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Cheap Windows 8.1 10.1-inch tablet coming in November

5G is fast!

As you'd imagine, Samsung's 5G is pretty fast


Microsoft says Samsung owes $6.9 million in unpaid interest

Big win for Microsoft

Samsung to start using Microsoft Word in 2015

Bye-bye to Samsung laptops in Europe

Samsung ending notebook sales in Europe

New App

Samsung releases new ATIV Clock app for Windows Phone 8.1

Legal Drama!

Samsung incurs the wrath of Microsoft


Samsung releases ATIV BizCard scanning app for Windows Phone

General News

Armed robbers raid Brazilian Samsung factory for 40,000 devices

General News

Samsung, Intel and Dell create a consortium for connected devices


Samsung's bringing HDR, Smooth and Slow video to their Windows Phone 8.1 app

General News

EU and South Korea working together to develop 5G networks

General News

Intel and Samsung teaming up for lower-cost 4K monitors

Microsoft News

Microsoft pokes fun at Samsung's Heathrow advertising, fails to book flight to the Galaxy

Windows Phone News

Grab a Nokia DT-900 wireless charging pad for $14.99 (U.S. only)

General News

Five Samsung Mobile US execs leave company, reports CNET

General News

Samsung research could put graphene into your future thin, light, even bendy phone

General News

Samsung ATIV SE official, now up for pre-order at Verizon


Sprint confirms Windows Phone 8.1 update for HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo this summer


Samsung ATIV SE coming later this month with a 5-inch display, without Windows Phone 8.1

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Today only: Get a Samsung Focus at Walmart, make $25

Update: as of 12pm, Focus is listed as 'Backordered'

This is no doubt the best deal yet: Walmart, today only, is offering the Samsung Focus for less than free. That's right, they will owe you $25 t if you commit to a 2 year plan and take that beautiful phone from their hands.

During check out, enter in this code: 25rafpcver1 which will take $25 off of the already $0.01 instant price. Part of that discount is a $100 Walmart gift card, which you'll receive by mail (if you order online) but we hear you can get it back instantly if you buy in the store. Note that the "Lets Talks $25 discount" will expire today, meaning tomorrow this phone will only be free with a new contract and more importantly, they don't seem to offer the cheaper 500 minute plan.

Samsung Focus at Walmart

Thanks, Rico, for the tip!


Reader comments

Today only: Get a Samsung Focus at Walmart, make $25


I just want to upgrade my phone and OS, but keep my calling plan and phone number.. Can I do that with this special deal?

Someone's math is off there. $199.99 -100.00 - 75.00 = $.01, not $25.01.

Edit: I figured it out. You get another $25 back with that code. However, I called a Walmart store. In the stores, you don't get the deal where you get $25 back. In store, the phone is $148.88 and you get a $100 gift card in the mail. The store I called would not apply the $100 instantly. Only online orders (through do you get $25.00 back.

i should've clarified when i posted the tip -- if you're getting a contract extension, you pay $99.99 for the Focus, which you'll get back. The $18 activation fee appears on the first bill. You'll also need to make sure that when looking at voice plans, that the box to show plans where the phone is free is unchecked. i've been able to keep my 450 minute plan along, unlimited texting, and grandfathered unlimited data plan. A quick call to AT&T confirmed that if i were worried that they changed my plan, i could call them before slipping the SIM into the phone and they could change it back. They also confirmed that my FAN (corporate discount) would not be affected. Basically, the only way to lose either of these is if you called in and, for whatever reason, had them removed.

i tried to get a local Walmart to honor this price, but they said that they didn't honor online prices. Having gotten off a 12-hour shift and battling a cold, i didn't bother trying to debate this with a manager. i actually ended up ordering via the link in the article to avoid the rush once this news spreads. :)

The phone is $148 IN STORE, as in when you physically goto the store. Walmart doesn't actually sell them when you purchase them online, they send you to

Phew, glad I ordered mine before they ran out of stock. But I'm definitely annoyed I missed that coupon code :( Especially because I live in California and I got completely ripped off by the taxes that LetsTalk adds to the price.

But oh well, still better than paying full price or waiting until January for Amazon to deliver.