A 240Hz monitor for less than $200: Dell's 24.5-inch gaming monitor is on sale today

Dell 24.5-inch gaming monitor
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Don't skimp on a new monitor if you have a computer that can push it to the limit. You'd be surprised how much better your games and movies can look. The Dell S2522HG 24.5-inch gaming monitor is on sale today for $199.99 thanks to Amazon's Prime Early Access sale. This is a Prime Day deal you don't want to miss because it's the lowest price we've ever seen. We've shared deals on this monitor before, but the next best price was $210 back in March. It normally goes for around $250 and has regularly jumped as high as $320 this year. 

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Paying less than $1 per Hertz

Dell 24.5-inch 240Hz gaming monitor $250 $199.99 at Amazon

Dell 24.5-inch 240Hz gaming monitor $250 $199.99 at Amazon

The 240Hz refresh rate is bonkers considering this price, and it's even crazier when you realize this is the lowest price we've ever seen on Amazon.

It can be hard to get a new monitor sometimes because the better the stats the more extreme the price. For example, the leap to 4K from like 1080p or 1440p comes with a big price tag, and then you definitely can't expect a high refresh rate or anything like that without an even bigger price jump. It's "refreshing" (pun intended) to see Dell creating affordable screens that prioritize the stats that matter to a gamer. Usually anything above 144Hz comes with a similar price jump , but this monitor on sale has an amazing refresh rate of 240Hz. Push your gaming to the limit without busting open your wallet at the same time.

Of course, it has other great specs as well. It has a 1080p pixel resolution, a 1ms response time, and an IPS panel that means you get great color accuracy and image clarity. The screen has AMD FreeSync natively, but it is also Nvidia G-Sync compatible so no matter what graphics card you're using you can reduce screen tearing. 

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