Best Laptops for Travel in 2022

Why the Dell XPS 13 is the best

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Lugging a massive laptop through airports isn't a fun experience, and that's where the Dell XPS 13 really comes into its own. With the striking InfinityEdge display, Dell managed to squeeze a 13-inch laptop into the form factor of something closer to the 11-inch MacBook Air. And that's an incredible achievement.

It's a high-end Ultrabook in a teeny tiny chassis.

And this isn't just a laptop. It's a high-end Ultrabook boasting 8th generation Intel processors, a 4K touchscreen, massive internal storage and plenty of ports. This is a top-of-the-line Ultrabook in a teeny, tiny chassis.

It's also incredibly well made. With aluminum on the outside and carbon fiber when you open the display, the XPS 13 will stand the test of time and many, many trips in and out of overhead bins. It's probably the best way to travel light with a Windows 10 PC.

Updated May 21, 2018: We updated our roundup for 2018.

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  • Scratch anything Lenovo.
  • I have a Gen 1 X1 Carbon. It's boss. I dropped it the other day (open and on) and nothing happened. I can't find any cracks or scratch's. Their hardware is awesome.
  • I know people will be angry at Lenovo for centuries, but of those choices, I'd still pick the X1. Yes, Virginia, even over the WC darling Dell god machine. The pricing on the X1 is now reasonable and dat track point. And dem classic buttons they brought back. Better than the Dell IMO. You can REST ASSURED there will no shady software on any Lenovo machine forever now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree but not because of the recent issue. I've purchased thousands of Lenovo's over the last 6 years and not once have I had an account manager or rep even try to contact me. They are the least customer focused manufacturer I think I have ever dealt with and that is why I wouldn't purchase one for personal use and that's why I am looking at other vendors for business now.
  • Not sure that's appropriate. The Lenovo devices in question in this article were never victim to the Superfish adware, and Lenovo has apologized and is taking steps to right this wrong. I'm not saying it wasn't a disaster, but we can't hold Lenovo's feet to the fire forever. After all, if we still judged Windows based on Vista: Where would we be? :P
  • We would be judging windows based on win 8 ^^ i like win8/8.1 alot, but for most people what vista was to xp, win8 is to win7. Just sayin' :D
  • I think alienware is best for traveling.
  • you're funny
  • HAha thanks
  • Lenovo is still an option in my book as the still produce top notch hardware BUT I will purchase their products Only from Microsoft as they sell them with vanilla OS.
  • Just save money and reinstall the OS when you get it....
  • Surface Pro 3
  • This. Not really a laptop, but still perfect for travel.
  • Yup. i7 8/256GB. Love mine.
  • The tablet that can replace your laptop.... so many of us use it like a laptop often. So, Surface Pro 3 can't be called a laptop? I feel sorry for shops selling computers nowadays, I needed to look in the Laptop and tablet section on their website. They seemed confused to know which category to stock the items.
  • Yup, my SP3 has become my go-to computer. It amazing being so productive on it and, essentially, taking my whole office with me when I travel.
  • Nothing travels like my SP3.
    It is the tablet that can replace your laptop after all.
  • Totally agree. Hope the next retains the same dimensions but increases the display size, they can sacrifice some bezel.
  • I third that. Also needs biometric device.
  • I second that!
  • Yes, not sure why its not on the list. It has replaced my t420s (my previous most favorite laptop). I will admit that its probably a good laptop replacement if you don't use it as a laptop most of the time. For occasional laptop usage, its great. For me its docked 60% of the time, used as a tablet 20% and as a laptop the remaining 20%. I will not go back to traditional laptop.
  • I use it as a laptop almost 100% of the time and it's still my favorite "laptop" I've ever had
  • Dell Inspiron 11 2 in 1.
  • THANK YOU. I love that thing. A damn fine little machine for less than $400. Great screen, fast enough processor for normal work and play, and the ability to convert it to tablet mode makes that a force to be reckoned with. Wish windows central appreciated that a bit more, never see any articles about it.
  • Hahaha! I know right. I bought it to replace my Surface Pro 1. Literally the same thickness when keyboard is attached and about an inch wider all around. The multiple angles that I get on it surpasses the Surface Pro 1 and 2. Sure the screen isn't as sharp but it gets the job done. I put an SSD on mine at 240GB and the speed is on par with my Surface Pro 1 and get up to 6 - 6.5 hours of battery life on it. Probably the greatest laptop out there for the $400 mark.
  • Dell xps 13 deserves better recognition
  • Windows 10.... The whole thing... Can't wait.
    Surface Pro 4
  • Totally!!! Just as much on my Surface Pro 3 as my Lumia 1520.
  • Yep❗
  • Dell xps 12
  • Totally agree!  Not as light-weight as the SP3, but it offers far more flexability in how the device can be used... and it has the best feeling keyboard I have ever used on a laptop.  It is truly a convertable meant for those who are more production oriented.
  • Dell Latitude E7240
  • I would love a 15" version of the Dell XPS 13. With the minimal frame around the screen and the great battery life. 13" is just a tad too small for me.
  • I agree, would love an XPS 15.
  • No love for my Acer S7-392?
  • After about an year of heavy use, mine still gives a comfortable 4hr battery life.
    Acer Aspire S7-392 is better than all of the above, except Dell XPS 13 (which excels in battery life.. by a LOT!).
  • What's the difference between the Yoga 3 Pro and the Yoga 3? Lenovo has a Yoga 3 11 inch with that m processor and a yoga 3 14 inch with i5 or i7. Screen RES not as good as pro, and it has the non "m" processors. What's not pro about them? Thanks!
  • Razer Blade 2014 ... Light, blitzkrieg speed, better than my SP3 (miss the pen input though).
  • Blitzkrieg speed? You buying a computer for computing or for Nazism?
  • -_-
  • First comment that made me laugh. Ever.
  • I would probably look for something that was light and portable that I could accommodate me dumping pictures from my camera or previewing clips while on the set, with minor editing and long battery life.
  • I love tablet windows
  • HP Stream 13. Small and light running 8.1 and includes Office 365 for a year?? Great student machine for travel to school and classes
  • I have the Stream 14 and yes, light weight and cold aluminum.
  • I love my acer s3-391. lightweight and perfect for my everyday needs, i'm a college student
  • SP3! Perfect machine for anywhere!
  • Maybe off topic, but what about a midrange price tag built for travel?
  • Acer Aspire R14 2-n-1
  • For me it's the Dell Venue Pro 11. I've got the 7130 (think i series processor) with i3, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD. Plus mobile keyboard. Now that's my kind of laptop/tablet hybrid.
  • Not a laptop but the Surface Pro 3 is the boss.
  • how is the Surface Pro 3 not a laptop? :) MS is selling it as "the laptop that can replace your tablet"... Loving mine!
  • No, it's the TABLET that can replace your LAPTOP
  • Because the hinge is in the body, not the for some reason people refuse to classify it as a laptop.
  • The X1 is an awesome laptop. Reliable and that fast charge is fantastic. Pricey but highly recommended. <