Windows Phone Refresh (Tango) on Microsoft's Update History site

Tango is popping up on MS France and Spain

Windows Phone Refresh, also known as Tango, is expected to be heading to consumers pretty darn soon. Hopefully, as proof of that, Microsoft has updated some of their Windows Phone update history pages to explain upcoming changes that Tango will bring with it. Among them, is improved messaging features, including the ability to attach multiple images, videos, audio notes and tones to text messages. In addition, Windows Phone Refresh will let users export contacts from their phone to SIM card and vice versa.

That is all for specifics, but the site also says that the update will bring "other improvements in quality" and  "enhancements for Windows Phone." There's no timetable listed, but presumably, those countries showing the updated webpage are likely to be seeing the update rollout sooner than others.

So far, we have seen Tango added to the French and Spanish Windows Phone sites, but sadly, not the U.S. one. It's likely made its way out to other countries' sites as well.

Have any of you seen it elsewhere?

While we all wait you can check our hands with Windows Phone Tango in our video tour on the Lumia 710 after the break.

Source: Microsoft; Via: MonWindowsPhone


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Windows Phone Refresh (Tango) on Microsoft's Update History site


Considering it's been about 1.5 years already since release (or at least how long I've had it) , I wouldn't be surprised. I thought the HD7 was EOL'd already.

Bet'cha T-Mobile will. I will say I had to exchange my Radar about a month ago and the replacement has Tango in it. Do what I did for the last update. CALL T-MOBILE EVERY COUPLE DAYS AND ASK ABOUT WHEN THEIR GONNA RELEASE TANGO FOR THE HD7. They'll tell you they don't know or they don't release updates Microsoft does. It don't really matter. Every call cost them money. If a lot of people start calling and tying up reps time on answering the same question it becomes a cost. Therefore it would be cheaper to release it.

Yes they will, they have rolled out all necessary updates for the HD7 and they're better than the other carriers at it. Even their androids get updated within a reasonable amount of time.

I hear that!!!! AT&T should have pushed an update out to the HTC Titan long ago. Between the disappearing keyboard and the muffled call problem it's driving me crazy!

It means that T-Mobile UK will have yet another update to delay, sit on, ignore and ultimately never push out to their poor suffering customers.

I've been running latest Tango build for a few days now on my UK Titan on a custom Rom. Nothing to get too excited about. The latest fully unlocked Roms available now for this device......that's a different story :)

Tango ROM for the Lumia 710 is already available in many country and carrier variants on navifirm. Through Zune, however, there is nothing being offered currently, which is pretty weird. Even when you unbox a 710 with the buggy old factory rom, Zune claims it is up to date, even though there have been firmware updates rolled out in the last months. Well that sucks for new users if they are not brave enough to do a refurbish upgrade using NCS. It seems they will have to wait for Tango to be able to sucessfully end calls on the 710.
Meanwhile, there is still nothing new for the 800 on ncs servers for a disturbing while now. Still waiting a fix for the volume control bug that has been introduced two months ago.

So you think I should just flush my beautiful cyan 800 down the toilet along with another €600 for the ugly ass 900?
No way.
I want my volume bar fixed. And WiFi tethering.

I don't care no more if I get updates, I just want WP8 with Nokia new hardware :) ps: hopefully November 2012

November 2012 is when I'm eligible to upgrade my Focus. Hopefully there'll be a few new WP8 phones to choose from.

Czech has it available too (with the same message "not for all blabla". I suppose that either tonight or on Wednesday they will start rolling it out.

I'm not sure but I have a feeling that the Tango update will be released along with the tethring for the Lumia's line.

Maybe they'll announce it's rolling out during the event on wednesday as a way of tying everyone over until Apollo ina few months.

And what prevents you from buying a regular phone in a retail store instead of some weird carrier version?