Xbox Series X controllers are on sale right now, save $15 and get playing

Xbox Series X Controller
Xbox Series X Controller (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

As an influential rapper once said, "you claim to be a player, but I took your controller." This is the situation for most of us, wherein we think we're pro gamers who are equipped for any and all events, but then come to find we lack the necessary controller with which to put us in charge of Master Chief in Halo Infinite. At which point, we find ourselves not to be true gamers at all, but instead, frauds.

Remedy this existential gamer crisis by buying Xbox Series X wireless controllers at a discounted price, now available for $50 this Black Tuesday! To put things in perspective, that's $15 off the usual $65 price, which is still $40 more than the excellent PDP Afterglow controllers cost, though admittedly, those are wired. The Xbox Series X controllers are wireless, meaning you can throw them at siblings in a fit of rage far more easily. There are no deals on medical insurance for what comes after that, but that's not our problem, so, yeah.

Xbox Series X wireless controller

Xbox Series X wireless controller

Save $15

Years of precision engineering and millions in R&D expenditures at Microsoft have boiled down to this piece of plastic. Get ready to hold innovation in the palm of your hands with the latest iteration of the greatest controller in the history of the universe.

Now, you might be saying "doesn't this controller always go on sale for, like, $10 or $15 off?" And the answer is yes, yes it does. But maybe you need a controller now and aren't willing to wait. Maybe you're in a hurry to get back to Forza Horizon 5 after throwing your last controller at a sibling and breaking it in the process. Whatever the case, you know the rule: Buy now, and think about fiscal responsibility later.

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