Creative apps applications can get pricey when you need to pay for a subscription each month. That's one of the reasons the Affinity suite of apps is so popular; they don't require a subscription. Now, for Black Friday week, they're even more of a bargain because they're all 30 percent off. That means you can get each app for a discount and never have to pay a subscription to create photos, images, graphics, and publications ever again.

Affinity Photo

This photo editor delivers a professional level of tools and options without needing a subscription.

Affinity Designer

This graphic design program allows you to edit vector and raster designs and doesn't require a subscription.

Affinity Publisher

This publication app can link with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, so you don't have to jump between apps.

Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Publisher are all powerful and popular apps for creation. While they focus on different types of content, they all share some features, including real-time previews of edits, almost unlimited undo history, and a flat cost that doesn't require a subscription.

The Windows versions of Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher are all on sale, and you can also grab versions for Mac and iOS at a discount this week. The Affinity apps use file formats that can work across different operating systems, so if you have a couple of devices, you can move your work back and forth with ease.

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