So you may have noticed that our home page looks a wee bit different than usual. That's because it's Cyber Monday week!

Why the makeover? Our sibling site Thrifter has been planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for weeks, and frankly, we're pretty damn impressed with what they're up to. We know much of the world stops doing whatever it was doing and starts deal-hunting on Black Friday. There's simply no better time to find deals. But to the vigilant go the spoils, right? So we decided to help by focusing our site on Thrifter-curated deals, beginning Wednesday, November 21, and lasting through Tuesday, November 27, when all the best Cyber Monday promotions finally close out.

Wait, what exactly is Thrifter? It's a site with the mission to find and deliver the absolute best deals on the web, on just about anything, faster than any other sites. Thrifter does not just do this on and around Black Friday, either. This site is 100-percent dedicated to identifying the best deals on the planet, 365 days every year, seven days each week, and 24 hours of those days. Thrifter has a staff of trained deal-hunters who do only that: find the best deals and share them as quickly as possible. They're literally professional deal-spotters.

So if Windows Central looks a bit different to you, embrace the change! We most certainly are. And if you're a true Black Friday or Cyber Monday pro, you can keep tabs on Thrifter in other ways, too.

Thrifter's curating an excellent Black Friday and Cyber Monday newsletter — some of the best deals I've seen so far this year have arrived in my inbox, care of Thrifter. You can sign up for that below.

Thrifter is on Twitter, of course.

We created a fancy new page specifically to spotlight our picks for the best Thrifter-found deals for Windows users and Xbox and PC gamers.

You can even interact with and engage with the Thrifter team, on their Discord page. Seriously, come say hello and let us know all about the deals that have piqued your interest so far. We'd love to hear from you.

Oh, and if Cyber Monday's just not your thing, cool; Windows Central will return to its regularly-scheduled programming on Tuesday, November, 27.