Get the Lumia 920 for just $200 on eBay, then head to Amazon for Xbox Live Gold savings

Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a solid (quite literally) Windows Phone, powering the latest version of Microsoft's operating system. It was the first Nokia Windows Phone to sport wireless charging, not to mention a great camera and superb display. If you're looking for a premium Windows Phone experience at a low price, you may want to check out an eBay page selling refurbished units for $200. That's a great deal for the overall package. Not only that, but Amazon has the Xbox Live 12 month subscription on offer too.

The Lumia 920 is up first. Which colours are available from eBay store qualitycellz? Black, blue, red, white and yellow. It's worth noting that these are indeed refurbished Windows Phones, meaning the product has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications and is in excellent condition - according to the status entry on eBay. The seller itself has a positive review history and we can't see any issues going with these listings, especially when you're saving a few bucks.

Don't get us wrong, with new hardware being released and Nokia being absorbed by Microsoft this year, we're sure to see new Windows Phones with more advanced and battery efficient components. That said, the Lumia 920 is certainly no slouch and is a worthwhile purchase. Check out our in-depth review for more details and our thoughts on the device.


Xbox Live Amazon Deal

Get online and game for only $39.99

Have an Xbox? Need to get online and game? Amazon has the 12 month Gold subscription package for $39.99, down from $59.99. This is a perfect deal for anyone who requires an extension to their current online account or to get involved with communities around the world for the first time. Being online on the Xbox (be it the 360 or the new Xbox One) is a whole new experience, compared to single player games. A price drop for the online fee is well worth taking advantage of. 

Source: eBay, Amazon; thanks, John, for the tip!


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Get the Lumia 920 for just $200 on eBay, then head to Amazon for Xbox Live Gold savings


I signed up for a free month of live, been waiting for this. I was waiting it out until the price went down, I'll buy this tonight.

Yes, it is excellent.. This has to be the most solidly built modern day smartphone you can get.. It literally feels like one solid piece of molded polycarbonate.. This thing doesn't bend, or flex, at all...
Can't say the same for my 1520, but it's still much more solid than other SSSP's.. On the other hand, the Galaxy Mega has to be the worst built..

My 720 is also pretty solid and completely feels like it was truly carved out of one piece of material. quite possibly the best looking lumia alongside the 925. 

It's sad that us American WP fans can never see these devices... I've never seen a 620, 625, 720, or 1320.. I want to play with all of them, damnit❕
Oh, and the 8s.. That's supposed to be a good one too.... The 8X is very nice, and solid..

It is very well built indeed. But not flawless - after only a couple of months mine flexes and creaks in places especially opposite of the shutter button, but thats hardly surprising given all the pressing and squeezing going on there. So yeah well built but not perfect yet:)

That's not typical of a 920 chassis that was made correctly at the factory.... Think about what I'm saying.

The ideal Windows Phone imo. It looks pretty nice, and supports every single thing without compromise (unless you find it too heavy).

Heavy?? After 10months with it, my biceps are in tournament shape now!! Hahaha. 920 is still one piece of kickass phone...

I have mine factory unlocked and there's steps to get internet sharing working in the forums. Other than that though, it works like a champ getting 4g (or what it calls H+) with fantastic speeds on T-Mobile. So take it from me, it is worth it, even on T-Mobile! :)

I agree as I get 4G and LTE in my area(Baltimore). The only thing that doesn't work on LTE is group or multimedia messages.

BAM, done. I love buying manufacturer refurbished, it's basically new but it's technically no longer "new" so they have to sell it much cheaper. I got my Surface the same way and it's excelleng, essentially new but not "new" :D

Looking forward to phase out my 620 and enjoy this 920 (got the black one, I love matte surfaces) on T-Mo!

the worst thing about nokia is overpricing ;) (aka immediate price drops)

i got mine 920 for like $850 when it came out in Poland, and now  (13 months later) new one is worth like $350... and mine, used one, is worth maybe 150-200$ (which is less than my 5yo e52 i think)

try that with IPHONE :)  i dont want an apple, but i love their stuff stays pricy. i would like to switch to 1020 but wait... sell a phone for $150 to get almost exactly the same for $650-$700?! ;)

13 months is not an immediate price drop. All phones drop in price like that after a long period.

try to buy new iphone 4 for $200 or even $300 :) and its not 5s, not 5 :) not even 4s...


