If there's one epic gamer trend I've enjoyed in recent years, it's the hard swing to smart lights. RGB lights in your keyboard, your mouse, your mouse mat, hell, your entire house. Why not?

Using these affordable smart lights from Govee (on sale for Black Friday), you can essentially add smart lights to any surface, and even tie them up to an Amazon Echo (which are also on sale for Black Friday).

Light it up

Govee Smart Lights Se

Govee Smart Light Strips

RBG all the things

These self-adhesive light strips can be attached to any flat surface to give your domicile some much-needed mood lights. For reasons.

I have a bunch of these lights attached to the back of my desk for some added ambiance, in the absence of a real fire place. You can simply cut the strip to size, and use connectors to attach different strips together if you need to go around corners, for example. The smart lights integrate with Amazon Alexa and other smart hubs using the Govee app as a bridge, which allows you to then add them to scenes within the Amazon Alexa app. I have built up a custom routine to turn on both my Nanoleaf light panels and my desk Govee lights when I say "Alexa, flames" to create a fireplace-style effect with a red/orange glow.

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These lights are really effective, bright, and incredibly easy to set up and use. Just be sure to dust down and clean any surface before using the adhesive, otherwise, it may not stick properly. These Govee strips make for an awesome gift too, especially for a youngster who might be used to seeing their favorite YouTube or Twitch stars' rooms full of gamerfied smart lights.

Smart Lights PictureSource: Windows Central

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