Best Cheap Xbox One Controllers Windows Central 2022

Microsoft's official Xbox One controllers are high quality and will never let you down, but some may find their $60 price tag a bit expensive. Thankfully, there's a wide variety of third-party options available on the market, with some of them even offering some unique looks and functions to make up for the loss of key features from official controllers, such as wireless play or Windows 10 support.

Our Pick: PowerA Spectra Illuminated Wired Controller

For the best balance between price, functionality, durability, and features, the best controller is the PowerA Spectra Illuminated wired controller. It's 33 percent cheaper than the official Xbox One controller, but is still built well. It also comes with special lighting effects that let you play in 225 different color styles. You'll have to use it with a wire, but thankfully the controller comes with a 10-foot-long cord that plugs into the Xbox One's USB port (as do all the other wired controllers on this list).

$40 at Amazon

Cheapest option: QUMOX Wired Gamepad Controller

The QUMOX Wired Gamepad Controller for Xbox One is a neat, stylish little controller with a smooth black shell, complete with two green stripes that curve around the handles. It's also quite cheap at just $20, making it the best option if you're on a budget. If you want something that looks good and doesn't cost much, this is a great choice.

$20 at Amazon

Bright and white: PowerA Wired Controller

PowerA offers a white Xbox One controller designed to look like the one you could buy right off the Microsoft Store, and at a pretty solid price, too. It's not as durable as the Spectra Illuminated, though.

$30 at Amazon

Flashy choice: PDP Afterglow Wired Controller

The PDP Afterglow controller is on par with the PowerA Wired in terms of durability and price but is set apart by its flashy aesthetics. Featuring four special customizable LED lights in the controller and a transparent shell, the PDP Afterglow is what you'll want if you're looking for some flair.

$30 at Amazon

Wireless option: ZD-W Wireless Controller

If you want a controller with wireless functionality, then you'll need to go for the ZD-W Wireless controller. It's much more expensive than most controllers on this list at $50, but it is still a bit cheaper than Microsoft's official version.

$50 at Amazon

Ultimately, each of these controllers has something to offer that makes them great. The market on third-party Xbox One controllers isn't too huge, but it's nice that there are quality options. If I had to choose one, I would probably go for the ZD-W Wireless controller since my setup demands a wireless connection.

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