow and head towards Archer's line. Then, wind your way through to the back of the area. You don't need to fight anything here, though if you see a Vex storm, you should probably stop and complete it.

Head through Archer's Line and into the Hellmouth. From here, you will need to descend into the Hellmouth. Travel on your sparrow around the outside of the Hellmouth to arrive at the north entrance.

As you reach the entrance, turn left to descend into the Hellmouth and fight your way through to the Gatehouse. Most of this guide will rely on the names of places, and they appear as you enter them, so you will know you are going the right way.

As you move through the gatehouse, you will see an entrance to right that will take you down into the Circle of Bones. We found a yellow bar here that dropped a chest, so it's worth killing him before carrying on. From here, go to the left into a small cave leads to a suspension bridge. Make your way through till you reach the Circle of Bones.

As you move forward into the Circle of Bones, you will come to a vast pit. Turn right and move to the end of the corridor, where you will see a door with an orange glyph above it. Head through the door and continue to work your way down the hallways until you arrive at the World's Grave.

The World's Grave is a mess of monsters and can be incredibly confusing. Try to keep the right-hand side if you can and carry on through to the final room and the Horned Wreath you were after.

As you enter the Chamber of Night — which is one of the brightest rooms, go figure — you will see three caves where the light is white instead of orange. Head to the leftmost cave, and you will see a target appear on your HUD. Make your way towards that, and you will see the Horned Wreath set on the wall near the back.

Don't try to move back through the entire Hellmouth; it will take forever. Instead, open your director and head straight back to Eris and her group of "friends."

What else do you need to finish?

The quest for the Tranquility sniper rifle requires just a few more pieces to finish. Now that you have found the hardest part; all you need to do is complete activities while using a different sniper rifle.

The activities are simple. You need to loot chests, do public events, and complete the Lost sectors all over the moon. As long as you use a sniper for all of those activities, you will quickly complete both requirements at the same time.

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