Get the Asus VivoTab Note 8 for $299 from the Microsoft Store

Get the Asus VivoTab Note 8 for $299 from the Microsoft Store

One of the more popular small form factor Windows tablets, the ASUS VivoTab Note 8, is picking up a $30 price drop on the Microsoft Store today. Down from an original MSRP of $329, you can now pick one up for $299 with free shipping (and free returns), so long as you're okay buying online before you get a chance to put your hands on it.

If you needed a quick refresher, the VivoTab Note 8 offers an 8-inch screen (of course), with an Intel Atom Z3740 processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Of course the "Note" part of the name indicates that the tablet also has a Wacom stylus included, which is a big perk if you're the artistic type.

Hit the source link below to grab your discounted VivoTab Note 8 from the Microsoft Store.

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Get the Asus VivoTab Note 8 for $299 from the Microsoft Store


Well, $299 is actually what the original MSRP was supposed to be, but for some reason the online store increased that to $329.  People in stores were still getting them for $299 all along, I believe.  Still though, good that they dropped the price.

Marginally better, but it's still a cheap laptop. If you want a decent laptop expect to pay $1000+. Gaming level $2000+

Loool that's a joke, do you live in England by any chance cos you can get a decent laptop for £250-£600, currys/pc world do very good laptops for that price range. And £300 for a laptop for a student is"decent"

I doubt it - I'd say the 500-600 quid is minimum spec for anything vaguely serious. And no, I'm in Australia. 600 quid = AU$1068 which is in the good $1000-2000 range. Looking at prices here, the sweet point between crap and non-crap seems to be around $900 = 500 quid. If you only need to browse the internet and type a Word document, then yeah, go for the crappy plastic 300 quid laptop, you'd only be getting an i3, or worse, at that price. If you want something that will last a few years, be able to play some games (within reason), do some programming or graphics editing then you'd want to spend a bit more money. The cheapest i5 I could find was around the $700 / 400 quid mark.

I don't really care for it. If not for the Wacom, I'd have returned it and bought another Venue 8 Pro.

I was curious on the comparison. Love my DVP8 except for the crappy pen that is now somewhat usable since I took it apart and fixed the crappy build. Its still no Wacom though.

Dell revised the stylus and started selling it last month. It's still not Wacom grade but it's usable. Note taking and selecting, it does fine. Not good enough to draw with though beyond basic sketching.

The new stylus is a lot better. Revision: A01, build date: February 2014.

Mine is perfect, no tails, hover clicks, etc. I have no problems drawing with it either, works just as good as the Wacom is this Asus tab did.

No thanks. Windows 8.1 is horrible. Not windows phone but Windows 8.1. My tablet made sure of that. Witch happens to be an asus tablet.

I have it on my Dell venue pro and love it. I also own an iPad and a nexus 7. To say win 8.1 is horrible is a bit of a stretch

I have to agree. Windows RT has been absolutely my best experience for tablets. I can't speak for Asus though. I said I would never buy their products again after two Android tablets crapped out on me. But man if they ever created a fonepad mini for WP I would SERIOUSLY have to reconsider my protest of their product.

I agree completely.  I actually think 8.1 is the best tablet OS out there, but it does need a better app library and all functions available outside of the Desktop (like File Manager).  I hope we'll be able to turn off the Desktop entirely (except in rare web browser occasions) when Office Touch is released and the full Control Panel and File Manager come to Metro.

Believe it or not, there is a metro file manager.

It's the OneDrive app. Just open it and click on OneDrive, top left, and choose This PC. From there you can manage all your files as well as copy/paste them.

Not very intuitive, I actually just figured it out myself.

I own a venue pro 11 which is by FAR the best tablet Ive owned including ones from that fruity company and ADroid tablets.  Windows 8.1 is by far the best tablet OS, it isn't even close.

I understand some of the hate for Windows 8 when it comes to desktops even though I think it comes from users who hate change but for tablet users I just don't see it as it is truly revolutionary and with 8.1 the UI and unique functionality and multitasking makes Ipads and the more functional clone android tablets obviously outdated as well as fugly!

Blame Asus and yourself for buying a cheap device. My Dell Windows 8 tablet is the best thing ever and I love it.

Or even $249. But I'm sure with the recent license change from Windows these type of pricing will soon be more common for tablets.

Purchased the 64bit this morning with the coupon code that Microsoft gave me at BUILD.

Inking should be much better on this than my Dell Venue Pro. 32GB is not enough space for these tablets.

Not really. The new version Dell stylus closes the gap and gets the job done. Not as good as the Wacom but good enough I think to close build quality gap.

Didn't close the gap for me. My first Pen broke, after 6 weeks I finally got a replacement. The battery lasted 1 week and then I gave up.

With the Asus I can use my wacom pen from my Surface Pro.

Good news is the $500 coupon code took care of the cost of the tablet and the case.


Call them and ask them. They will probably do that if you had started a trouble ticket back then. Otherwise, the assumption is you got a working one and are fine with the goods sold.

Still think nothing beats the Lenovo Think Pad 8. Sadly I would never get a chance to judge from the blotched released that essentially hardly came. I almost bought this from ShopHQ as they had it bundled for a good price and value pay, but probably glad I passed on it.

I almost went Thinkpad 8, but then I got in on the first $499 surface Pro deal that Best Buy had. So far no regrets. The surface pro does everything I need it to do.

Interesting. I'm guessing at this price point that this is an RT tablet and doesn't run 8.1 pro?

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Microsoft in Norway only sells own products and it pisses me off a tad... Absolutely no great offers. They're kind of an antiselling company:)

Nice, would jump on this if it had full HD and 4gb ram. I'm still waiting for an 8" device that has it, along with all the other features of the vivotab note 8, but maybe I'll have to wait until cherry trail, lol

I was considering this and the Dell Venue 8 Pro. I ended up going with the Dell. IMO, the Dell has a better build, better screen, and, depending on where you get it, is a lot cheaper. That, along with the fact that Dell fixed the issues with their stylus, made me choose it over the Asus.

It is good to see the price dropping down to more in line with the other Win 8.1 tabs.

Really enjoying my ASUS Vivo Tab Note 8 64GB. Much snappier than my Acer W3. Wacom is fantastic. Supplied stylus works good. But my Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus works better. Taps on the screen are very precise so I can access tiny desktop menus without ever missing my mark. Battery life is good. Not much not to like on this little tablet.