Refurbished Surface 2 now $279 through eBay

Refurbished Surface 2 now on sale

While Microsoft is offering a $100 discount off of a brand new Surface 2 through its stores, eBay is now offering a refurbished Surface 2 for just $279. At that price, you're getting the base 32 GB configuration. Compared to the recent sale that Microsoft is offering on the Surface 2, you're saving $70 for the refurbished unit.

Unfortunately, with the refurbished sale, you won't be able to choose other configurations for the Surface 2, meaning you cannot opt for the model with more built-in storage or with 4G LTE.

The deal is now available on eBay at the source link below, and shipping is included if you're interested.

Let us know if you do spring for the Surface 2.

Source: eBay via Dealsea


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Refurbished Surface 2 now $279 through eBay


Don't you have a service that allows you to use a special US address that automatically sends it to you? I live on Curacao and here we have a service called Puntomio which allows us to do just that. I can order anything from the US with the special US address they give out and they send it to me.

Curacao is a very small island, if we have it then you probably have it too.

Yeah I bought a "brand new" Lumia 820 on eBay from a seller who had a 98.9 positive feedback, realized they are just sending problematic devices and offering you money back if you find the fault with it. Mine had a dead pixel and after wasting 2 months I got the money back, because they wouldn't send me another, fully functional one.

Only going for the brand new stuff from Microsoft from now on (ordering the Surface 2 in Canada now).

Well eBay guarantees you get your money back even if the seller doesn't give it back. Fortunately the seller gave the money back; I believe that's how they keep their positive feedback. I am just sorry some poor guy is going to have my faulty device without realizing it.

Not until they merge the Windows Phone Store with RT store and share apps will it be worth it to me.  I bought an RT Surface and returned the next day.  Wasn't a whole heck of a lot I could do with it.  Can't afford the Pro.

Yes, when phone apps with on the surface 2, that would be a great day. Only bad thing with RT is lack of apps. Other than that, it is a good device. Wish the memory card did not drain the battery so much. Wish it would go into standby until it was used.

"whole heck of a lot" compared to what? an iPad? An Android tablet? Or a full Windows 8 device?

Android and iOS look childish to me after using Surface RT.

I'm planning to upgrade my Original Surface RT and get the ASUS T100(S) 2nd Generation in Red.
The Surface RT is just too underpowered. Internet Explorer is always lagging, Apps just work at random.
Just need a reasonably priced Tablet/Laptop Hybrid that runs Full Windows 8.

Like the Surface RT, Surface 2 and Lumia 2520 models. They have Just Windows 8 and Microsoft-made desktop program access including Office. In my definition, the best creation from Microsoft ever. Super long battery life, beautiful hardware hybrid tablet/laptops, and free a office. Does everything most Windows based devices can do, sans desktop-specific applications like Itunes and Zune. But all Metro Windows 8 apps are available like Spotify, Skype, etc.

I say wait for the possible Surface 3 release... Then if the Surface 2 is still in inventory it may even be cheaper! If again you are willing to settle for last years tech!