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The Xbox One had some very enticing sales during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday period, discounted anywhere up to $150 dollars during the major sales. Across every version of the box, including the Xbox One S, the Xbox One X, and the discless Xbox One S All-Digital, Microsoft enjoyed some rock solid sales, and even managed to take the sell-through crown in the United Kingdom (via

The Xbox One S All-Digital managed to take the crown, which saw combined SKU sales hover around 100,000 according to British retailers, beating out competition from the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. While the discounts led to lower revenue when compared to the Switch, the upswing is incredibly important for Microsoft, who makes an increasing chunk of its gaming profits from Xbox Game Pass and digital sales. As we move into 2020, having a large install base for the console becomes ever more important, as Microsoft will begin shipping Xbox Game Streaming services from local consoles and remotely via Project xCloud.

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I would say that the performance of the Xbox One S All-Digital is a strong indicator that consumers are ready to ditch discs if the price is right, which the All-Digital arguably wasn't until the Black Friday sales.

2020 will be an incredibly exciting year for Xbox in general, with the next-gen console Project Scarlett launching in the holiday season, on the back of a broader roll out of xCloud, gameplay details of new games including Halo Infinite, and much more. While we don't have U.S. figures until NPD publishes its analsysis, I think it's safe to expect the Xbox One performed pretty well over in the States as well. This Black Friday boost gives Xbox a bit of much-needed momentum moving into next year.

Best budget option

Xbox One S All-Digital

Ditch the discs

Microsoft's Xbox One S All-Digital console is the cheapest option out there right now. It drops the disc drive for additional savings, but retains the sleek aesthetic and is an excellent option for 1080p gaming.

For newcomers

Xbox One S Starter Bundle

For newcomers to the ecosystem

If you're new to the ecosystem, keep an eye on the price of the starter bundle. The starter bundle comes with Xbox Game Pass, providing access to dozens upon dozens of games out of the box, as well as UHD movie playback.

4K power house

Xbox One X

For 4K TV owners

Currently the world's most powerful console, the Xbox One X, is the ideal partner for anyone with a 4K HDR TV (or anyone planning to grab one in the Black Friday sales). This is the ultimate system for fans of UHD gaming and movies.

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