Best Teen-Rated Xbox One Games Windows Central 2019

If you're looking for a teen-rated gift for a loved one, or you're a teen yourself looking to give something new a try (and your parents won't let you play mature-rated games... at least openly), take a look at these tried-and-tested ideas.

Note: This collection features games that achieve a "Teen" ESRB rating in the United States, and while it should correspond to a "Teen" rating in most other markets, it may differ per region.

★ Editor's Pick: Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts is what happens when the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy collide and in return, is one of the industry's greatest crossover franchises. Kingdom Hearts is an action RPG set across several well-known Disney franchises, including Monsters Inc, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, and Frozen, topped off with some cameos from characters from the Final Fantasy world. It shouldn't work, yet, somehow it just does, providing high-drama and heart-warming, action-packed fun.

$60 at Amazon

Team play: Overwatch

Before Fortnite, Overwatch was the latest shooter hotness and it's still going strong! Overwatch is a team-based sci-fi shooter with a colourful, diverse cast of characters and a ton of free updates and events. Compete in teams of six across a variety of objectives and find which mode works best for you.

$31 at Amazon

Learn guitar: Rocksmith Remastered

Rocksmith, unlike Guitar Hero, actually teaches you to play the guitar, using gamification, an existing electric or electro-acoustic guitar, and Rocksmith's official cable. Rocksmith trains players to master an array of staple songs, with studies to back up the fact it actually does improve guitar skills for all guitarists, from beginner to pro.

$40 at Amazon

Vbucks bundle: Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle

Fortnite is a free-to-play title but if you want to grab a gift for a Fortnite-fanatic friend or loved one, this is a great bundle to start with. It comes with some cosmetic frost-themed items, as well as 1,000 Vbucks to spend on further cosmetics for the blockbuster battle royale shooter title.

$30 at Amazon

Co-op shooter glory: Destiny: Forsaken

Destiny is a connected shooter perfect for cooperative play with friends, and the latest expansion, titled "Forsaken," improved the general quality of the game by leaps and bounds. The Forsaken collection incorporates all previous story packs, allowing you to catch up with the latest happenings in this sci-fi online shooter.

$40 at Amazon

Hunt the world: Monster Hunter: World

One for the more determined teens, Monster Hunter: World is a challenging co-op action RPG set in a vast world full of giant monsters. While it's not as casual as something like Fortnite, gamers who really like to sink their teeth into a truly deep game will find it as rewarding as it is difficult.

$28 at Amazon

Rock the Dragon: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is an action-packed fighting game set in the popular Dragon Ball anime universe. Play as famous characters like Goku, Frieza, Vegeta, and Cell, across various story-based campaigns and in competitive play.

$28 at Amazon

Life sim: The Sims 4

The Sims is a timeless franchise all about creating your very own, well, life, with simulated inhabitants. Customize their homes, their lifestyles, and much more, in what is quite possibly one of the most addictive time-wasters on the market.

$34 at Amazon

Ultimate challenge: Dark Souls II

While Dark Souls and Dark Souls III sport a "mature" rating, Dark Souls II managed to slip under the ESRB-radar somewhat, but it's still dark, violent, and difficult. Dark Souls is a bit of a phenomenon, known for its incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding action-RPG gameplay — if the player is brave enough, that is.

$15 at Amazon

Fantasy collection: Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition pulls together all of the action RPG's story content into one glorious bundle, making for a huge journey across a wide, fantastical world. A war between nations has torn the world apart, and its on you as the surviving, rightful heir, to reclaim your throne and protect the innocent.

$28 at Amazon

While the good stuff tends to reside in the mature-rating bracket, there's still tons of great fun to be had with generally more wholesome, age-appropriate stuff. Final Fantasy XV is a great example of a teen-friendly story with plenty of drama and suspense, while games like Overwatch continue to be fast-paced co-op competitive fun.

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