70% price drop after 1 year is a massive drop

Obviously the iphone is overpriced and is a status symbol for less informed people that's why they're willing to pay ridiculous prices for used ones.

im not talking about used ones... im talking about new stuff, where previous models are still worth a penny ;) I love having new devices but it makes me angry when I get a flagship for buckload of money and my friends wait few months and get the same device with cereals

That only applied to Apple products, I guess. Nearly every other devices have this similar price drop ratio.

not really... for example SGS3 is now like a $50-$100 above lumia 920 and it was on the market long time before nokia (starting at the same price point). Not to mention XBOX consoles :)

I understand devices can get cheaper but thats not the point. I just feel bad my phone wasnt worth even 30% of its time of release price. If they want me to buy a device right when it comes out, they need to keep the price higher for a longer period of time. Otherwise I'll wait a year, buy a cheap like bread device and nokia will suck @ premier sales stats vs iApple or Samsung :)

get me clear: Im not whining. Im just saying I wont buy another lumia on presale/first run again.

You don't have to unlock at all to use it on Aio. I use mine just fine. It's owned by ATT so most ATT locked phones should work with Aio.

The Lumia 920 is more neon blue than cyan. The Lumia 900 was cyan. I have the neon blue Lumia 920 and everywhere I go people ask me "what phone is that"? :D. BTW is is matte but very slippery. I purchased an incipio feather neon blue case and it matches the phone's color 99%

I just bought one in excellent condition for 155 with a case, charger, headphones, and a car charger. This deal really isn't that great...

I'm with you on the headphones being gross!...I won't use Beats, Turtle Beach, etc. if they are on display at a store....Headphones should be treated like toothbrushes...One user only man.

I want to try and find a 1320 instead. Although its temping to score another 920. Rather up it for a larger display. Not to mention my local classifieds people are getting rid of these Lumias like VHS tapes lol scored a brand new 520 the other day for $30. Low specs but still runs great. Also found a 625 for $110. Great for us WP8 fans. I don't know why people think WP8 is horrible.

I got lucky with my 920. I got a new/mint one off Craigslist $200 last May. Bought an unlock code the same day. Using it on T-Mobile as part of the family plan. Only thing that doesn't work is the internet sharing. Idk why that doesn't unlock with the device.

Hey off topic, I'm looking for an AT&T user who can help me unlock my at&t's 920, because I'm not in the US and I don't have an AT&t account so I can't ask for the code, anyone please?? :/

I didn't have an account when I got my phone unlocked, I bought the phone out right when it came out and used a prepaid sim card from a different carrier. When the 920 was available to be unlocked I called. Att and they provided the code

I don't know it's redeem by date but if you add it to your account now it will add on to what you already have.


My sister just got hers for 175 with a charging pad. Of course I told her to jump on that haha.

Also, if Xbox gold came with music pass then I would get on this. Btw MS, make the gold come with a music pass

Only negative with my 920 at the moment (other than it is occasionally slow loading) is that I often now get a message saying that the memory is full and I can't have any more programs running background tasks.

WP8 is limited at 15 background tasks running concurrently - to save battery. I wish MS would remove the limit and let user decide the number

Best Buy has an NFL Xbox Live package that I think is $39.99.  12 months of Xbox Live Gold and a $10 gift card for NFLshop.com.  I think this is still going on.

You can also get the Xbox Live code online through Amazon for those who don't want physical cards.  Price is the same.

If I buy a 12month online card for $39.99 from the US amazon site, can I redeem it using a UK account? Much cheaper on the us amazon site than ours :/

I'm afraid not. I've purchased from Amazon Germany in the past (im in the UK) but there is no option for me to buy from Amazon USA. Usually when I want something from USA I just ask my brother who lives there.


So if buying off Amazon USA wasnt a problem, then there is the problem of this card only be compatible with a US Live account. 


$39.99 is a good deal but, if you wait it out, they normally go for $35...and that would be the cheapest I have ever seen them...

Just got the 12 mo. Live card. $40/free shipping? Sold! Not due for live until June, but bought the card ahead of time cuz this is a good deal. Thanx wpc!

How to get one year online code ? I am from India ,it says it is available for US only. Do virtual CC work in this? Getting Card adding import duty and shipping.

Lumia 920 refurbed.. Says a lot about the product. Like original surfaces being sold off cheap. (sadly i stuck with my l920).

I bought a brand new 920 a few days ago for $240 off eBay. The $200 pricing for these refurbs was OK but $260 is too much - even if they are unlocked.