WPCentral Podcast 120

Another week, another podcast. This week Dan and Jay actually recorded live, for what we intend to be a weekly feature. You can join us Mondays at 2PM EST for our live broadcast and chat--either listen here, through UStream or via the UStream client for Windows Phone (Channel = WPCentral Pocast LIVE!).

This week we pound through all the Mango news, software updates and that Toshiba device, plus answer some of your questions along the way. Show notes after the break. Listen in now!

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Thanks to the WPCentral Store for sponsoring the podcast. Thanks also to these great artists for the music and to CCMixter.org for offering a great database of Creative Commons music!


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WPCentral Podcast 120


Ok I know this may not be the correct address to email but I have a question. I am currently running the newest Mango beta and am a huge podcast person. I never liked syncing podcasts and prefer downloading straight to device and can now subscribe on phone but my issue is this, when i say get the latest episode of a podcast then listen to it and delete the phone will then attempt to download the next prior episode and not allow me to mark the old ones as listened to or tell it to not download them. Is there any news if this will be changed in official mango release. I have tried syncing podcasts on zune once to show read for the feed hoping it will carry over with no luck. I current use bringcast as a backup for podcasts as it doesnt have the 30mb limit on 3g downloads but because it doesn't have background play yet i am unable to play my games while listening or use maps while driving and listening over bluetooth in the car. Any feedback would be appreciated.

The podcast was awesome with lots of fun and laughs as well (especially Jay's comments :-) ). I have a minor notice that I hope you may consider in the future podcast. The sound quality compared to WP7DEV podcast is quite different. The WP7DEV podcast has a much clearer and higher volume although the file size difference is not huge from yours. You guys are amazing. Can't wait till next podcast.

Thanks for the kind words coder, I'll see what can be done about the volume for next episode/the live broadcast on Monday

Update on encryption question you covered on the podcast. First off, you guys are great! I am so impressed with your responsiveness to my question last week. You definitely won me over. It is great how accessible you guys are. To show my appreciation, I'm going to go out and purchase the app and after that I'm going over to the store to shop for a new case for my Focus. I know it is a small gesture, but the case and app will serve as reminders of where I can always go to find help with WP7.As a follow-up, I did some more checking about what level of encryption my company is seeking. They aren't ver specific. The notice says they are discontinuing my phone "in order to operate within laws requiring encryption of personal information stored on personal devices such as mobile phones". They then point to a list of approved advices. I did a search on the Windows Phone blog and found references to Information Rights Management and alpha-numeric passwords, but no reference to encryption. I'm afraid that Daniel's reference to hardware encryption is probably what I'm dealing with. I found this link (http://www.infoworld.com/d/mobilize/windows-phone-7-lacks-device-encrypt...)from an Infoworld article which talks about device encryption. This article is 10 months old, but the devices listed in the article align with the approved devices provided by my company. From Daniel's comment, it sounded like it was going to be a while before this kind of encryption is provided. Does that mean not until Windows Phone 8?Thanks again for the service you provide. I wish you two all the best.