Best Privacy Screens for Dell XPS 13

XPS 13
XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 is an incredible laptop with a gorgeous display, and it's popular with personal and business users alike. It's hard not to be drawn to that iconic display, and to keep prying eyes away from your data you might want to invest in a privacy screen.


Dell Privacy Filter 13.3-inch

Blacked out

Dell's privacy filter for 13.3-inch laptops has everything you might want from such a product. It offers a blacked-out view of your laptop screen outside a 60-degree viewing angle, has an anti-glare finish and supports either the touch or non-touch displays.


Celicious Privacy Plus (for non-touch display)

Ultimate privacy

While slightly more expensive, the Celicious privacy screen is an incredibly accurate fit to the display of the XPS 13. It has four-way filtering, narrowing the viewing angle to 45-degrees both horizontally and vertically, so whichever direction someone's peeking, they won't see your data. It's about the most complete privacy coverage you'll find anywhere. It's got a glossy finish, either and should fix easily with no air bubbles.


3M Gold Privacy Filter

Golden touch

This 3M privacy screen will offer anyone beyond the 60-degree viewing angle nothing but a golden reflection while providing you more clarity than the equivalent black filters. Like all 3M products, it's high quality, and has a choice of fitting options, though the double-sided clear tape seems to be the best way of attaching it to your laptop.

If we had to choose...

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Whatever the reason, if you're looking to keep prying eyes off your data on your Dell XPS 13 you can do so easily and without spending a lot of money. Dell's own privacy screen is a great choice, supporting both touch and non-touch displays. Not least because since it's from Dell you'll get a great fit and a quality product, but it's also excellent value.

3M has a great alternative though in its golden reflective screen as offers more clarity than blacked out equivalents to you when you're working on your laptop. After all, keeping other eyes off your data is only half of the issue.

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