This 45-inch bendable OLED monitor is the ultimate gaming flex, and it is $700 off right now

Corsair Xeneon Flex
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Corsair is known for its gaming accessories, but the brand is increasingly turning its attention to monitors, and the Xeneon Flex is its flagship offering. As the name suggests, the differentiator with this monitor is that it has a unique bendable display — you can pull on the sides to turn the flat panel into an 800R curved monitor.

The Flex uses an LG OLED panel, and the 45-inch ultra-wide monitor has a WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution and has a 240Hz refresh. The monitor retails for $1,999, but it is now down to $1,299 — a full $700 off. You can buy a second OLED monitor (albeit a 27-inch model) with the savings. If you prefer buying straight from the manufacturer, you can get the same deal at Corsair

Corsair Xeneon Flex 45-Inch OLED WQHD Bendable Gaming Monitor: $1,999 $1,299 at Amazon

Corsair Xeneon Flex 45-Inch OLED WQHD Bendable Gaming Monitor: $1,999 $1,299 at Amazon

The Xeneon Flex is the ultimate gaming monitor flex, and the unique 45-inch bendable display along with the terrific OLED panel makes this an enticing upgrade. 

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The Xeneon Flex is the ultimate gaming monitor upgrade

The Xeneon Flex is all about making a statement, and it manages to do that with ease. The OLED panel has outstanding colors, and you get the HDR1000 standard here, so that means the panel goes up to 1,000 nits in select zones when playing HDR content. It works seamlessly with NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium, and there's an integrated stand that has easy access to all the ports.

On that note, you get two HDMI 2.1, a DisplayPort 1.4, two USB 3.2, and two USB-C ports at the back, and Corsair includes two USB 3.2 ports at the front as well as a 3.5mm out. The Xeneon Flex isn't really missing out in any area, and the fantastic OLED panel combined with the bendable display makes this a halo gaming monitor.

OLED monitors are slowly gaining momentum, and the Xeneon Flex makes a lot of sense if you want a single ultra-wide monitor instead of a dual or three-monitor configuration. The versatility you're getting here is unmatched, and while $1,299 is still a lot, you are getting a lot of monitor.

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