WMExperts Podcast Episode 68

Malatesta and Phil blaze through a bunch of hardware and software news and tackle some excellent reader questions, including one about our very own Motorcycle Man of Mystery. Join us!

Hardware news

Software news

Microsoft news

Carrier news

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Thanks to Bryan, Mark and Douglas for the e-mails, and Robert for the voicemail. (Here's the link to Robert's TouchFLO 3D weather question.) Drop us a line. E-mail Call us at (866) 904-5882 ext. 222. Hit us up on Twitter - @wmexperts, Deiter, Phil, Malatesta, George, Tim.


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Dieter Bohn
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  • No, no, no! Catching up on podcasts and heard the recomendation for weather modification (adding cities) that are not already on the Touch Pro 2. Don't go the route suggested! Check and search for conflipper v4 (or highter). It'll add more cities from all over the world. Then tap on the time on the home screen after adding your city on the weather tab. Select the city you added as your home city. Then weather will display in your calandar, no problem. No registry mods. No calandar defect. It all plays nice. Good luck! Loving this device.