Halo Spartan Assault

Halo: Spartan Assault to receive major update this week including new levels and Xbox 360 controller support

Good news for those who enjoy Halo: Spartan Assault, which was released for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 back in July, as the game is set to receive its first upgrade this week. That falls in line with earlier reports that August would see such an update.

The details for the Windows 8 version were revealed on the official Halo Waypoint site with an August 29th release availability. It’s not clear if the Windows Phone 8 version will be updated at the same time, though presumably they will be tied closely together. That version for Windows Phone 8 should also bring support for 512MB devices, as previously reported.

So what can users expect? There’s three big new features here: new missions, new achievements and Xbox 360 joystick support.

  • Operation Hydra including 5 new missions
  • New Achievements (50 points) including Archeology, Silvertip, Tour of duty, A for Effort and Vidmaster Challenge 2.0
  • Support for Xbox 360 wired controllers – We knew this was coming from our earlier coverage, but now it’s confirmed that users will be able to plug in their Xbox 360 controller to their Surface Pro or desktop to get a new way to interact with the game

Overall, it sounds like a pretty comprehensive update for such an A-list title. We’ll keep an eye out for the corresponding Windows Phone 8 version as well, especially for those with 512MB devices.

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Source: Halo Waypoint; via WP7Forum.ru


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Halo: Spartan Assault to receive major update this week including new levels and Xbox 360 controller support


Which MS doesn't make/sell anymore!  BAH!  Mine died and I scoured the 'main shops' looking for one.  You can only find them on ebay and craigs list right now (or resellers from Amazon)

Yeah plus that think is bulky. Wish you could get a simple USB dongle that did the trick. Maybe we'll get WiFi direct compatibility with the XB1 controllers for Surface.

I have the Moga Pro Controller. So far the only game it supports is Drift Mania Championship 2. It's a great controller. I'm also hoping they update the game to use it.

RT has all those drivers from Windows 8. It works with printers, mouse, keyboards, etc....The IE browser is almost a clone from Windows 8. It will play pretty much any website with adobe flash videos. Pretty awesome for watching movies.

Are these extra levels something we have to purchase (i.e., DLC), or do they come free?

Newb question... How do I get a 360 controller to work on my Win8 touch screen laptop? Do I need a special device for a USB connection?

Looking forward to the new content.  Though, I'm still getting used to using grenades in H:SA... I'm just not very good at it...

YEAH!!!! That's what I've been waiting for to play it. I bought the game on release but I haven't played a single minute, waiting for controller support.

I personally find the touch controls superior to m/kb, but I can't wait to fire this up on my PC with a controller!

Devastated after buying this and realizing it isn't an online game. I hope they have an online version in the works

I hope, should they update the WP8 version, that they address the issue of how much room it takes to install the damned thing. It's a 700mb game that takes reportedly around 4gb free space to install. For the love of God why? Why does it need  near six times it's own size to install?
I have yet to be able to install it because I have cleared everything I possibly can out of my Lumia 820, the vast majority of my games and pretty much every app that can be deleted, cleared my internet history, successfully flushed out the "other" folder, and still I only have 3.2gb. I'm bending over backwards to give you my money Microsoft, and I can't. Please sort this out. It's ludicrous.

I know. Asphalt 7 took 4.6gb clear to install. I would be able to do if it were 4x. I'd need around 2.8gb, whihc I have. It's near 6x though! 

Hopefully they will keep improving the game. It is monsterously huge though. I wish the core game shell was a download, with the ability to download/remove individual missions, kind of like how Here Maps lets you install/remove individual maps.

No, the charging cable does not transfer data. Need the PC adapter. Somebody linked that above.

Are you suggesting the pc adapter dongle will plug into the phone usb (via an adapter) and work with the wireless 360 controller?

The new achievements have been added to the WP version of the game, so it's coming, just a matter of when.