Surface Pro with 256 GB SSD shows up for sale on CDW ($1,199)

Surface Pro

You might remember that we reported about a Japan exclusive Microsoft Surface Pro with a 256 GB SSD a few weeks ago. While the product has still not shown up on Microsoft’s own web store, it has shown up on CDW.com for $1,199.

By what we can tell, this isn’t a Japanese export, but an actual North American model with one year of hardware support from Microsoft. CDW has always been a large technology provider for enterprise customers and we wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled the trigger a bit early on launching their web page.

Surface Pro 256 GB

The advertised Surface Pro has an Intel Core i5 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, a 1080p multi-touch display, and of course – a 256 GB SSD.

We will keep you up to date as more information about the 256 Surface Pro for North American and Europe arises.

Are any of our readers interested in a 256 GB Surface Pro? Do you think $1,200 is a good price or a complete turn off – let us know in the comments below.

Source: CDW, Thanks to Zack for the tip!


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Surface Pro with 256 GB SSD shows up for sale on CDW ($1,199)


You won't see a Haswell Surface device until after Windows 8.1 goes final.  Till then they're not going to talk about new Surface hardware and sell as much of the current generation as they can.

I don't see why, the chip was announced, its in other devices and would address the biggest complaint, battery life. Companies refresh their hardware all the time and this would seem to be the ideal opportunity to start using the newer CPU.

Many PCs and laptops haven't been upgraded to Haswell by OEMs as yet as far as I've seen. Therefore I'm not surprised to see that the Surface hasn't been upgraded as yet either. Haswell should come with the Surface 2 when windows 8.1 has been released as GP07 said above.

Microsoft also appear to be trying to clear out the current surface stock also. Wouldn't be wise to introduce Haswell now

But most OEM's at least announced upgrades coming at Computex and some like the Sony Vaio Pro 13, Duo 13 and Mac Air's are actually available to buy now. Haswell can also allow them go to a bit lighter and thinner so there's really no reason not to switch.

Because the Surface hasn't even come out yet in a lot of countries. People (including myself) will rage if a new Surface comes out this year. You can't make your product obsolete within 6 months of release, and expect people to ever buy your products again.

An upgrade to Haswell doesn't obsolete anything, just gives the new model better performance in some areas. The Ivy Bridge version will still be supported with the same updates.

"just gives the new model better performance in some areas"?  That's a bit of an understatement.  If Intel comes anywhere near delivering on their promises for Haswell, and all the surrounding hardware and software comes together properly, it should be a major improvement.  Smaller, lighter devices that run cooler and longer with the same or better performance.  The Ivy Bridge version may not be obsolete in the sense of being useless or no longer in use, but it will be obsolete in the sense that it's no longer the latest and greatest.  So what?  This is the way of tech.

Battery life, sound volume and the cheapness of the plastic pen are my only complaints with my Surface Pro.

not for 256GB. Too much when the 128 is 900. Double ram upgrade is normally $100 more.... and this is overpriced by that much. Now if they throw in the type cover for that price yeah, I might buy.

Already got the 128GB version at TechEd for $399...i can wait til v4.0 (or 5.0 or 6.0... ;) ) until they can give me 8x the storage and 5x the battery life, no real reason to upgrade anytime soon...

Haswell upgrade absolutely nice. Higher resolution I don't quite see that being that useful for such a small 10" display.
If resolution and Haswell are both important take a look at the Samsung Ativ Q: 13.3" with 3200x1800 resolution (coming Q3).

Waiting out for surface pro with haswell :-( need that better battery life! 256gb is nice though

I personally will wait for a Surface Pro 2 with haswell and win8.1. I heard that win8.1 could save a lot more spaces than win8. 

It's been available in Australia for Enterprise customers since 1 day after Japanese retail release - posted about this almost a month ago - however my sources wouldn't give me pricing....